Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm a Victim! I Need a Lefty to Help Me Understand

I'm mad. I've been violated. While my wife and I were having a nice dinner in a downtown St. Paul restaurant, some no life moron(s) with mush for brains and a steel pipe broke the rear window of my truck and stole my laptop and gym bag. Yes, I admittedly was a moron myself for being so trusting as to leave my laptop bag in the truck, but I figured we were in a nice part of the city, it was still daylight, and we've never had problems there before. Well, I was wrong. So now not only are we the victims, we also end up paying for the damage in the form of insurance deductibles, lost time filling out paperwork, filing reports, talking with insurance people, going to the car repair place, etc. The idiots that did this will get nothing except the short-term benefit of hocking a used Powerbook, buying their crack and hopefully dying of an overdose.

I wonder what makes a human into an animal? I know that what I'm experiencing pales in comparison to what others who have suffered true injustice have experienced with the death or injury of someone close to them. But the basic principal is the same. Someone is so consumed with selfishness and evil desire that they want what you have and think they are justified to take it. Or, maybe they are so self absorbed that their feelings of anger and resentment consume them and their hate becomes apathy toward anything resembling civility and order. Several years ago my cousin was executed by some brainless thug named "Precious" for about $20 in my cousin’s wallet. The whole family was devastated and found it most hard to deal with the senselessness of it. It was impossible to try to imagine the reasons why someone would think it even possible to do such a thing. Then you eventually realize that there actually IS evil in the world and some people are consumed by it. It cannot be reasoned with, counseled or understood. It just is. And because of this reality, good people need to join together and do what is necessary to contain, punish or eliminate it.

I know that being a victim of a crime regardless of its severity is a bi-partisan, equal opportunity event. But I can't help but see the difference in how conservatives and liberals seek to deal with the problem of evil. On a global scale all you have to do is look at Iraq for an example. Liberals look at "insurgency" as a strugle against imperialist agression and not the terrorist evil that it actually is. Or, look at the left's love and admiration of Castro in Cuba. Excusing evil by trying to understand it or to give it credence as just another equivalent way of life is morally confused at the very least, suicidal at the worst. On a smaller scale, look at what Bill Clinton got away with - "it's just sex (or not sex by his definition)", selling missile technology to China, Nuclear technology to North Korea, or the pardon frenzy in the last days of his term. The left quietly turns it's back on inconvenient evil. Or look at what the ACLU spends its time on day-to-day - trying to expunge God from our culture as opposed to prosecuting evil and upholding justice and our constitution. On a local level, there are liberal judges who consistently let repeat criminals off, assigning them to some treatment center or do-good service instead of hard time. The bottom line is that the left continually demonstrates that they just don't get it. They have been morally confused.

I don't hold out any hope that the crack heads that broke into my Subby and stole my Mac, will ever be caught, and, as a Christian, I hope they eventually realize the futility of their path and find a new life through God, but I fear that will probably not be the case. They will probably continue doing this until they get caught enough times that they get locked up for a while where they can be trained properly in upgrading their craft by the many mentors surrounding them. Then eventually they will break in to someone’s house that will be waiting for them with a .44 magnum. The end to a not so satisfying career. We better hope that a good liberal can intercede soon and get them into some sensitivity classes, peer group mediation sessions, anger management and self esteem groups, then all will be well.

Monday, May 22, 2006

It's Greener On Our Side!

Sorry for the delay. I had to take a brief hiatus for a variety of reasons - booming business, thanks to this economy - a result of bold leadership on the part of President Bush; and the need to cleanse my soul of the fowl stench of despair that had been growing due to the festering puss filled sore of liberalism that has been crippling our country for the past several years. I had to step away, listen to some music, read a novel or two, vege on some TV and medicate my psyche with some therapeutic lawn care. The lawn is looking great by the way.

It is overwhelming sometimes to listen to the constant barrage of hate and negativity that is projectile vomited forth from the left in this country. There seems to be a complete disconnect with reality as to what the world is facing. The short-term memory loss is amazing, and the ability to distort, deceive and rewrite facts is nothing short of breathtaking. This great deception is no longer an anomaly attributable to a few fringe wingnuts, but now seems to have crept into the very core of the Demoncratic party, the mainstream media, Education, Hollywood and some spineless Republicans in congress. There is a wave of insanity that has blanketed much of our country and I truly fear for our ability to survive if it continues. Unfortunately, it is the infected ones that have the microphone. Too often it appears that our media would rather see our country under a Hammer and Sickle flag than the Stars and Stripes. It feels that the level of anger, bitterness and hatred on the part of the left is at an 1860's level. Wasn't it that political genius, Al Gore that said there were two Americas? Well, that's probably the only thing I would agree with Gore about. Although it's not rich and poor like old Al tried to say, it's American and Anti-American. Yeah, that's right, Anti-American! Contrary to the hate filled left trying to convince us that, "Dissent is patriotic", commonsense should tell us that when you want your own country to loose a war, hate and make fun of your president, publish terrorist fighting tactics with the intention of embarrassing and discrediting the administration and hurting our war efforts, put out movies and publish stories that make the US look bad and emboldens the enemy, yeah, that's anti-American. And I am sick of it!

What happened to civil discourse? Even when the Rapist in Chief, Mega-Narcissist, Bill Clinton and the Evil White Witch, Hillary controlled the Whitehouse, conservatives were more controlled in their rhetoric. Of course there were exceptions, but it wasn't an emotional pandemic that became a cultural chant. Sure he was impeached but let's face it, anyone with half a brain and a modicum of sense should be able to admit that he deserved it. And oddly enough, if it wasn't for his and Hillary’s' stubbornness and refusal to step down like any indecent leader would have, Gore would have been president and probably would have won the election easily in 2000. I think that is why Republicans didn't push removal in the senate. So, thanks Bill. But I digress.

It is because of this tidal wave of acidic bile that now flows from the left in this nation that I had to take a few weeks off, concentrate on my business, and tend to my yard. I'll try to ride the wave more often again and to try my best to honor and promote what sanity still exists in this country and to point out the insanity of the left whenever possible.

I will continue to pray for our country, for our governmental leaders and for the leftist haters among us, that they might see clearly some day. I would encourage all who are Christ followers to do likewise. Our future depends on it.

Now back to mowing.