Thursday, April 29, 2010

Arizona, I Remember You

Finally, a state that takes some real action in combating the flood of illegal aliens into America. With an estimated 460,000 illegal immigrants in Arizona and a Federal Government who refuses to accomplish anything substantive to tackle the problem, SB1070 is the first real salvo to stem the tide. Good for you, Arizona. Of course, predictably our hero in the Oval Office was quick to call the bill "misguided". This, from a man who still can't produce official documentation of his birthplace. Even more humorous are the legions of activists, democrats, and liberal trash crawling out from under the rocks, gnashing their teeth, loudly screaming about how illegal the bill is and that Arizona is a fascist state, similar to Nazi Germany. Frankly, any bill that gets the Left this spooled up has to be good on its own merit. I thoroughly enjoy watching liberals implode and go on their rampages; it's fun to watch.

Racial profiling you say? Really? Maybe it is. But, just maybe this could provide the impetus to the Latino community to police their own a little rather than holding marches and demanding their rights every other day. America is a nation of laws, at least it used to be. You want to come to this country, fine, do it legally. Get a job, learn ENGLISH, pay your taxes, don't steal, don't kill, don't rape, and be a good citizen. Can't abide by these rules? Get out and stay out. And if you don't leave? Well then, face the consequences. I know how hard it is for liberals to follow the logic here but it really is quite simple.

So, Arizona, real Americans everywhere are behind you. As much as the democrats want to give free health care, social security benefits, and free college tuition to those who break the law and have no right to be here in the first place, the majority just don't see it that way. Get your personal ID's in order and pucker up illegals, the Law is coming.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

National Suicide

15 months into the journey from Hell, two-thirds of Americans are asking the same question: just how bad can things get? Our beloved, chain smoking, community-organizer masquerading as a president continues to astound virtually everyone with his incompetency. The dwindling hardcore, toe sucking obamabots predictably remain faithful to their messiah, pinning their collective dreams on an idiot who couldn’t be hired for a mid-level management position in a real company. Just where, one must ask, is the Hope and Change? Where are the sweeping new methods of running the government, the transparency, the fiscal responsibility? The healthcare reform bill, essentially the nexus of Bammy’s administration, gets jammed down America’s throat, is an unfolding nightmare with ramifications so far reaching it boggles the mind. There’s Pelosi, grinning that horrifying grin of hers, looking every bit as insane as she really is, carrying around her gavel, like some queen sow. How did we get here? How can our once proud and powerful nation be reduced to such a horrendous cesspool of liberalism, stupidity, and financial catastrophe? Clearly, our mangled country needs a self-correction, and fast. Obysmal’s latest approval ratings continue to slide. In fact, after the healthcare debacle was passed, his rating dropped to 43%. The only silver lining in this mess are the midterm elections which hopefully will result in a mass purging of lib dem garbage out of both houses, rendering Obumma impotent less than two years into his reign of horror.

Truly, Americans need to take to heart the difficult lesson being taught here and never again waste their votes on an inexperienced, lying, uber-liberal, America-hating, pandering, arrogant, condescending, constitution-trashing, and irresponsible douchebag like Barry. 2012: please hurry.