Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Normally I'd try to go to bed and let myself cool down before I try to write anything, but I know I couldn't sleep anyway so I'll try to express my outrage without getting myself in legal trouble. So last night I get an email from, a leftist web site who's mission is to take anonymous leaked information and use it to further whatever agenda serves them. In the past they have found it necessary to publish Swiss Bank account information for the super rich around the world for which they were sued and forced to shut down for a while, or publicizing Sara Palin's personal email address along with photos of her kids. Today, they have decided to publish some 51,000 names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, employers, credit card numbers and security codes of all those who dared to engage in that antiquated American tradition of utilizing the first amendment and donating money and support to a political candidate. In this case, Norm Coleman happens to be from the wrong party, therefore, he and his supporters are fair game for the brownshirts of the left.

The funny thing to me is that they can willfully destroy or at least disrupt someone's life with a smile on their face and a guilt free conscience. The geek that supposedly came upon this information ever so innocently is the subject of the photo above, Adria Richards, founder of Aden Networks. she's a self professed tree hugger and "organic technology consultant". To watch her youtube description of how simple it was to hack this information, it would seem that she was simply picking up a lost notebook and then deciding to release it to the world as a means of reminding others to not lose their notebooks. Ahh, I don't think so. Personally I would love to hurt this person, not physically of course, but I might just smile if her business suddenly changed in a way that put her in line to wait for a Dalai Bama Bail Out.

After Adria Richards stole the ball, she ever so innocently handed it off to wikileaks who's only mission is to disrupt and destroy those who they don't agree with. this organization has leaked sensitive military intel, spread misleading propaganda regarding Iraq and Guitmo, published personal banking records of innocent citizens, and private documents of various religious groups. The bottom line is that they are the modern day brownshirts of Nazi Germany. was founded by John Shipton, a coward who hides out in Kenya while his minions destroy those individuals and organizations that don't share his ideology.

I know that there is an enormous divide between the left and right, not only in this country, but through out the west. Ideologically we have different views about how we look at and interact with the world around us. What continually amazes me is how the left will stop at nothing to win at all costs regardless of what effect their tactics have on innocent individuals. I suppose the "ends justify the means" mentality allows for a guilt free conscience when your politics is your religion and your leaders are your gods. It saddens me however that once again, they have taken the beauty of this technology and corrupted it for selfish political gain. They have temporarily won in their attempt to curtail Coleman's fund raising efforts, but by using cyber terrorism to threaten innocent peoples financial lives they are ruining it for everybody. Hopefully justice will prevail and the FBI will nail these idiots, but more than that, I hope that more publicity of acts like this will convince future voters that there is a difference between the parties and between ideologies. The Demoncrats are no longer the party of John Kennedy. they will stop at nothing to drag this country down to the level of slime that they wallow in. God help us!