Sunday, December 31, 2006

Out of Hiding - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I've decided to take a chance and immerge from my secret, fortified spider hole to say hello and good luck in the New Year. I've been in hiding since the disastrous November election in which the Republicrats choked away the election and handed the reigns over to the absolute worst bunch of imbeciles ever to walk the halls of congress. Of course, the other imbeciles on the Republican side showed their ineptitude by screwing up to the point that the evil side won. But, of course, that's water under the proverbial bridge and thus the need for the fortified hiding place. After Pelosi and Reid decide to pass laws making it illegal to be a white, Christian, English speaking, pro national security, free market American, hiding will be necessary.

So Happy New Year everybody! I'll try to come out of hiding more often this year and keep you informed as to how the resistance movement is coming along. There always is hope. George is still president, The Supreme Court has 2 new outstanding members and the Republicans have been purged of Lincoln Chaffee. There is still a lot of work to do in the months ahead in cleaning house to ensure a true conservative presence in the Republican Party - it is our only hope. So hang in there folks, stay active, call your congress people and let them know how you feel. We can't let the evil side destroy the country. And that is their goal. Cheers!