Thursday, September 23, 2004

Hot tip for Dan

I've got a hot tip for super sleuth, Dan Rather's next assignment; night crawlers, just outside the weed line. It's time for Dan to do some real fishing instead of fishing for a conspiracy trail that just isn't there. I'm sure it's been hard for a guy like Dan to see his sphere of influence and protected power disappear in a new world of technology. I'm sure it's been tough on him to accept TV remotes, much less the Internet and talk radio. It must also be difficult for him to justify his multimillion-dollar salary when nobody's watching. So I guess he just figured he'd go for broke. He finally got that story that would help him step out from the shadow of his predecessor Walter Cronkite and establish him as "the journalist" in network news. Well, I guess it didn't quite work out that way. Now he'll be remembered as the buffoon who believed a second rate forgery and a Bush hating idiot looking for revenge. Too bad Dan, but I'm sure you've got plenty of cash stashed away to buy yourself a really nice Bass boat to finally get out there and really "catch the big one".