Monday, December 20, 2004

Pull the Plug on SNL

snl sucks
It’s time to pull the plug on Saturday Night Live! I mean really, does anybody still watch it? The latest show, which included an animated sketch making fun of Rush Limbaugh’s drug problem, was the last straw for me. Sure the guy might be annoying, to some people, especially the majority of “entertainers”, but laughing at Someone’s personal drug addiction is not funny. Did they make fun of John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Chris Farley, or probably the vast majority of the cast’s chemical problems? Never. The show has had its ups and downs over the years with writers and cast, but the majority of seasons have been disappointing. Lorne Michaels has proven over the past few years that his time has come and gone. The show just isn’t funny. Pseudo-sophisticated New York humor doesn’t work anymore. The cast is horrible, the writing is lame and the music, when not lip-synced, sucks. NBC would be better off running Tony Robbins infomercials. Until the show is replaced, the new title should be, Saturday Night Lame! And maybe someone should tell Michaels that other than his Marxist entertainment friends, it gets pretty boring to watch the endless attempts to portray the President and anyone in politics who might be conservative, as an idiot or evil. It’s over. NBC needs to turn out the lights on SNL now!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Cultural Evolution Needed

Let’s start by stating unequivocally, that I hate all forms of racism. Those morons that are racist and hate people just because they are different from themselves make me sick. Another reason I detest racists is that because when a legitimate complaint needs to be made about a particular ethnic group, the case cannot be made without being painted with the same broad brush as those who are themselves, sick with irrational hate. With this in mind however, I need to sound off regarding the current popular black culture and it’s steady path to destruction. It’s time that somebody says what needs to be said about the dysfunctional subculture that is promoted and glorified to the detriment of our society and certainly to the devastation of black Americans.

Recently, there were a few incidents that were illustrative of the problem. First, the Vibe awards were interrupted by an extended period of violence in which one gang member or rapper stabbed another during the show. Of course this is a stupid award show in which the Hip Hop and Rap styles of popular music are glorified and meaningless hardware is handed out to the “artists” for best performance, etc. It’s all crap. Rap has its intrigue and there is some talent involved in stringing words together rhythmically, but let’s face it, it’s not music and it’s not an art form that should be valued.
With very few exceptions, Rap is dominated by a subculture of black Americans who have little education or respect for traditional success. The message often promoted through their “music” promotes the abuse of women, drug use, violence and anarchy. These people are not icons to be admired by younger members of society. They should be laughed at as the clowns that they are and then thrown away to the ash heap of history and forgotten. Sorry Snoop, you’re a moron and a pig. The sooner you and your ilk assume room temperature, the better off the world will be.

The next event that pushed me over the edge was the fight between the Pacers and the Pistons of the NBA. Specifically, this was a display of out of control rage between a pack of territorial animals and the fans who pay ridiculous sums of money to be “entertained” by these thugs. I used to be a season ticket holder and a loyal fan of the NBA, but over the past 5 or 6 years have become increasingly alienated by ludicrous salaries, street ball style of play, and selfishness. Apparently as demonstrated by falling league attendance and TV ratings, I’m not alone. These are basically rappers with a ball, the same primitive territorial warrior mentality. If some of these guys couldn’t dribble and shoot, they’d be in jail or headed there soon. The final straw for me was when NBC Today show host, Matt Lauer, interviewed Ron Artess, the primary figure in the Pacer, Piston fight, and gave him the perfect opportunity to show a little class and humility and apologize, rather than doing the right thing, Artess held up his recently released Rap CD and used the air time to promote it while his “posse” of “homies” could be heard laughing in the background. These guys are another example of moronic thugery being held up as cultural icons when they should be imprisoned or at least taken to the woodshed by someone in their “community”.

A final example of the minority culture being robbed of societal and cultural elevation is the almost universal denigration of true black heroes like Condoleza Rice and Clarence Thomas. These 2 people in particular, are prime examples of how truly successful black people who have achieved the most valuable thing in life, intelligence, are hated and made fun of in their own “community” and certainly among liberals in government. The pathetic reference recently to Condi Rice as an “Aunt Jemima” was more than reprehensible, and Clarence Thomas has on many times been referred to as “Uncle Tom” or as Harry Bellefonte called he and Colin Powell, “House Niggers”. Recently, on Meet the Press, newly named Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, D, Nebraska, essentially called Clarence Thomas stupid by stating that another Supreme Court Justice was smart and competent but that Thomas was an embarrassment and his decisions were poorly written. Those Democrats, they sure know how to promote diversity and equality!

When will the Black people, or people of any race in this country, stop believing the lies that are being fed to them? Rappers and athletes are overpaid entertainers. For the most part, they are talented but stupid, flashy but classless fools. They should not be looked upon as role models at all, but rather, as nothing more than well fed circus animals. They run and jump and dance and make us smile. They are not what young kids should desire to be. Unfortunately, the supposed leaders in the black “community”, like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, are nothing more than Pimps, promoting, then exploiting the disintegrating plight of the people of their own race.

I’m sure being a forty something white guy, nobody in the “Black community” is going to listen to me, but hopefully someone will step forward and encourage kids to look to find real black role modes like Rice, Powell, and Thomas to emulate and not the gang bangers with a microphone or a ball. Find and promote prominent and successful black business owners, educators, doctors, and lawyers in your area. These are the people that should be held up as heroes. After all, there are a lot more black doctors in this country than NBA players and rappers and they contribute a lot more to the betterment of society.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A Great Solution!

Eureka! I have a solution!
Problem 1: There are approximately 10 million illegal aliens, primarily from Mexico, who have crossed our porous border and are now living, working and draining our society of healthcare, and other welfare programs. These folks are generally hardworking family based people who were unfortunate enough to be born in a country that is geographically nice around the coast anyway, but is governmentally corrupt and socially crippled. Let’s face it, Mexico is a great place to vacation but for whatever reason, economically, they just can’t put it together. Mexico would love to be like the US, but there isn’t any way that is going to happen. You can’t go to city hall to open a business without getting approvals that will cost you lot’s of money under the table to politicians and then you will be penalized if you succeed with more payoffs and political bribes. Vicente Fox loves to come up here to rub elbows with the folks in DC, but the fact is, he is just a figurehead in a crime family that needs the US to employ its workers illegally to send revenue back to their lame country.

Problem 2: As indicated by the “red state, blue state map”, the liberal “Demon”crats have lost the country for a very long time. Thanks to the brilliance of geniuses like Michael Moore and 99% of Hollywood, Dan Rather and the MSM, and the Clintonistas, etc., The libs have lost their grip and their political relevance for the foreseeable future. There have been some rumblings from the true fools on the left that secession is the appropriate action for the Marxists masquerading as “Demon”crats. They know that their time has come, and that the main body of the country are on to them. Therefore, they want to do what any true lefty would do when faced with adversity, run. They think that if this country, which gives them the right to freely pronounce their stupidity, isn’t going to go along with their ideas, then they should find somewhere else to set up their socialist utopia.

Solution. First Mexico. I say, since they want to come here, the Mexican government practically encourages them, and we can’t seem to stop them, then we, the United States, needs to annex the entire country of Mexico and declare it as a fully owned U.S. Territory. Think of the benefits for both countries. They can keep their traditions, except that stupid napping in the middle of the day stuff, that’s got to go, but yet they can enjoy the beauty of American ideals and opportunities. They can cross the border anytime they want, come and pick our fruit or roof our homes and then go back home with good old American green in their pockets. It’s beautiful!
Second, All the socialist/Marxist/Dems can go and set up their utopia in Mexico. Think of it, there are so many opportunities for the Hollywood elites to practice what they preach all the while getting a great tan while hanging out on the beach. There’s plenty of ocean front property available and lots of opportunities for posing with little disadvantaged children with big, sad brown eyes. Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt, Drew Barrymore, and Cameron Diaz would be in heaven! The lefties could set up their little government anyway they like. They could set up community centers for re-education for those who don’t catch on quick enough, also this could be the location for mandatory health checkups so that everyone, at least those who are healthy, can be eligible for government health care. Vicente Fox can still call himself president if he wants to but he’ll primarily be a pretty face in a nice suit looking good at black tie dinners. They could put Barbara Streisand in charge of the new National anthem. She could collaborate with Springsteen and come up with something appropriate, probably a combination of “People”, “Gone from the USA”, and the Mexican Hat Dance. Moby could do the techno dance remix, and naturally, P Ditty could do a rap version. Michael Moore could be the Minister of Propaganda. There won’t be any need for a military since they would be so nice to everybody they wouldn’t face any threats. Police would also be unnecessary and would be replaced with conflict resolution groups, mediators and safe zones for open discussion. Of course the entire Clintonista family would be in charge and would see to it that all “village” residents are happy at all times or re-education can be administered. (Bill would have to oversee beachwear and kneepad manufacturing since he’s kind of a hands on micro manager of such things.) And I’m sure there’s a place for John Kerry in the new Territory, he could probably be Luxury Home Development Czar, ensuring all the chosen people have what they so richly deserve. And let’s not forget some of the other intellects who will be moving south like Whoopie Goldberg, who could be court jester, and of course our friend, Al Franken who could be resident whiner. Robert Redford could clean up Mexico City in his new position of Secretary of Global Warming. And thanks to the mandatory abortion policy, administered by NARAL and NOW, the population of children will shrink rapidly, making more room in schools.

All in all, it’s a beautiful plan. Mexico gets what it wants – employment and free travel across the border; the Marxist Democrats get what they want – a population they can control, and disadvantaged people they can pretend to help; and we get what we want – secure borders, a mass exodus of the America hating “Demon”crats, great roofs, nice gardens, and all the fruit we can eat. When can we start!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Thank you God!

The temptation to gloat is so strong. I wanted to call in to Al “I hate America” Franken’s radio show on “Air-ogant” America, but knew that I ‘d never get in. Dissent is not one of the prerequisites needed to participate in left wing hate radio. I must admit however, to listen to the vitriol, bitterness and depression on the part of Satan’s army is both entertaining and pathetic at the same time. One woman called in from Arizona and talked about having spent the day in bed crying! Another person described an overwhelming fear that hitlarian fascism and totalitarianism would be standard fare for the next 4 years, and that her children would be drafted into the military and sent to die for oil, and that the environment would be destroyed! People get a grip! Actually I hope these fruitcakes maintain their outspoken voice and continue to take over the Democratic party because the louder they are, the harder they’ll continue to fall.

All of us out here in mainstream America can breath a massive, collective sigh of relief and fall on our knees and thank God that good triumphed over evil one more time. While gloating is not the right behavior, prayerful gratitude and humility is. We all can feel a great sense of accomplishment and take pride and comfort in the fact that there are a lot of commonsense thinking goodhearted Americans in the middle of the country that don’t buy into the Hollywood and mainstream media B.S. We proved once again that character, values and clearheaded vision is still important. Although we won this one, there is no time to relax. The generals in the war room of Satan’s Army are already locked in to the next elections and will be scheming and strategizing for their masters’ victory. We must be diligent and never relent. But let’s also take a few minutes to thank God that He has given us George W. Bush. He is the right man, in the right place, at the right time. I for one, am looking forward to a great 4 years.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

One more for the Good guys!

Bush Rally-3
I spent my Saturday with my wife and daughter attending the Bush rally in Minneapolis. It was healthy reinforcement of the concept that this is the man who needs to be in office right now and not the pathological liar from Mass. I mean really, can anybody truly deny that Kerry is the most ill equipped guy to be president in our history? False records and irresponsible action in Viet Nam, Anti-war action and false testimony to congress after Vietnam, secret meetings with VC leaders in France while still a Naval Officer, 20 plus years in the Senate with virtually no accomplishments and a voting record that labels him as the most liberal member, 20 years of voting against military and intelligence funding, and voting for higher taxes, and now flip flopping on the war on terror. This guy cannot be any more wrong for the office in any time, but especially now!

That Kerry is so obviously the wrong man for the office of president is a no brainer, but the sad thing is that, while I fully expect Bush to win the election, it will be a miracle when he does. The overwhelming obstacles and media opposition that President Bush has had to face for his entire 4 years in office has been nothing short of staggering. Everything from Marxist teachers and professors in our school systems to Mainstream media bias and the Hollywood elites have had a field day ripping this president since 2000. Their boy Clinton the "unit", made them feel good because he was morally screwed up like they were, and his successor Al "the walking log" Gore proved to be nuts and fortunately lost. Ever since this liberal crisis, they have been at a feverish pace to undo what they perceived to be wrong and get another socialist back in office. I am praying that they don't succeed. It will be a miracle brought about by the good, hardworking, commonsense thinking, family loving, God believing, little people from the parts of the country that the elites want to sell their crap to but don't want to hear from. We will have shouted from the plains and common places that we are the ones who run the country, not a bunch of whining pseudo intellectuals from Hollywood or Madison Avenue. We will make one last stand and will say to the Michael Moores of the world to shut up, we know what is true without having it shoved down our throats by evil jerks like you! Go W! Win one more for the good guys.

"Integrity, Integrity, Integrity?"

“Integrity, integrity, integrity”? Sounds like strikes 1,2, and 3. I know it’s been a while since the third debate where John Kerry mentioned his mother and her special last words to him, but I’ve been thinking about what he said and I can’t help but think that to any discerning ears listening, you can’t help but see through the crap and understand what his mother was really saying to her son.

How many dying mothers when told by her son that he was about to run for president would use, perhaps her last words, to essentially admonish him and stress a character trait three times?! I think if this whole story is true, that Kerry unwittingly let the American public in on a dirty little family secret. It seems to me that Kerry’s mother knew her son had some difficulty in this area and chose one of the last times she would be able to speak to him to try once again to teach him something he probably had difficulty learning throughout his early life. I know that if I ever told my mother that I was going to run for president, she would hug me and tell me how proud she was and that I would be a great president, etc. I guarantee she would not try to teach me something as basic as integrity or honor. If you don’t have it by then, it’s not going to happen. Kerry, in his arrogance and pride has just given the American people a window into his blackened soul. He doesn’t have any integrity! That’s why Momma Kerry used her last opportunity speaking with him, to try to remind him that integrity was going to be a character trait he might need as president. Unfortunately, by Kerry’s continued demonstrations, from 1971 to the present campaign, we know that not to be the case. Once a liar, always a liar.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Liberal Propaganda

How can the good guys win if there are so many misinformed and hateful people in our own country who want nothing else but to restructure America into a Screwed up European socialist state? I fully expect W to win next Tuesday, and probably after that in the inevitable litigation that liberals are so adept at, and have promised to force on us. However, unfortunately, winning, while essential, is only a temporary stopgap to the inevitable destruction of our own country at the hands of unscrupulous liberals. I have many friends and relatives who are firmly on the left, and they're great people, but I truly don't think they have the ability to understand the realities of a world with black and white values and morals. They are blinded by a false sense of moral relativism and an immature need to enforce fairness throughout the world. It bothers them that the US is stronger and is superior in every way to other countries in the world. I think their heart is essentially in the right place, but they just don't understand the world clearly enough to influence and create their vision without severely risking everything previous generations of brave men and women have established.

I just finished a business trip to NYC and Washington DC and found mostly unhappy liberals sipping the Democrat Koolaid and believing the propaganda from the left. They are trying to spin the Iraq war and the war on terrorism into a disaster. This is unprecedented in our history and is repulsive. In DC I saw a group of Activists laying out cardboard caskets and draping them with flags. When asked, one of the volunteers, a gray haired, aging hippy said they were just "memorializing" the fallen soldiers in Iraq. Yeah, right. Then later I was with a large group of veterans, many of them wounded severely in Iraq, and the universal theme was "how can I get back and continue to help. Many of these guys had lost limbs, but it didn't stop them from wanting to continue the mission. The contrast between the caliber of these Americans is overwhelming. There is no comparison. The liberals in this country are, without a doubt, un-American. Yes, there I said it. they are not looking at what's best for this country, just what's best for their own power grab and eventual imposition of their sense of warped values. They can claim that they are patriotic, but then when they say that to improve the country it must change into a socialist utopia, doesn't mean that they're patriotic.

Friday, October 15, 2004

"Demon"crat John "Scary" sinks lower

John Satan
To all of us commonsense laden, real people out here in “flyover country”, Wednesday nights debate between “Demon”crat, John “Scary” and President Bush should prove once and for all that the Dems have no business getting near the White House for many years to come. The level of filth and sleaze has exceeded even my expectations and imagination. Hopefully mainstream America can see clearly that this guy has no business being in the senate, much less the presidency. By far, the most telling moment of truth was Kerry calling out Mary Cheney’s sexual orientation when asked about the gay marriage issue. You could tell Kerry was pausing in his response, for impact and to feign compassion and sincerity, but anyone could see this was anticipated and coached by the Clintonista advisors. It was so low, I thought President Bush was going to come away from his podium and show him what a real man of the people from Texas does when a snob from the Northeast gets personal and messes with the family. In many ways, I wish he had. I couldn’t believe Edwards had the stones to do the same thing during the Veep debate right to Cheney’s face. I think it was a measure of unbelievable class and restraint on the part of Dick Cheney to not reach over and smack the Breck girl around after that condescending and insincere remark about Cheney’s daughter. Then to have Kerry bring it up again Wednesday night really showed what this ticket is really like. It is, in my opinion, the lowest reaching, most morally bankrupt ticket ever in the history of our country.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Liberals Cheat

If the election were held tomorrow, it would probably end the same as it would November 2nd. The only thing that would probably change is the number of illegal voters and total amount of voter fraud. The more time these idiots have to fake registrations for cash, the more stuff they'll make up. I know it's a generalization, and I'm sure there's cheaters on both sides, but the vast majority of fraud happens on behalf of Democrats, always has, always will. The basic problem is you have a group of people who have no moral compass or internal sense of ethics. Liberals are ruled by a fantasized sense of superiority and believe that those who don't believe as they do are flawed and dangerous. Therefore, defeating conservatives at any cost and by any means is justified. It also makes cheating easier when you have a predominantly atheistic view of life and moral relevance is your underlying credo. If you need proof, just watch cspan whenever there's a march somewhere to save the trees or kill the babies. (Odd juxtaposition isn't it?) These poor kids, and adults, chronologically only, seem to have trouble finding a shower, much less the truth. Fueled by their hatred for President Bush and money from criminals like George Soros, there are brainwashed stooges on college campuses, nursing homes, homeless shelters and in their basements with a phone book, making up voters and filing illegal absentee ballets.
I saw a bit of MTV this week, forced myself to watch, and saw the idiot, P-Ditty and his "Posse" of uneducated drones following him around saying "vote or die". Wow, 'dem niggaz got brains, knowuhmsayin, 'sup, yawl. I really hope that most kids look at these pimps and realize that there isn't a thimble of intelligence between all of them combined. Oh sure, it's a talent to rhyme some words together and jump around on stage with baggy sweats on without falling down, but come on, vote or die? Shawn, really! Lets let the kids decide for themselves who is going to provide a safer world for them to grow out of there infatuation with Hip Hop and if they're not interested in voting, then they need to stay home. So, SHUT UP, "Yawl be chillin' in da crib wit da homies, knowuhmsayin? Oh, by the way, I am NOT a racist. I don't care what color the moron is who says stupid stuff like Combs is. I just realize that all entertainers, actors, musicians, pro athletes, etc, are nothing more than over paid chimps on a leash, whose sole purpose is to make us laugh or to provide a few minutes of escape from reality. They are not better, smarter or more deserving of praise than anyone else, anywhere in the world.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Look up and say AAhhLaahh!!!

My dream is for Osama and his buddies to look up into the sky and this be the last thing they see before they go to meet Allah. Do you think they know that Mohamed was a child rapist? Nice guy, quite a prophet.
The time is coming when total destruction will be the only way to fight the cult of death. If that's what they worship, then that's what we'll provide. Armageddon seems to be right around the corner. Not that that's what any of us Christians wish for, but having a Biblical perspective on the situation does give us a deeper understanding as to what we're up against. No matter what you hear from the spin machine, Islam is Satan's Army. It is the great deception of Human history and it will end up in a colossal clash of civilizations, probably ending much of humanity, as we know it. I know it sounds bleak, but it is. These sub humans want to end western culture. Period. The lefties don't get it. They keep thinking that if we get out of their sand box, or sing Kumbaya that everybody will be happy. Big mistake. The Bush doctrine is the only thing that can delay the inevitable. Crush them over there. Crush them all.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Madeline Halfbright, SHUT UP!

Madeline Halfbright
Why can't the former Clinonistas shut up and go away? Madeline Halfbright, former Secretary of State for the Arkansas Mafia (Clinton administration) continues to be given air time to spread some of the most ridiculous deceptions and propaganda in the history of our country. The democrats have really lost it. She's lucky to be walking around as a free woman. In another time, she would have been locked up or shot for treason for what she did as secretary of state. i.e. Toasting Kim Jung Il and brokering a deal to give North Korea, an acknowledged enemy, nuclear technology and material. I know it's easy to continue to pile on to the Clintons and their 8-year tragedy in office, but the fact is, that it was the most corrupt group ever in the White House, and they continue to speak out in the most absurd ways! She, and the other Mafioso, are allowed to criticize the Bush administration for doing what they wouldn't do. She continues to say that the President lied about WMD, and doesn't understand the difficulties and complexities of the Iraq situation. Come on. Does anyone other than the indoctrinated cult followers believe this? I don't think that anyone in "flyover" country can listen to this used up propagandist verbally flatulate, and think of her message as anything other than what it is, crap. Please Madeline, shut up and go away. And take the rest of your Socialist European wanabe buddies with you. I guess that would be most of the Democrats. Oh well, France will love you.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Professor vs. Mary Ann

Professor and Mary Ann
It's a perfect reference to the intellectual slaughter that just took place in the VEEP debate. It's also an analogy I stole from another blogger I heard mentioned on Hugh Hewitt's radio show, so can't quite take credit. But it works. Cheney mopped the floor with the "Breck Girl", Edwards. It almost wasn't fair. Cheney's knowledge, experience and demeanor were in another league from Edwards. I think anyone, even the poisoned Kool-Aid drinking lefty cultists would have to agree that there was only one adult on that stage ready to take over as president. And it certainly wasn't the ambulance chaser with the pretty hair. The comments on Kerry's senate record and then Edward's Senate attendance record were precious! Mary Ann could do nothing but tilt her head to one side, smirk and skip back to her grass hut to pout. I kept waiting for Cheney to suddenly change his pen into a GPS device and locate Osama on the spot, ala the professor. Mary Ann could have made another cream pie I guess, but it would have been like everything else she and her elitist partner ever came up with, all show and no substance. To carry the Gilligan's Island thing a bit further, if you listen to Kerry speak in his Senate testimony in 1971, he sounds exactly like Thurston Howell III. Elitist, Arrogant, lazy, rich snob. Except in this case, you need to add Liar to the description. Anyway, way to go Dick, Now pass the torch back to the Prez and let's kick some Socialist/democrat Butt!

Cameron, NO!

Why did you have to open that cute, muppet like mouth of yours only to let out the unfortunate truth as to the contents of your brain? Your friend Drew Barrymore unfortunately did the same thing. Last week on the Orca show, you both fell prey to your own posse of "yes people" and believed somehow that what you think, matters. How could you?! Don't you have someone close to you that cares enough to be honest with you and advise you to be quiet? You exposed yourself to a national audience and ruined everything! Now, every time I try to watch The Mask, instead of seeing this enchanting person with the great smile, I'm going to hear, "If you think rape should be legal, then don't vote". Oops. Did someone have a mental blow out? And poor Drew. I knew there were problems when she married Tom Green and then their house burned down during their honeymoon, but obviously the problems go much deeper than that. In fact, maybe those problems were brought on by the deeper one. It must be tough not having a clue what the real world is like. Actually, I pity you both. All frame and no painting. You really should be mad at Orca. She's the one who exploited you for her own profit. She's good at that. If she really cared, she would have stopped you and cut to a commercial so as to prevent the embarrassing disrobing of your mental faculties. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. Too bad you couldn't have just stuck to the scripts handed to you. You're much more talented that way.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Debate Suggestion for President Bush

The first Presidential debate was a tough one to watch. President Bush was good on content, but was a bit weak in delivery. Kerry of course was slick, polished and weasley. My impression was that the President was over coached and fatigued. I wish his "people" would let him go. I'm sure he's trying to stick to his message, be consistent, and upbeat; not wanting to get down into the mud with the democrats, but after the first debate, now it's time for the gloves to come off. I think one of the first things Bush should say at the outset of the next debate is that it is very difficult to debate Kerry because on every issue, it's like debating at least 2 people. This could serve as a bit of humor while still getting his message across that Kerry isn't consistent. Next, when Kerry starts blathering about building a stronger coalition, the President needs to bark back strongly as to what that means. Force Kerry to come up with names and numbers. Because what he's referring to is stupid France, Germany, and Russia. These countries have all said that no matter what, they will not get involved. Not coincidentally, these favorite countries of Kerry are all morally bankrupt and have been major world problems over the last 100 years. They didn't want to get involved in ousting Saddam because each was in bed with him with under the table oil deals and technology and military weapons sales; all within sight of the UN and blatantly defying UN resolutions. (Yeah John, if you're in office these pukes are going to suddenly have a moral revival and join in.) President Bush needs to hammer Kerry on that reality and not stand there and take it on the chin, allowing this pathological liar to deceive the weak minded to elect him and destroy the country.
In the upcoming debates on domestic issues, President Bush needs to stand firm on the economic progress made over the last 4 years. Hammer the facts that the country was in recession, 9-11 happened, the tech bubble burst, and corporate scandals, made more possible by the Clinton administration, destroyed much of the credibility of the stock market. Go on the attack, don't be defensive. State that the deficit is high because of the war and congress' special interest spending and pork. Don't let him get away with the crap about tax cuts for the "rich". Hit him back with the fact that his tax returns are not being made public to cover his hypocrisy, and that he can always pay more into the government if he wants to. State firmly that the "rich" pay the vast majority of the taxes and that you don't have to be a Harvard Economics Professor to know that "rich" people don't put their money in a mason jar buried in the back yard! They invest it, spend it, and use it to stimulate the economy, which creates jobs! When Kerry mentions Enron, Bush needs to say Global Crossing, etc. The Democrats received as much or more corporate money from corrupt corporations as did Republicans. Plus, the crime isn't in receiving monetary donations, it's in special favors granted after the fact, none of which happened. Also, when Kerry goes on the attack on the deficit as being the largest in history fight back with the fact that it isn't in relation to GDP.
I'm not sure if I can watch the VP debate this week. Edwards literally makes me nauseous to watch. I hope Dick Cheney and President Bush go after him and point out that it's to a large part because of scummy trial lawyers like him, that health care is in the crisis it is today. And that the last thing we need is for Edwards' trial lawyer buddies to have more power to restrict and inhibit tort reform.
Overall, all of us common sense laden individuals out here in "Flyover Land" want our President and Vice President to come out swinging through these debates, and for the next 30 days up through the election. We need to bury these socialists and take them out of potential power for decades to come so that our beloved country can survive. So handlers, hands off. Go get 'em George!

Saturday, October 02, 2004

"Undecided" voters are idiots

It's so fascinating to me how 2 people can look at the same thing and come up with completely different ideas about what they’ve looked at. Case in point, the first Presidential debate. One person watches the whole thing and thinks Kerry was great and won easily, the other person says the exact opposite, that President Bush was awesome. Obviously, these people have predisposed ideas about whom they like. They have horses in the race. That's fine. I expect that. The people that really drive me nuts are the supposed "undecided" voters. Every major media news group is always courting these folks as if they are some elusive prize untainted by punditry that will decide the outcome of the election. I suppose in some respects they will decide the election, but the reality is that these people shouldn't decide anything because they're obviously morons. They can't be paying any attention or they wouldn't be "undecided". If they aren't listening, then they're probably getting their information from Leno, Letterman or SNL. Wow, what intellect. I believe that there are very few "undecideds". I think that these are pathetic, insecure weaklings who, when asked about choosing, see an opportunity for a little attention and suddenly claim "undecided". Sorry fruitcakes, if you don't have an opinion about this race at this point in the game, then you’re not worthy of having input. I'm almost to the point of asking that we subject every voter to a brief competency test to see if they should vote. Too many quality people have died far from home to ensure that we have this right, to let a bunch of apathetic idiots show up at the last minute and decide an election based on physical appearance, articulacy, a funny skit or a top ten list. So if you are undecided, shut up and go home and then better yourself for next time.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Hot tip for Dan

I've got a hot tip for super sleuth, Dan Rather's next assignment; night crawlers, just outside the weed line. It's time for Dan to do some real fishing instead of fishing for a conspiracy trail that just isn't there. I'm sure it's been hard for a guy like Dan to see his sphere of influence and protected power disappear in a new world of technology. I'm sure it's been tough on him to accept TV remotes, much less the Internet and talk radio. It must also be difficult for him to justify his multimillion-dollar salary when nobody's watching. So I guess he just figured he'd go for broke. He finally got that story that would help him step out from the shadow of his predecessor Walter Cronkite and establish him as "the journalist" in network news. Well, I guess it didn't quite work out that way. Now he'll be remembered as the buffoon who believed a second rate forgery and a Bush hating idiot looking for revenge. Too bad Dan, but I'm sure you've got plenty of cash stashed away to buy yourself a really nice Bass boat to finally get out there and really "catch the big one".