Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The End is Near

Judge Greer
I can't take any more! I made the mistake of listening to a few minutes of lefty radio, and saw a little bit of some talking head news show, both with sniveling, hate filled liberals ecstatic that the courts have signed Terri's death warrant. I felt physically sick to my stomach after hearing their glee at the outcome. The spiritual and cultural divide in our country has reached Grand Canyon like proportions, and I don't see it ever being patched back together. I heard it accurately stated today that we are no longer a nation ruled by law, but rather, a nation ruled by lawyers. The judiciary in our country needs a major enema. These agenda driven lawyers and judges have got to be weeded out somehow. Judge Greer, Florida sixth judicial circuit, who initially heard the Terri Schiavo case, should be impeached right now! If you take time to read ALL the information on this case, including the affidavits by Terri's caregivers, which Greer refused to admit, there can be no other conclusion than that Terri Schiavo has been a victim of a devious, control freak husband, bent on seeing to her demise for financial gain, and an immoral judicial system more interested in asserting power than protecting an injured woman's rights. I worked in a Nursing home for a little over a year and worked with folks in similar and even worse condition than Terri. I have watched people slowly die. In those cases that I was witness to, the entire family, along with the physician, were involved and in agreement as to what would be happening with the patient. The fact that this slime ball, Michael Schiavo, has insisted on Terri dying since he received the insurance settlement and that the courts have turned their backs on the obvious problems in this case, makes me crazy! What is wrong with common sense being exercised a little bit here? If there are questions, you answer them, all the while obviously preserving the life of the person involved.

The Democrats (the Dark side of the force), and the media elites have forever destroyed any credibility they thought they once had as the protectors of the little guy. If there are any fence riders out there or simpletons that vote Democrat just because they always have, this should give them cause to finally face the truth. The liberals in this world are in fact, Satan's Army. I sometimes get this silly image of God sitting on a big throne in heaven, looking down on us, then looking at His watch and saying, "Well, I think it's about time to call it, game's over folks." And where are our great crusaders for the oppressed, the Hollywood elites, who according to them, instinctively have a greater sensitivity to the human condition than the rest of us dweebs from Flyover country? The silence from Hollywood on the slow execution of Terri Schiavo, is absolutely deafening. Sean Penn, Barbara Streisand, Tim Robbins, Ed Asner, etc., they all have nothing to say. These "artists", gifted in the game of make believe, leap at the chance to defend a cop killer on death row, but not Terri Schiavo, nope, they don't want to be seen as potentially siding with anything that resembles traditional values. They might not get invited to the next big dinner party, or worse, the Orca Show! Scum! Mean while, an innocent victim slowly slips away and there's nothing we can do to save her. She is a victim of a decaying culture, as evidenced by a corrupt judiciary and power thirsty liberals who will use any tragedy to advance their agenda. Terri will soon be in a better place, we know that. Hopefully her legacy will live on and forever haunt the sub humans who intentionally put her there, or did nothing to try to stop it. God bless you Terri. We won't forget.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Choose Life!

Terri Schiavo
I saw a pathetic press conference today led by gay prostitution pimp, Barney Frank, Democrat from Mass. and several of his dark side of the force friends, explaining why they would rather sit this one out and let Terri Schiavo starve to death. It was a heart felt discussion to a room of sympathetic media types as to the virtues of the US congress staying out of the picture and why it is good for the country to allow an estranged husband with a large malpractice settlement, have his injured wife killed rather than letting her family continue to care for her. I guess to a modern day democrat, so what, why not kill this woman, if a public display of reverence for life is allowed to succeed, the cornerstone of their ideology, abortion, might be questioned as well. "Rump Ranger Barney", morality expert, said one thing right, that this was a constitutional crisis, brought on by the Republicans and President Bush. He was right about the Constitutional crisis, except it has been brought on by an out of touch and out of control liberal court system. Once again, the Florida courts have proved to be living poster as to why we need to overhaul the judicial system and get conservative judges on the bench.

What is wrong with these people! Terri Schiavo is a living human being with many people who love and care for her. End of story. That is all that should matter. Any healthy society should always choose to preserve the life of the innocent at all costs. There is no certified living will stating the specific wish of Terri to die in any specific circumstance, only the lame recollection of an informal conversation by the estranged and adulterous husband. Duhh! The parents want to continue to care for her. That should be the end of it. Let them continue to love their daughter. I used to work with people who couldn't care for themselves. Some of them had no idea what was going on, in worse condition than Terri Schiavo. What I witnessed first hand was that the lives of those people, in a very unique and significant way, impacted the lives of those who loved and cared for them. Maybe God provides lives like Terri's as a conduit and focal point for the expression and development of love in others. Whatever the purpose, we don't have the right to snuff out what isn't convenient, or use it for political or financial gain. What ever happens, the life of Terri Schiavo has impacted the world in a way that I’m sure she never dreamed of. Despite the desires and efforts of a Godless judicial system, or the culture of death democrats, we love you Terri, and pray for you and your family. Thank you for your life.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

A Perfect Night

ZZ Top is the greatest blues/rock band ever, period. Oh yeah, Liberals suck. There, I had to get in a little politics to stay within the general theme of the blog. Before getting back to ZZ, I just have to ask, why don't liberals get on board with the overhaul of Social Security reform? these people are really sick! Their liberal posterboy, Bill "the rapist" Clinton was calling for saving SS ten years ago. But in perfect Clintonian style, all fluff and no substance. in fact, the only thing Clinton ever did of value on his own, that wasn't a conservative idea, ended up in a tissue in the oval office trash. But now here is a chance to really do something, and the socialists do nothing but villify the president and try to block any change. They know the system is insolvent. It is just that it is more important to them to try to attain power than try to move the country forward on an issue that will truly help the country. I'm in my mid forties, and I have never counted on Social Security being there for me. It is just a chunk of money that vanishes out of my check each month. Of course if I had the chance to take any amount of that and invest it myself in the market I would jump at it. And I think almost anyone with any sense, would do the same. Oops, I said "sense", that concept seems to have escaped modern Democrats. Man, they suck! OK, ZZ Top. Awesome band! I have seen them probably close to a dozen times. Every show, except one, was fantastic. (The one mediocre show was when they had to play in front of CSN, and they probably were pissed off having to play ahead of that bunch of drugged out, liberal commies. ie. "Dude, save the whales, hug a tree, don't wear fur, ban guns", then, "Dude! You dropped my bone china plate of caviar on my teak table and stained my arctic fox coat! I'm gonna get my .44 and blow your head off!") Anyway, this photo was taken at an outdoor show with ZZ and Uncle Ted Nugent. It was guys night out and we had front row seats. Ted shot an arrow into a large cutout target of Saddam. A perfect night for some great music, and not a liberal in site. Ahh, bliss.