Monday, May 30, 2005

Thank you, Heroes

Sandy 1b
Sandy is a hero of mine. I have had the privilege to get to know Sandy, as he owns the business property in which I have my studio. Other than a successful businessman, he was an integral part of America's victory in the Pacific theater of World War II. At age 19, he was captain of a B-24 Liberator with a crew of 10 other men (boys) flying 13 hour missions over the Pacific ocean bombing military targets in Japan. I say integral, but he, as well as other WW II vets, would say that all who served were integral to our victory and of course, they would be right. It's hard for us who never served in the military, who sit here in the lap of luxury of our 21st century lifestyles to even fathom the effort and sacrifice men and women have gone through to allow us this privilege. I am so in awe of their efforts, and am so humbled and grateful for their service. It saddens me to realize that within the next 10 to 15 years, the WW II generation of heroes that saved the world from disaster 60 years ago, will be gone. They saved us all from fascism and tyranny. The generation after them fought bravely in Korea and Viet Nam and ultimately defeated communist aggression. Now we bravely face another global enemy, that of radical Islamic terrorism. Each of these generations of soldiers have defined and preserved our freedoms and our culture. What frightens me now is that as our military challenges continue, our will to combat them as a society, has steadily grown weaker. Most of this decline has been a result of the increasing cynicism and subversive nature of the mass media in our culture. All you have to do is watch and compare the military movies made in Hollywood from the 40's to the type of films concerning the military today. The former generation of media producers, both print and film, realized that the preservation of our way of life was worth fighting for. They saw the good in our efforts and did what they could to aid our troops and the morale of the country. Unfortunately, the media of today would just as soon blame the country that gives them the right to dissent, as the aggressors and the tyrants who should be defeated. Our education system teaches a revised anti-American history that paints us as the bullies of the world and the aggressors and oppressors of other cultures. I have no doubt that we would never have been able to win World War II if we had the current media in place 60 years ago. Subversive groups like Amnesty International and the ACLU, as well as outlets like the NY Times, Newsweek, CBS, CNN, and 99% of Hollywood would have done their best to undermine the war effort so as to ensure the success of the enemy. After all according to contemporary liberal thought, "who is to say that the US way of life is any better than Hitler's?" And, "Hirohito and Tojo aren't that bad, lets try to sit down and talk with them." Can you imagine what our current crop of political pundits and columnists would say about some of the stuff that went on in WW II? They would probably implode under the weight of their own self-hatred. I'm encouraged that the men and women in our military today continue to show unbelievable strength and courage fighting an invisible fanatic enemy made up of cowards who hide behind children and who target civilians. These men and women continue to fight not only our enemies abroad but do this in spite of the lack of media support. They know and believe in their mission and realize that in spite of the cynics in the media and even in the democratic party of our own government, the mission is worthy of their sacrifice and will be completed. The sacrifices of guys like Sandy and all the others like him will not be in vain. Good must and will triumph. The best of this country is represented in our military. Thank them, they are all heroes.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Toughen up Wimps!

George Voinovich, Republican Senator from Ohio, yesterday, cried like a wimpy little toddler who just lost his favorite toy when encouraging other senators from his party to not vote for John Bolton for ambassador to the UN. This was pathetic! Voinovich demonstrated exactly why Bolton should be ambassador to the morally bankrupt UN. We don't need a softy like Voinovich there trying to be everyone’s friend. We need someone with moral clarity and who's not afraid to be truthful and ruffle feathers if need be. The UN is an organization whose time has run out. It is a nice idea, but when you have a political body made up of some of the most corrupt governments in the world, all getting together to gang up on the US, what do you expect? Of course it becomes anti American, anti Semitic and absurdly corrupt. The US should send the toughest SOB we can find in there to knock some heads around, and I'd start with the French, Germans and Russians.

Similarly, words cannot express my utter disappointment in the so-called "moderate" Republicans concerning the rules changing issue to end filibustering judicial nominations. I expect the "I'm better than you", and the "Who's going to feed my ego now?", attitude from John McCain and the R.I.N.O. behavior of Oympia Snow, but not Lindsey Graham. Lord McCain is converting him to the dark side. These 7 Republicrats who found it necessary to sell their party and constituents down the river for a chance to gain some love points with the Imperial Clone Army, are completely fooling themselves. The Demoncrats are going to filibuster anyone Bush nominates for dogcatcher or custodian not to mention the impending Supreme Court nomination. The "Bobby Byrd, Constitutional Option" (no it's not Nuclear) will be played out sooner than later. Republicans must know that the main reason the conservative base was so motivated in the 2004 election cycle was because of the Judges issue. Bush needs to stand firm on his judges and put forward the kind of judges we expected from him. Not some Voinavich, McCain, "We are the World" Constitution benders that the wacko left wants. So dry your eyes Senator, You'll need them to see the want ads after you've been voted out of office next time. And take your moderate friends with you. They're not needed here anymore.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Thank You Howie!

Howard Dean
Demoncrat chairman, Howard Dean on Tim Russert’s Sunday Morning show, Meet the "DePressed", demonstrated again why Republicans will continue to dominate the political landscape for years to come. This guy actually thinks his ideology is mainstream and is what the country needs! I'm sure there are a few nuts out there that think Dean is right, but come on; do rank and file democrats really think this guy is the answer? Personally, if I were a conspiracy leaning crazy, I would say that Dean is a cleverly placed Republican plant sent to take the Democrats to a place they can never recover from. In a speech done last month at a fundraiser here in Minnesota, Dean mocked and made fun of Rush Limbaugh's addiction to pain killers. Appropriately, Dean took some heat for that. Sunday, Dean defended his "joke" by saying basically that Limbaugh had it coming and deserved to be ridiculed. Nice attitude for a doctor. Thank God he's no longer in practice. He also defended his statement that he hates Republicans! However, when pressed, he did back off a bit saying that he didn't necessarily hate them personally, just everything they stand for. Nice guy. It was also comical to hear Dean continue to claim his "deeply religious" values as being important in his life. Here's a little hint for Dr. Dean, when telling us about how important your faith is to you, you might want to keep that in mind before you preach hate and anger toward others who happen to think differently than you. The majority of us out here can see through guys like Dean, Kerry, and the Clintons in a second. Christian values are demonstrated not talked about. There is no doubt in my mind that Dean is the answer to Republican prayers. The more he talks, the more conservatives win. The country is not ready, nor will it ever be hopefully, for Dean style fascism and hate. Way to go "Deanocrats"! Good choice. America thanks you.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ann Coulter Gets it!

This is a great article by my blonde hero, Ann Coulter. One of the reasons I think she's great is that, other than that she's intelligent, articulate and an excellent writer, the lefties hate her. They can't stand that she has an answer - the right answer- for the plethora of lies they continue to throw out there on a daily basis. In this article she methodically takes apart News"weak", and the obvious bias they continue to display throughout their reporting practices, such as why would they sit on a confirmed and corroborated story of the former sitting President of the United States sexually using an intern, his daughters age, in the Whitehouse, but yet run with an alleged Koran flushing story, uncorroborated, with one unnamed source and that knowingly damages America in the eyes of the world and works against everything we are doing in the middle east? Duhh, could it be that they might have an agenda?, hate the current President?, despise the military?, disagree with the war? Yeah, Ann Coulter gets it, I get it, and the majority of the American people get it. That’s why we're fighting for the survival of our country against the liberal media. Thanks to talk radio and the Internet, the hate America press no longer gets a free pass.
We get it.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Too Much "Freedom"
Newsweek admitted today that it had basically made up a story about a Koran being desecrated in Guantanamo in front of prisoners as a means to inspire cooperation from them. The problem with this nice little piece of journalism is that it is solely responsible for mass riots in several countries resulting in the deaths of 16 people and injuries to more than 100. The story allegedly came from 1 unnamed "government" source and Newsweek rushed it out with another "gotcha" gleam in their collective eyes. I'm sure there were visions of Pulitzers dancing in their heads. Only one problem for Newsweek, it never happened! As Americans I think we all realize that a free press is an essential element to maintaining governmental discipline and serves as a voice for the people However, the mainstream media of today too often go way past that ideal and abuse this freedom to advance an ideology that is not pro American nor helpful to our own interests. This recent episode by Newsweek further demonstrates that the American "MSM" is more interested in sensationalizing stories, even if that means to embellish or fictionalize them, in an effort to advance its corporate stock price than just by telling the truth and promoting American interests. I think the MSM is made up of liberals who have swallowed the moral relativism BS promoted in journalism schools and want to think of themselves as having a world first attitude rather than, America first. Let's face it, if this generation of "Blame America first" journalists were around for World War II we would never have won and we would either not be here or we'd be speaking German! Obviously the answer is not to have any agency or group sensor news organizations, but rather for the rest of us to simply not buy their crap - either on the newsstands or on the TV, just shut them off. I think the friends and families of those injured and killed in the riots caused by Newsweek's fine journalism might agree.

Friday, May 13, 2005

You've got to be kidding!

What is wrong with America? The answer is right in front of you! The demoncrats continue to prove to the clear thinking side of the country that they are a joke! They do this by parading out the old (and I mean old) standby, Robert KKK Byrd. Yep, Old Bobby continues to amaze with his irrelevant references to who knows what, and his Biblical anecdotes that, while interesting, have no bearing on whatever the topic is that is being discussed. What's even more amazing is that at about 125 years old and now worthless as a public servant, the senate minority is afraid to retire him because they know a conservative would likely win his seat. Even the bafoons at Move on want him to run again! I believe the man probably did some good in his 100 year career, but come on! Can anyone, regardless of party affiliation, not feel a sense of embarassment when he steps in front of a mic? He's a former big shot in the klan and proudly fillibustered passage of the civil rights act for gosh sakes! Somebody has to have the compassion to send this man home to fish the rest of his days on this earth, and get him off the senate floor. He probably secretly had a competition going with Strom Thurman and he's not about to loose now. At least Senator Thurman had the decency to keep relatively quiet during the last part of his service, and when he did speak, nobody laughed behind his back. The catfish are calling Bobby.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Starve the Hollywood Fat Cats

Of all the things in our decaying culture that bother me, I think that the concept of celebrity worship sickens me the most. This is most prevalent in Hollywood and the pop music industry. In reality, these people are some of the dumbest, least educated, out of touch morons in the entire world yet because they are too immature and/or lazy to get real jobs, and have a pathetic knack for playing dress up and make believe, they are given some ridiculous elevated status and are revered in our culture as being people of great insight and wisdom. Obscene amounts of money are handed to them to read someone else’s words, take direction as to how to say those words, wear someone else’s wardrobe, look just right because of someone else’s hair and make up talent and be lit and photographed in a way that makes them look better than they really do. And they walk away with the lion’s share of the money and are referred to as the "talent" or "artist". Hardly.

Which brings us to one of the worst offenders - Barbara Streisand - a bonified "has been" both musically and cinematically. (No, a second tier part in Meet the Falkers doesn't count as a comeback). She recently posted on open letter to the American people on her web site which gave us all another glimpse into the level of disconnect these people have from the real world. This idiot considers herself as an important cultural icon to be honored and revered as having value, and therefore, also having opinions of value concerning politics and culture. Obviously, as Americans, we all have a voice and the freedom to state what we feel openly. It's just that it bothers me so much that actors and musicians - who are the dregs of society - seem to think that their insights are more relevant than us lowly simpletons in flyover country. According to Babs, we just elected George W. Bush to a second term because we were too stupid to figure out his clever fear-mongering scheme, executed to perfection to sucker us peons into voting for him. She then continued on to compare President Bush to General Goering of the Nazi SS in his brilliant manipulation techniques. Earth to Barbara and your friends in La La land. Stay at home in your beach front Malibu Barbie mansions, and have your people call for lunch in on the terrace, because you don't get it, and the more you speak, the uglier it's going to get for you. The real people out here do get it. We're on to you. And more and more of us are shutting you off because you're no longer relevant or of value. You and your Hollywood buddies have screwed things up enough, so stay at home and shut up!

Theory of Deception

Evolution is a convenient excuse to dismiss the concept of God. It is the cornerstone of atheism, and a secularism that has taken control of our culture and education system. It is the foundation of simplistic egocentrism where we worship science and use our finite minds and abilities to place complex information into humanistic little boxes which we call superior intellect and understanding. Evolution makes it possible for us to choose to believe the impossible rather than to acknowledge the unthinkable – that there is more than just us and that ultimately, we are responsible to something bigger than ourselves.
Look around you. Look at the structure of a single cell, look at the expanding universe, look at the existence of love and art; to not see God is absolute blindness and a tragedy.
More and more serious scientists around the world, in various disciplines are realizing that evolution theory is simply not plausible. Robert Jastrow, a scientist and agnostic wrote in his book, God and the Astronomers, “It is as if we have scaled the mountains of ignorance, and we are about to conquer the highest peak, and as we pull ourselves up over the final rock we are met by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries.”
Specifically, if you look into the alleged proof for evolution, you’ll find that in the fossil record, there are no transitional creatures. There are explosions of life, but no half and half creatures. If evolution happened, there should be just as many transitions as all the other creatures. There are none.
Ultimately, a person has to have a lot more faith to believe in evolution than someone who believes in a theistic view of creation. And it is faith, not knowledge of fact. Unfortunately, for evolutionists, a study of the facts disprove the theory and therefore, should shake the very foundation of a secular worldview.
I would recommend you take a look at the following books, The Case for a Creator, by Lee Strobel, This is written by a former atheist and skeptic, and an interesting read. Also, Tornado in a Junkyard, by James Perloff. This book offers scientific probabilities as to the theory of evolution such as, the mathematical probability of evolution taking place to the extent that it is claimed is like a tornado hitting a junkyard and somehow leaving in its place, a perfectly functional 747.

I guess it would be nice if we could listen to a couple lectures from former acid tripping 60’s degenerates who now call themselves enlightened professors, swallow their tripe and think it all makes sense. But the reality is that those who have fostered this theory on us as fact are no better than carnival snake oil salesmen thinking that the louder they bark, the more believable they are.