Monday, December 20, 2004

Pull the Plug on SNL

snl sucks
It’s time to pull the plug on Saturday Night Live! I mean really, does anybody still watch it? The latest show, which included an animated sketch making fun of Rush Limbaugh’s drug problem, was the last straw for me. Sure the guy might be annoying, to some people, especially the majority of “entertainers”, but laughing at Someone’s personal drug addiction is not funny. Did they make fun of John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Chris Farley, or probably the vast majority of the cast’s chemical problems? Never. The show has had its ups and downs over the years with writers and cast, but the majority of seasons have been disappointing. Lorne Michaels has proven over the past few years that his time has come and gone. The show just isn’t funny. Pseudo-sophisticated New York humor doesn’t work anymore. The cast is horrible, the writing is lame and the music, when not lip-synced, sucks. NBC would be better off running Tony Robbins infomercials. Until the show is replaced, the new title should be, Saturday Night Lame! And maybe someone should tell Michaels that other than his Marxist entertainment friends, it gets pretty boring to watch the endless attempts to portray the President and anyone in politics who might be conservative, as an idiot or evil. It’s over. NBC needs to turn out the lights on SNL now!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Cultural Evolution Needed

Let’s start by stating unequivocally, that I hate all forms of racism. Those morons that are racist and hate people just because they are different from themselves make me sick. Another reason I detest racists is that because when a legitimate complaint needs to be made about a particular ethnic group, the case cannot be made without being painted with the same broad brush as those who are themselves, sick with irrational hate. With this in mind however, I need to sound off regarding the current popular black culture and it’s steady path to destruction. It’s time that somebody says what needs to be said about the dysfunctional subculture that is promoted and glorified to the detriment of our society and certainly to the devastation of black Americans.

Recently, there were a few incidents that were illustrative of the problem. First, the Vibe awards were interrupted by an extended period of violence in which one gang member or rapper stabbed another during the show. Of course this is a stupid award show in which the Hip Hop and Rap styles of popular music are glorified and meaningless hardware is handed out to the “artists” for best performance, etc. It’s all crap. Rap has its intrigue and there is some talent involved in stringing words together rhythmically, but let’s face it, it’s not music and it’s not an art form that should be valued.
With very few exceptions, Rap is dominated by a subculture of black Americans who have little education or respect for traditional success. The message often promoted through their “music” promotes the abuse of women, drug use, violence and anarchy. These people are not icons to be admired by younger members of society. They should be laughed at as the clowns that they are and then thrown away to the ash heap of history and forgotten. Sorry Snoop, you’re a moron and a pig. The sooner you and your ilk assume room temperature, the better off the world will be.

The next event that pushed me over the edge was the fight between the Pacers and the Pistons of the NBA. Specifically, this was a display of out of control rage between a pack of territorial animals and the fans who pay ridiculous sums of money to be “entertained” by these thugs. I used to be a season ticket holder and a loyal fan of the NBA, but over the past 5 or 6 years have become increasingly alienated by ludicrous salaries, street ball style of play, and selfishness. Apparently as demonstrated by falling league attendance and TV ratings, I’m not alone. These are basically rappers with a ball, the same primitive territorial warrior mentality. If some of these guys couldn’t dribble and shoot, they’d be in jail or headed there soon. The final straw for me was when NBC Today show host, Matt Lauer, interviewed Ron Artess, the primary figure in the Pacer, Piston fight, and gave him the perfect opportunity to show a little class and humility and apologize, rather than doing the right thing, Artess held up his recently released Rap CD and used the air time to promote it while his “posse” of “homies” could be heard laughing in the background. These guys are another example of moronic thugery being held up as cultural icons when they should be imprisoned or at least taken to the woodshed by someone in their “community”.

A final example of the minority culture being robbed of societal and cultural elevation is the almost universal denigration of true black heroes like Condoleza Rice and Clarence Thomas. These 2 people in particular, are prime examples of how truly successful black people who have achieved the most valuable thing in life, intelligence, are hated and made fun of in their own “community” and certainly among liberals in government. The pathetic reference recently to Condi Rice as an “Aunt Jemima” was more than reprehensible, and Clarence Thomas has on many times been referred to as “Uncle Tom” or as Harry Bellefonte called he and Colin Powell, “House Niggers”. Recently, on Meet the Press, newly named Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, D, Nebraska, essentially called Clarence Thomas stupid by stating that another Supreme Court Justice was smart and competent but that Thomas was an embarrassment and his decisions were poorly written. Those Democrats, they sure know how to promote diversity and equality!

When will the Black people, or people of any race in this country, stop believing the lies that are being fed to them? Rappers and athletes are overpaid entertainers. For the most part, they are talented but stupid, flashy but classless fools. They should not be looked upon as role models at all, but rather, as nothing more than well fed circus animals. They run and jump and dance and make us smile. They are not what young kids should desire to be. Unfortunately, the supposed leaders in the black “community”, like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, are nothing more than Pimps, promoting, then exploiting the disintegrating plight of the people of their own race.

I’m sure being a forty something white guy, nobody in the “Black community” is going to listen to me, but hopefully someone will step forward and encourage kids to look to find real black role modes like Rice, Powell, and Thomas to emulate and not the gang bangers with a microphone or a ball. Find and promote prominent and successful black business owners, educators, doctors, and lawyers in your area. These are the people that should be held up as heroes. After all, there are a lot more black doctors in this country than NBA players and rappers and they contribute a lot more to the betterment of society.