Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Build it, and they will come

All the recent debate over the proposed building of a mosque near Ground Zero is, at the very least, a little disconcerting.  The issue has become a supercharged, political conflict to be sure but what I find endlessly amusing is how every liberal in this country has all of a sudden become an expert on the subject of religious freedom.  How laughable is that?  We're talking about LIBERALS:  the same group of neanderthals who will stop at nothing to eradicate any vestige of God from society.  They consider portions of the Bible hate speech.  They despise Christians, they loathe the Church and all that it stands for but my oh my, when it comes time to build the victory mosque, they are crawling out of the walls in support of it.  Like never before, liberals are screeching about how First Amendment rights are sacred in America, which, of course, they are.  But liberals preaching about the subject is like having Josef Mengele giving a lecture on the importance of medical ethics.  The hypocrisy is overwhelming.  I wonder how the devout muslim crowd feels about their new found friends from the left.  Keep in mind, liberals hate God, are by nature securalists, they champion gay rights at every turn, and can look at a dumpster filled with dead, mutilated children, smile, and shout "reproductive rights".  I'll bet that's going to raise a few eyebrows, if not ignite some good old fashion IED's, amongst the islamic community.  Naturally, our increasingly unpopular Leader had to give his useless opinion on the topic.  Sticking his nose up in the air at a dinner celebrating the Ramadan Bombathon, every one's favorite holy month, he lectured all of us stupid, intolerant Americans about the muslim's right to build their mosque and practice their religion of peace anywhere they want.  See, that's the problem with Bammy, as well as any other liberal:  they don't listen, they lecture.  Like a dog returning to its own vomit, a liberal simply cannot resist the urge to talk down to everyone in a debate.  And that's what Bambam did.  Obviously, it was not well received and the Whitehouse, in its typical wimped-out way, has gone completely silent on the topic.  Not that it matters, Bo's approval rating is sinking faster than America's credit; half the country now strongly disapproves of his performance, with good reason.  No one wants an incompetent, arrogant, inexperienced loser for a president.

So, here's an idea.  Since liberals love to shriek about tolerance and inclusivity, let's just put it into action.  Build the $100 million dollar victory mosque and right next to it, put in a Catholic Church.  Right behind it, build a Jewish synagogue and then, in an effort to cater to our buddies on the left, build an abortion clinic next door.  Just down the block, a gay bar would be nice.  And let's not forget to build The First Church of Atheism on the same block.  I wonder how the muslims will enjoy our new diverse and colorful urban plan?  I'll bet they'll offer up gobs of tolerance just like they do through out the rest of the world.