Tuesday, December 15, 2009


According to the left, I am now a member of a treasonous group. I cheered when President Obama and his newly made-over milquetoast wife made asses of themselves in Copenhagen while attempting to wheedle the Europeans into granting Chicago the 2016 Olympics. And I gnashed my teeth when the Nobel Prize Committee decided to fete Obama with the Peace Prize. So, that makes me an America-hater. "Why, oh why, do conservatives hate America so?" asks Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post, singling out Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck as paradigmatic of the conservative "hate America" movement. "The problem for the addlebrained Obama-rejectionists is that the president, as far as they concerned, couldn't possible do anything right, and thus is unworthy of any conceivable recognition."

No, Eugene, that isn't the problem for us. Here's our problem: President Obama seeks an America that resembles modern France far more than the free and prosperous America our forefathers fought and bled and died for. President Obama's America is not America: It is the United Nations writ large, with socialist redistribution at its center and moral relativism at its core. I root against President Obama's America because I don't want to see it become a reality. And the only way it will become a reality is if President Obama is able to make it a reality. And so I root for events that drain away Obama's political capital.

I rooted against him when he visited Copenhagen to bring the Olympics home. That's not because I opposed the Olympics going to Chicago -- a Chicago Olympics would have been great. I rooted against Obama because if he had achieved his goals with regard to the Olympics, too many Americans would have thought that such success somehow legitimated his agenda here at home -- an agenda totally at odds with all notions of constitutionality, limited government, and liberty of enterprise and thought. By winning in Copenhagen, he would have raised his chances of ramming through his domestic and foreign policy programs -- and that's the last thing I want to see. I was enraged when Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. That's not simply because I think he didn't deserve it, though he clearly doesn't. It's because the Peace Prize was just another sop to Obama's inflated ego. It was a blatant attempt by the "world community" to hand Obama a personal consolation prize for his fiasco in Copenhagen. It was their attempt to screw his courage to the sticking place, to reinforce his self-inflicted perception that he is a world leader destined to direct America toward a more global future. The Nobel Committee gave Obama the Peace Prize because he has already demonstrated real commitment to undermining American strength on the world stage, and they want to see him follow through on that commitment.

In short, I don't root against President Obama because I hate America. I root against President Obama because I hate his vision for America. It is those like President Obama who see America as a dark and dangerous place that requires earth-shaking change along European lines. It is those like President Obama who feel that Americans are nothing special -- and that America is nothing special. As Obama himself put it: "I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism." In other words, America is not exceptional -- it's just because we live here that we feel it is. And the American people are not exceptional -- they are merely Greeks or Brits or Russians or Chinese or Frenchmen born within our borders, with values no better or worse than their foreign compatriots. Obama's belief in America's unexceptionalism -- his view that America's government, not her people, is the formative force in her values; his view that the American people bear the stain of racial, sexual and military guilt; his view that America must abandon her scrupulous adherence to equality of opportunity in favor of equality of result, traditional morals in favor of alternative ethics, and liberty of enterprise in favor of redistributionism -- that set of beliefs is antithetical to what makes America great.

So yes, I hate Obama's America. Because Obama's America isn't America -- it's the European view of America, implemented from high office. Opposing the total redefinition of America isn't anti-American; it's patriotic. And opposing those, like Obama, who push for that drastic redefinition, isn't "hating America" -- it's fighting in favor of the America that ended slavery, built the greatest economic empire in world history and liberated tens of millions around the globe. If that isn't patriotic, I don't know what is.

-Ben Shapiro

Friday, July 03, 2009

2010 The New Revolution

"Hope and Change": The shallow phrase chanted as a hypnotic mantra for the brain dead cult followers of the Dalai Bama over the past 2 years, has finally been revealed to not only be empty, but also to be deadly to the future of our country. In just a few short months, Barack Obama has managed to show his cards as to his diabolical plan for the "change" he was promising. I think most casual observers that bought into the slick packaging of "The chosen One" and voted for him, thought that the change he spoke of was relatively innocent; maybe higher taxes for the rich, incentives for the development of green technologies, an end to the Iraq war; sensible "changes" that many could get on board with. Unfortunately, the real Obama plan always was, and is much more draconian and radical. Supported by the most radical leftist Congress in history, with a stroke of a pen he has mortgaged the future of our country by growing the debt with deficit spending more than any other president throughout history, combined. As his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel said, "you don't want a good crisis to go to waste" and what they are doing is to intentionally create a crisis from which they can claim the need to take drastic measures to "fix" it. They do this all the while blaming the Bush administration for the problems Obama has created. This is of course blatantly dishonest, but hey, being a Demoncrat means never having to be honest. The end always justifies the means. The tidal wave of freedom crushing legislation, executive orders and directives is breathtaking. The Cap and Trade bill, based on the faulty and disputed concept of man-caused global warming, is poised to crush US industry, energy production and family budgets. Obama's healthcare plan will mean the destruction of the greatest healthcare system in the world, increased waits, inferior treatment, and ultimately, loss of care to many who need it. His lack of conviction on a sensible border policy continues to encourage the invasion of illegal aliens, and his deer in the headlights reaction to serious global problems and threats proves to the world that The Dalai Bama is pathetically unprepared and weak on foreign policy. All this adds up to the intentional and calculated demise of the greatest country on earth. Obama's Marxist training has taught him well in the art of deception, misdirection and subversion. Yes, the "Hope and Change" that was promised by this Trojan Horse candidate actually meant take over and destroy, then rebuild as Europe west. The US Constitution be damned.

While Obama and his minions are systematically changing this country into their vision of a socialist utopia, as a Christian, conservative and a believer in the sensibilities of the American people, I am optimistic about the future. I believe that the people of this great country are starting to see the radical nature of this president and his useful idiots in Congress and are starting to see the need for a new revolution in this country. As our forefathers did 233 years ago, we need to revolt against the oppressors and tyrants that are threatening our way of life. Unlike the original revolution, we are able to do this non-violently, but still the term revolution is appropriate. The need is serious and the time is critical. The speed at which Obama is trying to change the country reveals that even he realizes that the probability of him having 2 terms to accomplish his mission is unlikely. What has to happen for us to save our country is to mobilize for the 2010 midterm elections and throw out as many leftists as possible and take away the rubber stamp on his agenda. This will be no simple task in that the MSM is his PR firm and will cheerlead for everything he wants. Like in 1776, it will take ordinary citizens to do extraordinary things to sound the alarm and change the course of history. Our way of life is worth it. Freedom is worth it. As Benjamin Franklin answered when questioned as to what had been given to the citizens of this new country in 1776, he answered, "A republic, if you can keep it."

I think it's worth keeping. That means, it's also worth fighting for. 2010 - The new Revolution!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I haven't written much lately because there's no way to really express and describe the insanity that is going on in Washington and in Demoncratically controlled states. they have taken complete control and they are nuts! Even when Republicans enjoyed their brief moment of dominant control, there was always a few that would crossover or act independently, etc, but this generation of Dems is absolutely unprecedented in their rush to "change" the country. Unfortunately, the direction Obama and his minions want to take the country, is in a direction that will bankrupt, enslave and marginalize us as a nation. What can anyone say to try to stop him? I don't think anything. Just as most of us warned, the Obamasiah is a business moron. but who can blame him? his business knowledge was probably gleaned from a lecture or 2 in college led by marxists posing as professors. His foreign policy is being learned on the job as tutored by George Soros and his domestic policy was learned from America hater, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The simple fact is that Obama is actually a book smart idiot with no common sense and devoid of any wisdom. Dems Suck in every respect. Like I said, I'm speechless!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spokesman for the Left

I made the mistake of trying to watch Keith Olbermann last night on MSNBC. He was understandably hysterical over the obnoxious actions of thousands of Americans protesting the expansion of government. Naturally, he couldn't understand why these conservative rubes crawled out from their trailers and thought that it was OK to speak! How dare they!

After listening for a few minutes, I sat in stunned silence having just heard the most vitriolic, condescending and hateful rant I had ever experienced. This is a very disturbed man. It makes you wonder if he gets up in the morning and chews on shards of glass for breakfast and washes it down with Hylex. Wow! The venom just oozes out of every pore and he seems to breath fire from every breath. At least his counterparts from the right rant with a bit of common sense and a degree of decorum and geniality. The level of anger and hate evident in this guy never ceases to amaze me and the fact that he has any viewers at all makes me sad that there are that many people out there that feel this guy speaks for them. The crap that MSNBC and NBC news in general throws out there with the intent to indoctrinate and propagandize is despicable. I would love to see Immelt of GE and Zucker of NBC crash and burn so that they would be forced out of the insulated leftist cocoon they ferment in and be reacquainted with the real world. Oh well, I can only hope. I think it will be a while before I watch again. It's no wonder Fox slaughters MSNBC in the ratings. Clear thinking Americans know what they're seeing - a network that's unhinged and hateful. It's neither informative nor entertaining. Good job there, Keith; you really inspired me to consider your heartfelt and thoughtful analysis. You're truly a man of the people. Jerk.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Normally I'd try to go to bed and let myself cool down before I try to write anything, but I know I couldn't sleep anyway so I'll try to express my outrage without getting myself in legal trouble. So last night I get an email from wikileaks.org, a leftist web site who's mission is to take anonymous leaked information and use it to further whatever agenda serves them. In the past they have found it necessary to publish Swiss Bank account information for the super rich around the world for which they were sued and forced to shut down for a while, or publicizing Sara Palin's personal email address along with photos of her kids. Today, they have decided to publish some 51,000 names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, employers, credit card numbers and security codes of all those who dared to engage in that antiquated American tradition of utilizing the first amendment and donating money and support to a political candidate. In this case, Norm Coleman happens to be from the wrong party, therefore, he and his supporters are fair game for the brownshirts of the left.

The funny thing to me is that they can willfully destroy or at least disrupt someone's life with a smile on their face and a guilt free conscience. The geek that supposedly came upon this information ever so innocently is the subject of the photo above, Adria Richards, founder of Aden Networks. she's a self professed tree hugger and "organic technology consultant". To watch her youtube description of how simple it was to hack this information, it would seem that she was simply picking up a lost notebook and then deciding to release it to the world as a means of reminding others to not lose their notebooks. Ahh, I don't think so. Personally I would love to hurt this person, not physically of course, but I might just smile if her business suddenly changed in a way that put her in line to wait for a Dalai Bama Bail Out.

After Adria Richards stole the ball, she ever so innocently handed it off to wikileaks who's only mission is to disrupt and destroy those who they don't agree with. this organization has leaked sensitive military intel, spread misleading propaganda regarding Iraq and Guitmo, published personal banking records of innocent citizens, and private documents of various religious groups. The bottom line is that they are the modern day brownshirts of Nazi Germany. Wikileaks.org was founded by John Shipton, a coward who hides out in Kenya while his minions destroy those individuals and organizations that don't share his ideology.

I know that there is an enormous divide between the left and right, not only in this country, but through out the west. Ideologically we have different views about how we look at and interact with the world around us. What continually amazes me is how the left will stop at nothing to win at all costs regardless of what effect their tactics have on innocent individuals. I suppose the "ends justify the means" mentality allows for a guilt free conscience when your politics is your religion and your leaders are your gods. It saddens me however that once again, they have taken the beauty of this technology and corrupted it for selfish political gain. They have temporarily won in their attempt to curtail Coleman's fund raising efforts, but by using cyber terrorism to threaten innocent peoples financial lives they are ruining it for everybody. Hopefully justice will prevail and the FBI will nail these idiots, but more than that, I hope that more publicity of acts like this will convince future voters that there is a difference between the parties and between ideologies. The Demoncrats are no longer the party of John Kennedy. they will stop at nothing to drag this country down to the level of slime that they wallow in. God help us!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Twilight Zone

Imagine if you will, a great country filled with honest, hard working people, working together to build businesses and raise their families. Slowly, a plague infects the land. The pandemic seems to affect the minds of fifty percent of the population. Their minds become warped, and incapable of reason and common sense. They turn from the things that used to produce greatness in their country and become a mass of whining, sniveling idiots believing in anything that promises to fill their empty lives with a false sense of euphoria. The plague becomes a permanent mental handicap in the country from which it produces it's own leadership which then promotes and sells the sickness to the rest of the people. Enough of the citizens are affected for a short time to allow the infected leaders to take over the country. The once great land gradually becomes a cesspool of confused and corrupt ideas that continue to drag it into the abyss of history. The plague infested leaders gloat as they pridefully watch the results of their own destruction. There is no escape. For the next four years, you're in, The Twilight Zone.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Good Start, Barry!

This past week we were again given definitive proof that the Demoncrats have completely lost their collective minds and now have initiated the nailing process in the coffin of this country. Pelosi, Reid and Obamessiah have shamelessly force fed Americans a spending bill in the name of "stimulus" that our descendants will be paying back for generations. The bill written by Pelosi and friends in the house, was nothing more than a wish list of leftist ideals and pork-laden payback to loyal comrades who helped fool the nation and put them in power. The details of the bill have been widely discussed and exposed by talk radio, conservative web sites and Fox News, but it still boggles the mind that the mainstream press can't bring itself to do journalism 101 and report the truth as to the insanity of this bill. The MSM is responsible for the election of the "Chosen One" because of their blatant partisanship. They spent 8 years deriding Republicans and George Bush, and spent 2 years singing the praises of Obama while covering up for him in his obvious corruption, anti-American associations and incompetence.

So, here we are facing down the next four years of an administration who potentially could rival Roosevelt and Carter for making the most incompetent and damaging economic decisions ever. This is an administration that can't even get the simplest task of appointing cabinet members right. Now they are trying to convince the country that their partisan strategy of random pork spending is going to stimulate the economy. The economy recovers when people have their own money to use as they see fit and businesses have the capitol to invest, grow and hire workers. It's not rocket science. But not spending 300M on STD research won't make their leftist donors happy, so better to sacrifice the health of the country than financial payback to your supporters. It's beyond pathetic. It's treasonous. Political revolution is already in the air, and this buffoon has only been in office for 3 weeks!

Is there a Demoncrat that has the integrity to stand on principal and say no to the elitism and corruption demonstrated by the leadership in Washington? Apparently not. The sneering and cynical tone of Obamessiah's cheerleading session at a Virginia Demoncrat retreat yesterday revealed the true nature of this great deceiver. He basically claimed that if Republicans don't agree with him they're not being "bi-partisan". Maybe Obama's lack of experience in the senate, or in anything of value, hasn't provided him with the knowledge or skills to know what that term really means. Anyone, especially a president, should know that our government works best when it compromises, not agrees. I don't want an agreeing government. Debate is necessary. I want conservative ideas listened to and for Dems to realize that 49% of the country shouldn’t be ignored. But, this is the administration of "Change". So now the change we can believe in is good old, corrupt Chicago style bullying. Nice job Barry. "Yes you can". I hope you kept that house in Chicago that your friend and convicted slum lord, Tony Rezko helped you buy, 'cause you're going to need it in 4 years.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Enough Doom and Gloom!

For months now we have all been hearing how the economy has tanked and that we are in the midst of a deep recession. The 24 hour news vultures, always on the hunt for something to "crisis" about, were given a gift this year with the housing crash and subsequent economic downturn. The media has capitalized on the news and along with doom and gloom politicians eager to portray themselves as heroes to their duped constituents, have accentuated the situation to an all out meltdown. Talking heads and opportunistic politicians aside, I choose to see the other side of the coin.

Of course the economy is deeply troubled right now. But the collective psyche of the country has a huge effect on where the economy goes from here. Now that we have a political change in Washington - one in which the media has a vested interest in having succeed - it will be interesting to see if the news changes and a more positive spin on events becomes the norm.
I'm a photographer, not an economist, but as a business owner in an industry that is affected by trickle down economies, I am still optimistic for the future. The fact is that while unemployment is sadly up, we still have 94% employment, far better than our near socialist neighbors across the Atlantic. Companies are still making products and selling services, and those companies still need to advertise to gain market share and sell their products. Greed, selfishness and corruption have caused this blip. Mismanaged companies need to fail and then re-emerge healthier. Greedy executives need to feel the humiliation of a soup line and be replaced by execs that know how to roll up their sleeves and think more about their company's health than their own portfolios.

I'm optimistic about the future of American industry and advertising. We need to continue to work hard, take our lumps, pick ourselves up again and find new ways to achieve our goals. I don't mean to be overly "pollyannic" about our situation, but personally, I've had enough doom and gloom from the pundits and politicians. If there's anything we should have learned through this it's that the so called "experts" don't know much more than we do. I believe that better than bailouts, rescue plans and ivy league advice is hard work, tenacity and common sense.