Sunday, January 30, 2005

Impending Doom

It’s time to prepare for the impending Apocalypse. With Hillary looking like 2008 will be her year to try to take over the Federal Government, suspend the constitution, and institute Clintonism on the U.S., an even more devastating scenario looms heavy over the entire world; Bill Clinton becomes Secretary-General of the United Nations. Exactly as prophesied in the Bible, the Anti-Christ will arise to world prominence as a humble leader of peace causing millions to follow him thinking that he will lead the world to peaceful resolution of conflict. He claims to be a man of God but ultimately leads the world into global persecution of Christians and ultimately, Armageddon, and the Apocalypse. Maybe you think I’m a bit whacked, but there has been talk of Bill taking Kofi Annan’s place as Secretary-General. Annan has been completely ineffective as Secretary-General, and has ultimately been responsible for numerous scandals such as the oil for food debacle that his son was deeply involved in. All have occurred during his tenure. His current term ends in 2006. Clinton, because he is an immoral globalist, is loved by the one worldites in the U.N. and by leaders in Europe. Also, because he is a narcissistic egomaniac with nothing else to do, he is perfect for such a purpose. Just imagine the horror of Hillary as President and Bill as Secretary-General of the U.N. No doubt that Satan will finally have fulfilled his mission on Earth signaling the time for the final battle between good and evil. Fortunately, the Bible also predicts the outcome of that battle. So ultimately, the “HillBilly” Dynasty will come to an appropriate and deserved fiery end.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Newdow's Head Explodes

Noted atheist and anti-God activist, Michael Newdow's head exploded last Wednesday during the Presidential inauguration. Newdow, who prior to the ceremony, failed in his court challenge to block the traditional prayer was said to be noticeably on edge. Authorities were initially puzzled by the phenomenon, which seemed to happen throughout the country. Observers in certain parts of the country such as New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and most University campuses were said to hear sounds like loud popcorn or even, machine gun fire. In some cases, where several atheists were gathered in small groups within earshot of the inauguration ceremony, the collective explosion caused property and structural damage to buildings. A spokesperson for local authorities said, "Apparently, there were just too many references to God, religious music and of course, the ever so threatening, Prayer. Once they started praying, they just couldn't take it. Their heads just blew up!" A Bush administration official said after the ceremony that with the success of the prayer, the technique would now be implemented in Europe. When pressed, the spokesperson said, "We should have never given France back to those sniveling God hating wimps, I always liked blowing up frogs."

Time to Go, Teddy

Teddy reflects
Why is Ted Kennedy still allowed to be a Senator?, in Government at all?, a free man?, or even a member of civilized American society? Without a doubt, he is one of the most despicable humans I have ever studied from a distance, and that is as close as I ever would want to get to him. I can't believe the stuff he says! Bush is a liar, the war was an idea contrived in Texas for the benefit of big oil friends, and now he says that our troops in Iraq are the problem. He has lost his mind, whatever amount there was to start with. Why can't anyone in the media, or in his own party stand up and call this what it is, TREASON! He is a parasite and a political virus. He needs to be forcefully removed and barred from all forms of public service and stand trial for crimes against his country. This guy is a walking, textbook example of why you don't let bad kids escape the consequences of their actions. Kennedy has been a spoiled irresponsible scumbag his entire life and has always found a way to escape the responsibility for his actions. A great web site listing Teddy's infamous life is here, There you can trace the extensive life of cheating, lying, corruption and murder that he has been allowed to skate away from thanks to his criminal fathers shady connections. Please! Will someone in either party publicly call this menace on the carpet and demand his removal?! Somebody has to have the stones to do what's right. For a pig like Kennedy to stand on the Senate floor and lecture anyone on ethics, integrity and honesty is laughable. I wonder if Mary Jo Kopechne is watching and waiting for her chance to return Teddy's favor he granted her. By the looks of him, the booze will send him to meet Mary Jo soon enough. It will be a fitting end for a traitor.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Party of Diversity?

Senator Robert Byrd, Democrat, West Virginia, made a speech today from the Senate floor, flanked by some of his most loyal constituents. In his fiery speech, Byrd called for the delay, if not the denial, of confirmation for President Bush’s Secretary of State nomination, Condi Rice. Byrd, a former Klan member, frequently made reference to “those people”, “their kind”, or “stupid N#*+s”. During the speech, Republicans in attendance sat silent, mouths agape in disbelief of what they were hearing, while Democrats applauded and cheered throughout the 60 minute lecture. Particularly enthusiastic was Barbara Boxer, Democrat from California, and Joe Biden, Democrat from Delaware. Boxer and Biden both attacked Rice in committee confirmation hearings last week, Boxer calling Rice a liar, and Biden telling Rice to refer to her master, the President, as “Boss”. Senator Byrd, a popular Democrat, will be turning 116 this year, and reportedly still owns slaves on his West Virginia plantation. He has said in recent interviews that he is able to maintain his well-preserved and healthful condition by his daily workout regimen of slave beating. He stated that, “it is both good for the heart and the soul”. Oddly, the congressional black caucus or mainstream media has had nothing to say about this. At one point in Byrd’s speech Democrats rose for a thunderous ovation when Byrd eloquently recalled in his deep southern drawl, the days when “those people knew their place and weren’t trying to be Secretary of State, or Supreme Court Judges, or cabinet members, doctors or lawyers. They was jis’ property, that voted the way we tells ‘em ta’ vote. They wuz good Democrats!”
After the speech a prominent Democrat senator from New York, who wished to remain anonymous, was asked whether statements made by Byrd and those recently made by Boxer and Biden, were at all contrary to the popularly held belief that the Democratic Party is the party of inclusiveness and Diversity. The New York Senator stated only that, “the Democrats were in fact the party of diversity as long as you voted democrat, were liberal, weren’t a Christian, believed in a larger controlling government, thought the UN was the solution to global conflict, believed that the US was no better than any other country on Earth, that abortion was one of the greatest medical innovations in the history of man, that homosexuality was not only an approved alternative, but in fact preferred, and that the environment is being ruined by corporations and the evil conservatives who must run them. If that’s what you believe, then yes the Democrats are the party of diversity”.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Barbara, America Thanks You

I want to personally thank the fine intellectually advanced demoncrats of California for their gift to Washington DC, Senator Barbara Boxer. Because of you, Republicans will control the National political scene for as long as they want to. All that is necessary is for Botox Barbie to continue to open her mouth in front of a microphone. Thank you Mr. Marconi! All that can be said of the Demoncrats performance this week in the Senate confirmation committee hearings of Condoleezza Rice is "breathtaking"! With continued public display of their complete disregard of all things that matter to the vast majority of Americans, like National Security, Social Security reform, Tax reform, serious constitutional judges, and a basic respect for life, marriage, the military, and Religion, they will never be able to rise to national prominence again! How can anyone with a minimal amount of common sense take them seriously? Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Boxer, Kennedy, Dean, etc, etc has moved their party so far left that it truly is hard to differentiate the Demoncrats from the hard line Marxists of 40 years ago.
Thanks again Barbie. I will be replaying your buffoonery in my head for a long time. Keep it up, the country is much better off with the grown ups in charge anyway!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

In Perspective

Sorry, no picture this time. I haven't "blogged" for a while, I guess I kind of needed a time out after the election. I've even been listening to more music in the car instead of talk radio - rare for me. Also, when you see the devastation in Asia from the tsunami, and contemplate the horror of that event, politics seems pretty trivial. I had to laugh and shake my head in disbelief today when I saw that Barbara Boxer, Communist from California, and some other moron are pulling some stupid, unprecedented stunt to hold up the congressional certification of the presidential election results. What are they thinking!? Who cares! George Bush won the election! Shut up and quit making your irrelevance so obvious! This is why I haven't really felt the need to maintain my level of passion of late. The Democrats have become a joke. We now have a one party system, which actually isn't healthy in the long run, but it's too late for the Dems. They don't get it, and they aren't showing any signs of improvement. So I just shut them off. I can't watch Russert on Sunday morning, or certainly not Mathews on "PMS"NBC anymore (the guy is nuts), and Russert allows the loony lefties way too much slack in their B.S. answers. Since we go to Church on Saturday night, I've found that Charles Stanley is an excellent replacement for Russert.

I saw today that our favorite Thurston Howell the third impersonator, John F (as in Fake) Kerry found time in his important and busy schedule to miss the congressional certification vote, fly to Baghdad, and in front of our outstanding military, trash the President for supposedly screwing up the war. Wow what a great guy. The dems should be proud. They really know how to pick 'em. What a fantastic commander in chief he would have been! If he was serious about trying to run again in 2008, (Oh please, please, please do), he and is skanky billionairess wife should have gone to Thailand and handed out Caviar and champagne. It would have been a better photo op. But obviously, good judgment has not been one of his strongest assets.

On another note, my wife and I had a pretty good year in business and were able to donate a lot more money to church and various charitable organizations than in past years. We will eventually be giving money for the Asian relief effort as well. But you can count on not one penny going to any agency that has anything remotely to do with the U.N. I have honestly come to the realization that this pathetic assemblage of global losers is an appendage of Satan himself and exists primarily to eliminate and at least diminish the influence of the U. S. and certainly Israel. Why we continue to fund and house this subversive organization within our shores is beyond belief. They hate us! Bye bye. I hear land is available in France! Go to Gay Pariee and build a suitable orifice for your hate America club.

Anyway, that's why I haven't been real active in the blogosphere lately. The left just keeps on getting more laughable and the world continues to get more tragic. When I see a criminal traitor like Ted "Scotch on the Rocks" Kennedy bloviating about something, I try to keep things in perspective and think about the thousands of little children wandering around some Asian beach looking for mommy and daddy or anything familiar. They won't find it. In fact many of them will die of disease or be kidnapped and sold into the child sex industry. I think about that and am overwhelmed. Compared to that, even the insane ranting of a liver damaged communist posing as a senator from Massachusetts doesn't seem all that bad.