Thursday, November 24, 2005

Much to be Thankful For!

Unfortunately, I don't have much time. As you may be able to see, it's very late, or early. I just have time to post a quickie while I'm burning files for clients then it's over the river and through the woods, to Grandmothers house we go! Turkey, football and napping - can't wait! Work has never been busier. The Bush economy has worked well and I'm grateful.

There are a lot of things to be thankful for this year. I suggest we put aside the ideological differences for a day and concentrate on those things which we share in common with each other such as living in the greatest country in the history of the world. Do you ever wonder why you were born here and now? I realize the anti-God crowd on the left won't get it, but it's an interesting question. We are blessed to be living in an age where freedom and civility is at an all time high around the globe. Of course there are billions of people who don't enjoy a fraction of what we do here, but it is getting better. I am grateful to have been born here in this age to be able to take part in the opportunities of this society and in this land.

I am grateful to all the men and women of our military who sacrificed so much so that we can enjoy our lives today. It is sad that war exists, but it always has and it always will. That is human nature. I thank God that there have been brave people who were and are willing to stand up and face our enemies and protect that which is right. And yes there is a wrong and right. It is not morally or culturally relativistic.

I am most thankful for a family that is built and centered on love. The closeness and unity we share is a result of a strong bond found only through a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Again, I apologize to the lefties who only roll their eyes at any hint of dependence on a supernatural being, but I can't deny what is real for our lives. I can only hope that someday your shell will crack enough for you to be open to the message of Christ. I have been blessed by a great family. My wife is saintly, the kids are great, and my parents and brothers and their families are all very close. This is of course what we celebrate most.

I also am thankful for our President, and all the branches of government that are comprised of people who are willing to serve the public interest. While I don't often agree with many of them, it is the greatest form of government ever devised by man and we are lucky to be living in it. I know that many of you have been deceived into thinking that President Bush is some form of devious mastermind diabolically plotting to destroy the world, but the fact is that we should all be thankful that we have a President who is willing to take a stand and live in a Post 9-11 world rather than the alternatives that have challenged that ideology. Our nation's security is nothing to gamble with.

Anyway, The disks are done and it's time for a few hours of sleep. Happy Thanksgiving everybody, Enjoy the season and be grateful! God Bless.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hang in There!

Hang in there kids. I'll be back to attempt to deprogram you as soon as I can. Right now I'm off doing what most conservatives in this country are doing - working like crazy, contributing a disproportionate percentage of MY income to the government coffers to be redistributed to those more deserving than me and my family. Far be it from me to deny Pedro and his 10,000,000 friends, healthcare, edjamicashun, housing and food. - For those of you who missed class last year, here is the solution to this particular problem - It may give you something to foam at the mouth about until I'm back.

Until then, I will be out getting paid ridiculous sums of money doing something that I love, and probably would want to be doing anyway, employing and creating wealth for others, and living the American dream. I'm sure this probably drives the lefties nuts because according to them we should all be suffering and afraid for our very lives. After all, the most dangerous, evil tyrant in U.S. history is at the helm, driving us to the point of extinction, right? Oh wait, that was the previous administration. Anyway libs, don't worry. Contrary to the claims of your leaders like Dean, Kerry, Clinton, Schumer, etc., the sky is NOT falling. Other than some spineless Moderate Republicans in congress that continue to act like their socialist counterparts, the President's agenda will move forward. That's why he was voted there.

I have 2 words to solve the corruption, pork spending and political poison that is destroying this country right now - and it applies equally to both sides: Term Limits. It's time. More on that later. Carry on, remember, "If you're not a liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative at 40, you have no brain."
Winston Churchill

And I would add that a true modern day conservative has both.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bambi Slayer

bambi slaying
Ah yes, another short break from the rigors of life spent in the woods of northern Minnesota attempting to rid this earth of more of "our mother's" fury creatures. Yes, it was the annual Deer Hunt; an American tradition where we sit quietly in a tree, sniper style, waiting for an unsuspecting Bambi to innocently walk into the crosshairs of certain death. "Man is in the forest". Patiently, I wait for just the right moment. Usually it is when Bambi turns his head and looks at me, wiggles his soft ears and slowly blinks his big brown eyes, signaling me that it's time to gently squeeze the trigger and instantly turn his internal organs into mush. Once again, man's supremacy is proven, and the world is in perfect balance.

This year, as I sat in my tree in the pre-dawn hours, waiting for Bambi and/or Faline to offer themselves to me, I couldn't help but notice the vast quantity of unspoiled nature that surrounded me. From the early morning, clear blue sky, to the endless groves of mature trees, I realized that "mother earth" seemed to be pretty safe - a virtually untapped resource. This compelled me to pull out the blackberry and email my well-connected friends in the Republican Party who inturn are joined at the hip (or at least the wallet) to all the major corporations of the world. I told them that it was time to get Neo-Cons everywhere mobilized to take action. We need to utilize these natural resources for profit!

Fortunately, the email chain has spread like wildfire and soon we will have our wish and turn those trees into toothpicks and Post-Its, the sky will be filled with the sweet amber clouds of industry, and the hills will hum with the sucking sounds of oil wells draining the black marrow from "mother earth" herself!

Ahhh, a Neo-Con's dream come true; killing unsuspecting herbivores, and plotting the demise and exploitation of nature for fun and profit. A perfect day.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Lefty Hysteria

It's official; with the exception of actual blood being spilled during the Civil War, we have now entered the darkest time in US governmental history. I've been flipping over to watch as much C-span as I can stomach before losing my supper, and I have realized that the wheels have completely come off the Demoncrats wagon and they are crashing and burning. The sad thing is that they are too stupid or stubborn to even notice. The out of touch hysteria over this pathetic Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame thing is unbelievable! When a level minded person examines the facts in the case, it is Wilson and Plame that should be in trouble, actually more appropriately, tried for treason. There is a difference between free speech and intentionally traveling to another country on a mission to discredit and work subversively against your own government. This is unbelievable! And now on C-span, the hysterical and anti-American leftists in our legislature are seriously trying to talk the American people into thinking that Iraq, Afghanistan, and the entire war on terror has been a huge conspiracy orchestrated by evil conservatives for selfish and diabolical reasons. Of course, they are speaking to an empty chamber but they're counting on the liberal media picking out choice sound bites to run on primetime for the next few days, hoping to sway some of the mental midgets who don't really pay attention. It is a sad day.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at the timing of their tantrum. The indictments they were hanging their hopes on didn't really materialize. Sure Libby got himself into trouble with the grand jury, but that may blow over too. After all, the left's hero, Bill "no means yes" Clinton, set the precedent that lying to a grand jury isn't a big deal. The biggie they were praying for (oops I forgot, lefties don't believe in God, they don't pray) hoping for, that Plame was purposely outed as payback for her and her husbands intentional smear of the administration, didn't happen. There was nothing there. Plame and Wilson are no more than mid-level bureaucrats seeking to improve their society stock with "the in crowd". They are despicable and as I stated before, should be investigated for treason. The lefties also are losing it because just when they thought they saw a riff growing within the ranks of conservatives because of the Miers nomination to the Supreme Court, Miers withdraws and Bush re-unifies the base by appointing another impeccable jurist, Samuel Alito, who will be fabulous on the court and will be, as Bush promised durring his campaign, a strict constructionist not an activist. This has demoralized the left. They have realized that all they can do is try to create a feeding frenzy within their ever shrinking base of wackos, it's over. This month's economic news was fabulous, even in the wake of unprecedented natural disasters. And despite over 2000 military casualties in Iraq, progress is being made in the war, and success is inevitable.

The left has nothing more to lose. They are like a wounded and cornered, rabid dog, surrounded by its enemies who are cool, calculated and controlled. No matter how much snarling, growling and barking the cornered animal makes, the outcome is not in doubt. Good will triumph, and the diseased and evil beast will be eliminated. The one thing that is evident of a sick and wounded animal just like the demoncrats, is that they don't know when to shut up and slink off into their den to lick their wounds, heal and get healthy. They just bark louder, drawing attention to their illness and ultimately expediting their own demise. So go ahead lefties, bark as loud as you want. Keep sending your champions like Kennedy, Schumer, Clinton, Durbin, etc out to bark and growl. The more they speak, the more the uninfected see, and the sooner their insanity can be crushed.

I will always believe in the power of good and truth and that those things will triumph over the lies and evil of the left.

Taking my Time

Vacations are great, aren't they? There really is nothing like a good vacation to cause you to put the pace of life and the daily irritations aside for a couple of weeks, and just give your entire self a rest - mind, body and soul. That's what we did. Europe is beautiful, but it also has it' ugliness. And for all you lefties who think of Europe as some socialist utopian model of which America should aspire to, it's not. Historically it's awesome. And for the most part, culturally, it's pretty cool, and the scenery is beautiful. But when it comes right down to it, the USA is the closest thing to heaven on earth - unless, of course, you’re Muslim in which Amsterdam would then be the closest thing to heaven because of the availability of sexual partners; not virgins of course, but for guys that spend a lot of quality time with sheep and camels then blow themselves up to achieve their sexual reward of 72 virgins, the red light district isn't that far away. In fact, maybe those sub-humans wouldn't be so ticked off to the point of slaughter and suicide if they visited there once in a while. I, of course, am not condoning that sort of thing, or recommending it for any sane person, but for a bunch of thugs from caves who don't know what a bar of soap is, it might be a welcome change of pace.

OK, I digress. By the way, do you think there might be just one Muslim of some political, cultural and religious importance that might be able to book some time on Arab media and get the word out that there really aren't 72 virgins waiting for you in Allah’s heaven if you kill yourself while killing innocent men, women and children? Where are the sane Muslims? I realize that's an oxymoron. Oh well, I digress again.

As I was saying, vacation was great. I think we liked Italy the best - Venice and the Tuscany region specifically. It was difficult to be away from the political crap - Europe TV stinks- but I have to say, it was very healthy for me. I occasionally let myself get too wrapped up in the ugliness of politics and the struggle of good (conservatives) vs. evil (leftists), and it was good to force myself to not pay attention for a while. The reality is that it really doesn't matter what we think or do. The libs are going to continue to try as hard as they can to drag this country through whatever mud they can think up, and hopefully, there will be a timely crisis that they can exploit to ruin this country, minimize the effects of conservatism on the culture and convert us all into Streisand clones. The only thing we can do is pray that there will remain a silent majority of us out here in flyover country, that continue to see through the crap being thrown at us daily from the bastions of liberal ideology, such as the MSM and the leftist dominated education system. Anyway, as I was saying, it was good to push away from all that noise for a while. Now that I'm back, I'm slowly getting back into things. I'm following some stories like the Joe Wilson fiasco, and the SCOTUS nominations and will be inspired to comment soon I'm sure. But until then, I'm going to try to bask in the afterglow of a great vacation for as long as possible.