Saturday, January 26, 2008

A View From China

I would strongly recommend that if given the opportunity, any American should spend some time in China. Having just spent 2 weeks there, I returned with a healthy love and respect for this wonderful country of ours. Even though the communists in China love their comrades in the Demoncratic Party here in the states, you have to give them credit for still being able to recognize the quality of Hillary Clinton as a candidate, and then demonstrate their reverence for her by using her press clippings as a means to protect the environment from human waste and garbage. How lovely. Yes, the Clintons - in spite of their many backdoor deals with the Chinese military trading technology for campaign cash - still are seen as the trailer trash that they are. Sure, you can dress them up, give them millions of dollars for horrible books and simplistic speeches, but the unmistakable stench of classless insincerity and political immorality follows them around the world - at least to those of us who haven't drank from the Demoncratic Kool-Aid tank.

Overall, I found the Chinese to be very nice people. They were very polite, friendly and respectful of others. It's not often that you see young people stand up on a subway to give their seat to an older person getting on. I guess they haven't been exposed to American TV or Hip Hop music yet. Mainland China seemed to be an ideal demonstration of Demoncratic Party ideals, where those in the "Party" have more privileges, better living conditions and better careers, while everyone else is given the opportunity to experience equal poverty. Sounds like a Hillary or B. Hussein Obama campaign promise. We usually stood out in the crowd as the only white people in the room, but we got used to the stares and the occasional snickers. We did OK with our Chopsticks, ate some stuff that would not have passed FDA inspection and traveled on more forms of mass transit than I ever thought possible. Again, a liberal’s dream come true.

We saw a lot of cool stuff, met some great people and experienced a new side of the world. But in the end, as with other travel experiences, as great as the trip might be, you come away with a deepened love for home. Also, you realize that no matter where you go, people are very much the same. They care about their families, their basic needs and improving their lives. What gets in the way is corrupt and intrusive governments. God willing, this November, America will choose wisely, vote Republican, and avoid the temptation to let government control our individual destiny, providing equal misery for all. Unfortunately the Demoncrats haven’t yet learned that Communism doesn’t work. Maybe they should move to China. They’d fit right in.