Friday, December 05, 2008


Hi everybody! I just got back from an extended stay in a bunker somewhere in northern Minnesota where I was bent over a missing ballot box and repeatedly Obamasized by a team of brown shirted acorn workers. The constant whining of Lilith fair music intermixed with an occasional Springsteen speech was excruciatingly relentless. At some point I began loosing consciousness and began to hallucinate. As I gradually regained my senses, I'm pretty sure I saw Al Franken goose stepping around the room screaming orders to the brown shirted acorns to continue with my re-education. I then saw him punch out an elderly grandmother, take her lipstick from her purse, smear it around his mouth and kiss a framed portrait of Barney Frank. I heard him softly whisper as he gazed into the 8X10, "Soon we'll be together my love; just a few more votes, I'll have my acorns make some more ballots". Just then one of the acorns saw that I had regained consciousness and resumed the Obamasization process. The pain was excruciating. They drilled me for days with Obama talking points, speeches and poetry written by women's studies majors glowingly extolling the many virtues of the Dear Leader.

I lost track of time, but after what must have been a couple of weeks, I slowly began to see the light. I found that it didn't matter that Obama probably isn't a US citizen, or that he got into Harvard Law School with sub par grades and powerful outside influence, or that his first book, Dreams of My Father was ghost written by William Aires, or that he consistently, throughout his life chose to associate with the worst radicals available from groups like the Black Panthers, The Weather Underground Terrorists, and racists like Jeremiah Wright, etc. All that slowly began to fade away and I began to see flowers, bunnies and rainbows. A new fragrance filled the room. The sharp corners of the ballot box I'd been chained to for so long, didn't hurt any more. I felt a strong urge to watch Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann and conversely, throw something at Sean Hannity. I found myself desperately reaching for my wallet to hand its contents to the first government bureaucrat I could find. Another bonus of my "training" was that my Sundays would now be free from the burden of church and any allegiance to God; Of course religion is a myth, how foolish I had been. Obviously millions of species of life came from nothing - wow, the left really had been right all along, I just couldn't see it. But now that I had been Obamasized, it all made sense to me. Thank you little acorns, thank you goose stepping Al Franken, you have made me see the light! Obama - the one, the answer, savior of the world, the perfect man, the messiah, my hero, my president, my god.

Hope and change and Yes we can!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

We're Screwed.

To parrot the President elect's devoted, loving and racist wife, "...for the first time in my life, I'm ashamed of my country." Or something like that. Either way, it's true that the stupid people have voted and the left has taken over. The Marxists have won a battle by dumbing down the country and finding an enigma candidate who can pretend to be messianic and use greeting card proclamations to hypnotize the masses and make the leftists in the media swoon.

Well, it worked and now we'll see how it goes. By all indications, we're screwed. But who knows, maybe I've been wrong all along and communism will finally be proven to be the best form of governance after all. Maybe a few months in an Obama re-education camp will be fun and I'll come out of it with a new outlook on the world. Maybe I'll realize that big government programs and control of industry is really the way to go. Maybe a select group of elites really will know best how to rule us simpletons and prove definitively that forced income equality and political correctness is better than free markets and personal responsibility. Well, we'll see. The age of Obama is upon us. I'll give him a shot. Unlike the hate filled left who made it an eight year mission to destroy President Bush, I will respect the office enough to follow this man, and give him a chance to prove my suspicions wrong. But, as stated before, my gut tells me we're screwed.

God help us.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Little Perspective

I'm not ready to give up. Despite what the Obamedia tells us, the race is not over. Remember, they were calling the 2004 race for Kerry right up into election day and polls had Kerry up by 8 points. Now, 4 years later, I have to believe that polling is even more difficult with increased cell phone use and just about everybody having caller ID. So don't believe the hype, it's not over. Still, I know that this time is different. There is an unprecedented push from multiple fronts to get this enigma called Obama, elected. The level to which media elites, celebrities and formerly respected news sources have become volunteer PR firms for Obama, is breathtaking and completely defies logic. Thanks to an 8-year campaign of Bush hatred, both from the media and the Demoncratic party, I believe the Dems could have run a tree stump (about as qualified as Obama), and been in the same situation. Journalistic geniuses like Chris Mathews would be extolling the many virtues of the stumps bark texture, shape and weight, and then tell us how it will change the world for the better with it's fantastic "stump" speeches. Even though I acknowledge the fact that somewhere around 90% of journalists in the MSM are lefties, it still shocks me that they sacrifice a good story and their integrity to provide cover for the man and ideology they obviously worship. I can't help but wonder how this race, or the attitude of the country for that matter, would be different if we had a truly independent and objective media.

Oh well, chalk up another victory for our fine education system - Bill Ayers and Obama style, right out of the Marxist playbook. Through leftist indoctrination, schools do more social engineering than teaching fundamentals. Combine that with a few hours per day of the fine television programming provided from leftist network executives, a little sex, drugs and rock and roll and you get an army of simpletons who will vote for anything that might look good on the front of People Magazine - Obama. That explains the youth vote, but what about the millions of Americans that should know better? My theory is that many of them are sixties leftovers; trying to lay one more groovy trip on the world man. Others are misguided, guilt ridden, limousine liberals who are oppressed with their own success and seek absolution by voting for the black guy. And then of course, there's the 95% of African Americans who will vote for anyone who shares similar melanin content. Martin Luther King Jr. is spinning - his dream has become a nightmare.

So what to make of all of this? While I will hold out hope for a McCain/Palin victory, the fact is that it's quite possible, even likely, that The Twilight Zone we find ourselves in will continue and provide us with our first socialist government lead by Obama, Reid and Pelosi. And if the craziness continues into key senate races, there could be total, unchecked control by the most liberal and inexperienced president in history and followed by the lowest rated and corrupt congress in history. Wow! Before my head explodes, I have to remind myself that we had to endure 4 years of Carter before we could save the world with Reagan. So the silver lining exists. But the cultural tear continues to get worse.

So, if the unthinkable happens, I will continue the good fight until conservative ideology is shut down and deemed hate speech by Barry's thought police. Before that, I'll be a dutiful citizen, pay my increased taxes, probably cut staff in my business, sending more people to Barry's food lines and eventually, move my business to a more business friendly country. I then could send my extra cash to my friends and family in the U.S. military who's budget will be cut and will have to have bake sales to buy bullets - The lefties' favorite dream.

God Help Us!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Obamessiah Speaks in Tongues

The only thing good about Obamessiah is that he's very funny. What an idiot. I thought the dems were anxious to get an articulate and intelligent person in office. Well, guess again. The fact is that Obamessiah has covered up his academic records from Columbia and has a very thin record of accomplishment at Harvard Law School. It also is a fact that he received preferential treatment in order to get into Harvard Law. Also, apparently there isn't any record of even one article written by "The One" for the Law Review of which he somehow became editor. Again, his record is a mystery. He's hiding behind the facade that he has created and the MSM continues to promote. Based on the cover up of his records, we have to assume that he's hiding something; maybe he's really not that bright. Remember, the hate filled left always pretended that Gore and Kerry were smart and that Bush wasn't, however the truth was that Bush was a significantly better student than either of those Dumbocrats. But don't take my word for it, listen to the Obamessiah himself.

Here's a little video I threw together after looking at only a couple of events where the genius didn't have a teleprompter in front of him and he had to try to lie on his feet.

God Help This Country!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Worst of the Worst

There is a lot of blame to go around for the current financial mess we're in. However, as stated previously, The Dems are neck deep in it, more so than any of the other culprits. The speech that Speaker Pelosi gave today right before the house vote on the bail out bill, said all you needed to hear to understand why Washington is so screwed up. When you're caught with your hand in the cookie jar, lie and blame it on someone else.

I love how Obampra and his friends continue to cry and moan about how Washington is broken and needs to be changed. The FACT is that the faces shown above are some of the most shrill cheerleaders in the partisan bickering game that has been the core issue in the present stupidity of the Federal government. It's more than ironic that those that scream the loudest for change, are the ones most responsible for the contentious tone that has weakened the effectiveness of Washington. Since Bush won in 2000, the agenda of the left has been to destroy Republicans at any cost including losing a war, screwing up energy policy, over spending and now blowing up the economy with liberal lending practices and blocking necessary regulation. Unfortunately, Bush has never been an effective vocal fighter for what he wanted to do, and acquiesced too many times to try to buy favor with those that hated him. Now, we're faced with a financial Pearl harbor, and at zero hour in a close and contentious election, the hatred of the left has blinded demoncrats, and is preventing them from doing what's right for the country. Once again, it becomes obvious that it is more important to throw punches and spew hate than join hands and work for the people. This is why I absolutely loath the demoncrats in office. They will be the demise of this great country.

It's time to clean house. Vote them out. They are the problem.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dems Fiddle While We Burn

I wish I could have been there to see the bloated butt pirate, Barney Frank, throw a hissy fit and storm out of the emergency bailout meetings today, all the while fiddling as the world around him was burning. I can just see him all teared up, spitting and sputtering through his lispy tirade, pleading for "The One" to come to his rescue and make the evil Republicans agree to whatever Butt Buddy Barney wanted that would protect his friends and his own obvious corruption. Frank, Obama, Dodd, etc. are all neck deep in the crap that was brought upon us by the Clinton administration, their liberal policies, and the Clintonistas that took over Fanny May and Freddie Mac. Those same Clintonistas cooked the books in order to take lucrative bonuses and then turned around and donated millions of dollars to Demoncrats. To be fair, smaller amounts of money were also given to Republicans, but far less. These corrupt and now rich, clintonites now, coincidentally work for the Obamassiah's campaign.

Basically, The Clinton policy of trying to give anyone and everyone a house and then tell banks to cross their fingers and hope they'd be paid back, obviously was destined to fail. Now, the country is burning and these corrupt dirt bags are fiddling. The Dems are in no hurry to make a deal. They would much rather see the country blown up financially if it means that they can cry and moan and point their filthy fingers at Republicans - namely, Bush and McCain. The fact is, They're extremely culpable, more so than the Bush administration or Republicans.

Now, as McCain calls for swift action and to get it done before anything else, Obamassiah proves once again that he'd much rather demonstrate his fiddling ability than do his senatorial job and try to help the country. The man is a JOKE! Keep in mind; he is the most liberal member of the lowest rated Senate in history. On top of that, he is the most inexperienced candidate in history. God help us!

So, enjoy the music while it lasts. Even the fiddles may be repo'd soon.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Opportunity Knocks?

First off, I'm not advocating, nor soliciting any illegal activity against a foreign head of state. However, one might be tempted to speculate the potential trade off of the unfortunate disappearance of one insane leader compared to the promised annihilation of the entire country of Israel, the continued death of US military personnel at the hands of Iranian weapons, and the many proxy wars and overt threats to global stability at the hands of this kook and his fanatical, nut job Islamic leaders. Hmm. What would be worse? I just couldn't guess.

Therefore, we hold our nose and just let this pig excrement waltz into our country and enjoy our freedoms and civility - unlike what's available in his oppressive and worthless pile of rock. No, once again the U.N. (Useless Nothings) will give this moron a chance to spew his hateful insanity and then slither back into his hole and continue to plan Armageddon. Too bad. Opportunity knocks, but the door won't open.

Maybe the Obamassiah should unconditionally meet with him one on one and enlighten him as to the many benefits of sanity. Ah yes, who needs a military, or weapons at all when we have "The One" to lead us, and the world.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obamassiah Teaches Kindergartners

Obamassiah took some time out of his busy campaign schedule to visit a local kindergarten and talk about his commitment to early childhood sex education. "The One" has taken some heat recently because of his support of a bill in the Illinois legislature to push sex education to children as young as kindergarten age. In response to this flap, Obama decided to make an unscheduled stop at the Happy Rainbow Kindergarten School in Chicago to address his feelings about this issue.

As the motorcade whisked into the small parking lot of the rainbow painted brick building, Principal Joy Sunshine McTreehug greeted the entourage at the door. Soon the entire school of motley little tikes gathered in a tight circle surrounding the lanky guest lecturer. Little did these innocent minded students know that they were about to be schooled by the savior of the new world.

After a few witty words read from a note card, and a few toothy grins to warm his diminutive audience, "The One" got down to the real meat of the issue and began extolling the many virtues of sex education to small children. Little smiles and sparkling eyes instantly turned to shocked expressions of horror as the savior's pants dropped to the floor and he began demonstrating the many intricacies of autoerotic asphyxia. Some children turned to run, stricken with panic and fear but were only met with stern admonishment from principal McTreehug and told to pay attention. Several children could be heard softly sobbing into their hands; others stared in disbelief, presumably stunned and in a state of shock. Obama danced around the center of the circle of dazed and damaged kids with graceful dexterity; making sure all could see his demonstration and hear every word of instruction. When he finished he asked for questions but apparently his professorial skills were so great that no further explanation was necessary. Since His mission there was complete - another group of children would be spared the torture of a boring childhood consisting of bike rides, playgrounds and macaroni pictures - He pulled up his pants and said "you're welcome", and then retreated to his limo.

One can only dream of how much good the Obamassiah administration will bring to the world.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obamassiah Throws Himself Under the Bus

September has not been very nice to the anointed one, Barrack Hussein Obamassiah. Since his word salad demonstration at the Saddleback forum, America has seen the real Obama revealed by his own inability to self edit his thoughts before they come spewing forth from his nicotine stained choppers. The most recent and obvious example of this phenomenon is his recent comment about "...putting lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig". Of course he claims that he wasn't making a direct comment towards Governor Palin, but as he has chided us to understand, "words matter". Obama and his cheerleaders in the MSM have spent the last 2 years selling us on the idea that he is so intelligent and such a great communicator, yet every time he has opened his mouth in recent weeks he finds a way to insert both of his overpriced shoe covered feet up to his ankles. He continues to demonstrate that either he is not very smart, or that he is a vile and dirty politician and a crass and demeaning man who has problems with women that don't kowtow to him. Personally I question his intelligence as evidenced both by his inability to communicate clearly, and in his ridiculous policies - energy, economy, war, etc. Granted he is more book smart than most of the people that I know, including me, but knowledge does not always lead to wisdom. As far as presidential qualities go, I would much rather have a sub par student who is brave, experienced, and wise than an ivy league punk lawyer any day. So go ahead Barry, keep on showing the country how much of a whiny wimp you are and speak up. More people need to hear your vitriolic BS as you continue to get further and further under your own bus. And thank you again for picking the worst possible VP candidate to assist you in your quest for flatness. Biden is the gift that keeps on giving!

Thursday, September 04, 2008


I generally watch Fox news - I know, big shock - but I will watch the other networks as well just to get a feel for what they are saying and to be reminded as to why I prefer Fox. Sure Fox is biased to the right, but their people that are from the right, don't pretend to be anything other than what they are. They also ballance their point of view with opposing views by others.

I sat yesterday in Rice Park, behind the Ex and listened to the unprecidented and continuous slam on Sarah Palin and John McCain by MSNBC "commentators". These people are fools. Here are the ratings for Wednesday nights Palin speech:

FOXNEWS 9,038,000
NBC 7,720,000
CNN 6,114,000
ABC 5,050,000
CBS 4,630,000
MSNBC 3,277,000

It is becoming evident that America is waking up to the fact that the left leaning cheerleading from cynics like Oberman, Mathews and Gregory are tiresome and blatantly dishonest. The media bias is breathtaking and it will again work against the Demoncrats. Dan Rather helped to torpedo John Kerry's presidency by running with a story that was crap in 2004. America reacted by hating the MSM and voting against them. Once again, we are seeing the left biased Media elites repulse the majority of Americans with their BS. And once again, America will vote for the good guy and not the anointed Obamassiah, NBC's darling. Unfortunately for NBC, there doesn't seem to be any executives that come from outside of NYC that can clue them in to the fact that people hate cynicism, condescension and elitism. Sorry Keith, that's you.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Freak Show in St. Paul

I just got back from viewing the freak show in down town St. Paul at the site of the Republican National Convention. It really is entertaining to watch the anti-everything nuts wondering the streets with nothing to do but break stuff, smell bad and look horrible. The security is unbelievable down by the Excel Center. I've never seen so many guys in riot gear. Unfortunately, there is still the inevitable wackos that feel the need to destroy. I know these sub-humans don't necessarily claim any party affiliation, but they definately are more inline with the Demoncrats than with the Republicans. Anyway, it's a fantastic opportunity to feel a part of an amazing and historical event, just to be there.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh My Gosh!

WOW! This is embarrassing! I'm watching the Obamination festival and I cant believe how sad it is! The event has been completely blown by the organizers, who probably are missing class to run it. The Carter video on Katrina was unbelievably lame. This guy is the biggest joke on the political landscape and he has the balls to attack Bush? What?! Did he forget that he's the worst president in U.S. history? Even worse than the disgraced "Philanderer in Chief", Clinton? Even more of a joke than Al "please think I'm relevant" Gore? Or the fake war hero, Kerry? This party is full of embarrassments and they don't even realize it. The anarchist punks outside the convention hall with their signs and masks are a perfect statement of where the Demoncrap party is at. They all deserve each other.

What I find amazing is the lack of enthusiasm in the crowd. I think the party is so torn with the knowledge that even though they finally got the socialist they've always wanted, they realize that there isn't a snowballs chance that he's electable. If he was running in Russia, or China, or Cuba, he might have that chance, but not in the good old USA. You can dress it up, flower up the language and surround it with music and pretty pictures, but in the end, the heart and soul of America can see through the smoke screen. They can and will see that there is only one grown up in the race and it aint the Ivy league lawyer who sprouted to prominence from the corrupt Chicago political machine. Like the Demoncrats who surround him in the senate, and like the still living Demoncrat presidents and candidates who preceded him, Barrack Hussein Obama is a pathetic joke!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Crappy Candidate

Barak Hussein Obama is the perfect candidate for the Demoncrat Party. A B.S. candidate from a Crappy Party.

I have been unable to contribute to my little blog of late due to several factors. First, I like making money and that only happens with a lot of hard work, leaving little time for blogging. Secondly, I also need money to buy gas for my vehicles and water toys thanks to the lame policies of the dimwit Demoncrats in congress who continue to refuse to do their jobs and do the will of the people by allowing the development of our own domestic energy. Therefore, see reason one. And third, the state of politics today, especially the Demoncrats, has made me so ill, that I have needed to literally shut them down for a while. It got to the point where the very sound of Nancy Pelosi’s shrill squawk, Harry Reid's cotton mouthed droning, and Barak Obama's simple minded rhetoric made me so nauseous I had to tune out and go back to work. Again, see item one.

This is why as of now, I am going to sit back and enjoy, in fact, revel in the destruction of the pathetic hate-filled losers that make up the Demoncrats in office. I realize that because of the stupidity of the MTV generation, they may pick up a few seats in congress, but they will lose the presidency. Obama is the perfect storm for the growing ineptitude of leftist thought in the Demoncrat party. He is the embodiment of the far left ideology that has over run the common sense Dems of yesterday. He's young, shallow, conceited, arrogant, smug, elitist, deceitful, dishonest, hypocritical, selfish, rich, and corrupt. Oh, did anyone jump to the conclusion that I'm a racist? No, I'm not. I don't care what color he claims to be at the moment. It's not a factor. His behavior is. His choice of friends is. His policies are. Based on everything that matters in the selection of a president, He is breathtakingly unelectable.

Anyone that is honest, will have to admit that this guy has no business on a national stage, and of course even less so internationally. So 200,000 socialists in Germany cheer for him? Hmm, who else did they do that for? How did that work out? No, he will not be elected. If the Dems were smart, (which they're not) they would boot him and insert HillBilly as the candidate, but, like I said, the far left has taken over the party and they will go down in flames. So, Barak will continue to shovel out the B.S. in an attempt to win the simple minds who get their info from SNL and Letterman, and hopefully will only remember that he hit a three point shot in some gym somewhere, and then pull the lever for him. But even with those votes, the limo libs, the college morons and the relentless attacks on McCain, He will lose and go back to the inept Senate where he'll blend into the woodwork serving his leftist puppeteers with his fellow comrades - the enemy within.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

They Deserve Each Other

As most Americans continue to watch the self inflicted demise of the Democrat party at the hands of it's current leadership and presidential candidates, one can't help but to gloat just a little. It's more than ironic that democrats have resorted to the same low ball tactics used relentlessly against conservatives, to now cannibalize each other in their insatiable appetite for power.

I think one of the characteristics of liberals (they now prefer to be called Progressives) that makes most Americans nauseous is their sanctimonious smug attitude toward the inconsequential peons, less intellectually gifted than them, occupying and degrading their Mother Earth. They simply know more than us and know better than us, what is best for this country and the world. Who knew that their individual arrogance would cause them to turn on each other in a frenzy of who knows more, and who knows best.

Take for example the Democratic leadership in both Michigan and Florida. It's not hard to imagine an elite group of limousine liberals sitting around their country club pool, sipping their lattes and concluding that since they knew best, they would hold their primaries early and therefore the rest of their leftist comrades would sit up and take notice of their brilliance and significance. Oops. Not a good idea. They stepped on the toes of the DNC and Howard Dean, the "short man syndrome" party chair who was looking for the chance to wield his power and prove his own significance. So Howlin' Howie penalizes the two states by stripping them of their delegates to the national convention. Now that the nomination is basically a dead heat, those missing delegates are potentially crucial and noticeably absent. Therefore, in a way, they all got their wish. Both the state's party leadership and Howard Dean proved their significance - significant arrogance.

Add into this, the elitist structure of the Democrats nomination process. Here, the general public is asked to participate in a primary process, but then told that their opinion really isn't as important as the party elites aptly called, super delegates. These party insiders are given the option of bartering their votes to the highest power broker and can choose to agree with, or change the results of the popular vote. And this is the party that is allowed to perpetuate the myth that they care about the little guy? Pathetic.

Next, simply look at the presidential nomination debacle. Although both Obama and Clinton are breathtakingly ill-equipped to be leader of the free world, both of them continue to attempt to invent themselves into something they're not. Even the sympathetic mainstream press can't hold back from the obvious. Obama claims to be a uniter but yet holds the most liberal, one-sided voting record in the senate and then for 20 years, sits at the foot of an insane, America hating, racist pastor and calls him his mentor and friend. Then you have Hillary who's entire professional life has been forged out of fabrication, corruption and hypocrisy. Her recent claim to have been under sniper fire in Bosnia is just another example of either delusional psychosis, or blatant dishonesty.

Then, finally you can't mention the word Democrat without mentioning it's synonym - infidelity. Oh I know, conservatives have had their problem politicians too, but come on! At least they usually have left office with their tale between their legs. This is like a plague! The governor of New Jersey getting kinky with his wife and their limo driver? The Governor of New York spending 80K on hookers? The new Governor of New York, affairs, coke, pot, etc? The mayor of Detroit, affairs and perjury? Sounds familiar. Except this guy might go to jail. I guess according to Reverend Wright, that would be because he's black, and Bill Clinton got away with it because he's white. (he may have point here).

All in all, it would be hard for any objective observer to look at the present collection of worthless democrats in office today and have any other feeling than absolute contempt for them. If there is any justice in this world, they will go down in history as the worst of the worst. The only consoling factor is that they soon will be gone, the election will be over, we'll have another grown up in office with McCain, and we can look back at the Democrats demise and revel in the fact that they did it to themselves.

They deserve it.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

End of an Era, Beginning of an Error

Well it looks like we will soon see the last of the Hillbilly express, on the campaign trail anyway. B. Hussein Obampra is about to take a commanding lead in the Demoncratic race and then provide several months of entertainment before McCain cleans his clock in the general election. In the mean time, we will have to endure months of media bias, the likes of which have never been seen before. As a conservative, you expect the usual suspects such as NBC, CBS, the New York Times, NPR, etc, etc to carry the Demoncratic torch for the most liberal candidate on the ticket. This year however, we're going to see a media push that will be unprecedented. The left has found their messiah. He's a former coke using, socialist, mulatto with an Ivy League legal education, an Islamic background, an anti-military record, and can string more than two sentences together without sounding shrill, angry or stupid. The ideal sleeper. He has the ability to make the sheeple of the world think he's the answer while masking his ideology with flowery rhetoric. The fact is that he has the most liberal voting record in the Senate, which is surprising in that he hasn't really had any time to even be a Senator since he started running for president as soon as he got to Washington. When Obampra was just newly elected to the Illinois legislature in 2004, he actually said in an interview, that he would never seek higher office because he didn't have the experience or knowledge necessary to do the job. So what happened? Did he suddenly receive an epiphany from the nondenominational god of liberalism that enlightened him and enabled him to now be the most powerful man in the world? Maybe that's how it works in the world of the left. If you're a good looking minority who promises the world to the downtrodden (victim class), can give a good speech and have a reasonably quick, but indefinite answer to everything thrown at you, then you're the left's anointed royalty.

I almost feel sorry for the Demoncrats. Just look at what they have to offer as leadership. A charming, but empty suit and a political whore in an ugly pant suit as potential presidential nominees, a wimpy fruitcake as Senate leader, a San Francisco, limousine liberal as house leader, a party chairman who embarrasses himself and his party every time he opens his mouth, and 2 surviving former Demoncratic presidents both of whom are buffoons. One who is an anti-Semite, and the other, a narcissistic rapist.

There really isn't anything left to respect or admire about any of the demoncrats in office today. They truly deserve nothing but contempt for their behavior, ideology and the direction to which they continue to strive to take the country. For proof of their insanity, you only have to look at their incessant quest to punish doping baseball players, but then look the other way when potential terrorists are talking to their comrades in the Middle East. They are more interested in letting their buddies in the trial lawyer lobby sue telecom companies than protecting the citizens of this country. But I guess to them it's more important to get campaign cash so as to get re-elected, than upholding their constitutional duty.

Despite all of this, I suppose there's always a chance that a lightweight like Obampra could fleece the public and get elected. If that does happen - God forbid, I suppose some good could come of it. First, other than genocide in Iraq; Iran running over it's borders, expanding it's empire, controlling the oil supply and sending world costs skyrocketing; Iran nuking Israel; the US economy tanking due to increased regulation, litigation and taxation; a demoralized and de-funded military; and increased terrorism - probably on our own soil; - as all this could very well happen, it would give rise to the eventual reawakening of true conservatism in America. I guess we have to be honest and admit that without the devastation of the Carter years, we might not have been able to get Reagan.

So, as we go into the final stages of the primary season, we can take some pleasure in the shriveling up of the Clinton legacy.
Bill will only be remembered as an abusive, immature, impeached rapist who humiliated the country and his party with his behavior and then refused to honorably resign from the presidency. Hillary will fade from the national stage and be an obscure, has-been senator who will forever be remembered as the scary, cold, ice queen who bought her senate seat with the name of her impeached political partner - certainly not with her own skill or knowledge. And then we have the new comer, Obampra, the heir apparent to the folly of the Demoncrats. If there is any sanity left in the world, he should be soundly defeated in November. Whatever happens, it will be fun to watch and take part in. Personally, I would encourage all Christians to pray for our country. We live in a dangerous time - not a time for experimenting with a platform of "hope" and feelings. So, say "goodbye" to the Clintons and say, "hello" then, "goodbye" to Obampra, the new Demoncratic disaster.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A View From China

I would strongly recommend that if given the opportunity, any American should spend some time in China. Having just spent 2 weeks there, I returned with a healthy love and respect for this wonderful country of ours. Even though the communists in China love their comrades in the Demoncratic Party here in the states, you have to give them credit for still being able to recognize the quality of Hillary Clinton as a candidate, and then demonstrate their reverence for her by using her press clippings as a means to protect the environment from human waste and garbage. How lovely. Yes, the Clintons - in spite of their many backdoor deals with the Chinese military trading technology for campaign cash - still are seen as the trailer trash that they are. Sure, you can dress them up, give them millions of dollars for horrible books and simplistic speeches, but the unmistakable stench of classless insincerity and political immorality follows them around the world - at least to those of us who haven't drank from the Demoncratic Kool-Aid tank.

Overall, I found the Chinese to be very nice people. They were very polite, friendly and respectful of others. It's not often that you see young people stand up on a subway to give their seat to an older person getting on. I guess they haven't been exposed to American TV or Hip Hop music yet. Mainland China seemed to be an ideal demonstration of Demoncratic Party ideals, where those in the "Party" have more privileges, better living conditions and better careers, while everyone else is given the opportunity to experience equal poverty. Sounds like a Hillary or B. Hussein Obama campaign promise. We usually stood out in the crowd as the only white people in the room, but we got used to the stares and the occasional snickers. We did OK with our Chopsticks, ate some stuff that would not have passed FDA inspection and traveled on more forms of mass transit than I ever thought possible. Again, a liberal’s dream come true.

We saw a lot of cool stuff, met some great people and experienced a new side of the world. But in the end, as with other travel experiences, as great as the trip might be, you come away with a deepened love for home. Also, you realize that no matter where you go, people are very much the same. They care about their families, their basic needs and improving their lives. What gets in the way is corrupt and intrusive governments. God willing, this November, America will choose wisely, vote Republican, and avoid the temptation to let government control our individual destiny, providing equal misery for all. Unfortunately the Demoncrats haven’t yet learned that Communism doesn’t work. Maybe they should move to China. They’d fit right in.