Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I haven't written much lately because there's no way to really express and describe the insanity that is going on in Washington and in Demoncratically controlled states. they have taken complete control and they are nuts! Even when Republicans enjoyed their brief moment of dominant control, there was always a few that would crossover or act independently, etc, but this generation of Dems is absolutely unprecedented in their rush to "change" the country. Unfortunately, the direction Obama and his minions want to take the country, is in a direction that will bankrupt, enslave and marginalize us as a nation. What can anyone say to try to stop him? I don't think anything. Just as most of us warned, the Obamasiah is a business moron. but who can blame him? his business knowledge was probably gleaned from a lecture or 2 in college led by marxists posing as professors. His foreign policy is being learned on the job as tutored by George Soros and his domestic policy was learned from America hater, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The simple fact is that Obama is actually a book smart idiot with no common sense and devoid of any wisdom. Dems Suck in every respect. Like I said, I'm speechless!