Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Twilight Zone

Imagine if you will, a great country filled with honest, hard working people, working together to build businesses and raise their families. Slowly, a plague infects the land. The pandemic seems to affect the minds of fifty percent of the population. Their minds become warped, and incapable of reason and common sense. They turn from the things that used to produce greatness in their country and become a mass of whining, sniveling idiots believing in anything that promises to fill their empty lives with a false sense of euphoria. The plague becomes a permanent mental handicap in the country from which it produces it's own leadership which then promotes and sells the sickness to the rest of the people. Enough of the citizens are affected for a short time to allow the infected leaders to take over the country. The once great land gradually becomes a cesspool of confused and corrupt ideas that continue to drag it into the abyss of history. The plague infested leaders gloat as they pridefully watch the results of their own destruction. There is no escape. For the next four years, you're in, The Twilight Zone.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Good Start, Barry!

This past week we were again given definitive proof that the Demoncrats have completely lost their collective minds and now have initiated the nailing process in the coffin of this country. Pelosi, Reid and Obamessiah have shamelessly force fed Americans a spending bill in the name of "stimulus" that our descendants will be paying back for generations. The bill written by Pelosi and friends in the house, was nothing more than a wish list of leftist ideals and pork-laden payback to loyal comrades who helped fool the nation and put them in power. The details of the bill have been widely discussed and exposed by talk radio, conservative web sites and Fox News, but it still boggles the mind that the mainstream press can't bring itself to do journalism 101 and report the truth as to the insanity of this bill. The MSM is responsible for the election of the "Chosen One" because of their blatant partisanship. They spent 8 years deriding Republicans and George Bush, and spent 2 years singing the praises of Obama while covering up for him in his obvious corruption, anti-American associations and incompetence.

So, here we are facing down the next four years of an administration who potentially could rival Roosevelt and Carter for making the most incompetent and damaging economic decisions ever. This is an administration that can't even get the simplest task of appointing cabinet members right. Now they are trying to convince the country that their partisan strategy of random pork spending is going to stimulate the economy. The economy recovers when people have their own money to use as they see fit and businesses have the capitol to invest, grow and hire workers. It's not rocket science. But not spending 300M on STD research won't make their leftist donors happy, so better to sacrifice the health of the country than financial payback to your supporters. It's beyond pathetic. It's treasonous. Political revolution is already in the air, and this buffoon has only been in office for 3 weeks!

Is there a Demoncrat that has the integrity to stand on principal and say no to the elitism and corruption demonstrated by the leadership in Washington? Apparently not. The sneering and cynical tone of Obamessiah's cheerleading session at a Virginia Demoncrat retreat yesterday revealed the true nature of this great deceiver. He basically claimed that if Republicans don't agree with him they're not being "bi-partisan". Maybe Obama's lack of experience in the senate, or in anything of value, hasn't provided him with the knowledge or skills to know what that term really means. Anyone, especially a president, should know that our government works best when it compromises, not agrees. I don't want an agreeing government. Debate is necessary. I want conservative ideas listened to and for Dems to realize that 49% of the country shouldn’t be ignored. But, this is the administration of "Change". So now the change we can believe in is good old, corrupt Chicago style bullying. Nice job Barry. "Yes you can". I hope you kept that house in Chicago that your friend and convicted slum lord, Tony Rezko helped you buy, 'cause you're going to need it in 4 years.