Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lefties Plan for Success

new plan
Is there any limit to the brilliance of the left in this country? They continue to side with our enemies and in so doing, will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once again in November. The Demoncratic party has diminished itself to an unprecedented low by pandering to the tinfoil hat wearing kooks at the fringe of sanity within their base. Their stance on the primary issue of our time, The Iraq War, is nothing short of breathtakingly destructive. To all of us who have a minimum amount of commonsense, their insistence on losing the war is absolutely amazing. Here's a newsflash and a bit of advise for the dems; giving aid and comfort to the enemy is called Treason. And it is not a good policy from which to run. Oh sure, you'll get the votes of the Communist sympathizing idealogs who hate this country, and the brainwashed simpletons who have spent too much time sitting in college classes soaking in leftist propaganda, but you will continue to lose the country - Thank God. So go ahead and continue on your suicidal path of political destruction. The country will be better for it until you come to your senses and flush the party of the sixties leftovers who rejoice when America loses.