Thursday, November 29, 2007

Iranian Gay Rights

So apparently Iran's official policy in dealing with the gay community is to torture and execute them. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who recently was at Columbia University, was welcomed with standing ovations by free-thinking, love-to-debate (unless you're Conservative), future American leaders, also known as college students. Everyone knows how Mahmoud and his clan feel about the gay community: kill them all and let Allah figure it out. How confusing it must be to be a liberal these days. On one hand, you have to plant big, wet, sloppy kisses on the butt of one of the world's most dangerous, psychotic leaders and yet not offend the gay and lesbian groups who Mahmoud, if given the chance, would wipe off the face of the earth. I guess liberals will sleep with anyone, no matter how ironic or hypocritical it is. It's not unlike the on-going farce with the Hugo Chavez Fan Club where you have a steady stream of idiotic celebrities running down to Venezuela to hang with Hugo. No one has figured out what the point is except to maybe thumb one's nose at Washington, as if anyone really cares what Sean Penn or Danny Glover do in their spare time. Liberals, who continuously preach eternal tolerance, now are trying to embrace some of the most intolerant, murderous, hate-filled cultures in history. The fact is that Ahmadinejad is a nutcase who needs to meet up with the same fate as Saddam Hussein. When some Columbia student questioned him on his stance regarding Homosexuality, Mahmoud replied that there are no homosexuals in Iran. He's probably right. They are all lying peacefully in shallow graves out in the desert.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


How can it be that another presidential election is just a year away? And 2008 is shaping up to be the bleakest yet. The MSM has for all intents and purposes already put Hillary in the Oval Office. They breathlessly await the Second Coming of the Clintons. Hillary Rodham Clinton. A junior Senator from New York who has accomplished next to nothing in her political career. Hillary, with her long history of scandals, lies, and radical ideas is the best the Democrats have to offer America. I mean, seriously, what voter with a functioning brain would look at this woman and say, yes, there's a leader, someone with integrity, brilliance, a proven track record, charisma, the highest ethical standards, fresh ideas, a strong wife and mother? Right, that's Hillary. How can it be that we have gotten to this point where someone like Hillary has a real shot at being our next president? I can see it now; Hillary will have the master bedroom while Bubba will take the guest bedroom along with all the interns and cigars he can handle. The White House will finally have its very own Rape Room. Meanwhile, Hillary is up in the Oval Office, unleashing her brand of socialism on the country while millions of liberals everywhere will greedily swallow it all with great big dumb smiles on their faces.

I suppose a certain segment of the voters will vote for Hillary because she has ovaries versus testicles, presumably. I have never quite understood the whole gender obsession thing and why that makes one a better, or worse, president. I actually think a female president would be a good thing as long as she is intelligent and has values that are in step with most of America. That leaves Hillary out for sure. I recently accepted the sad truth that America will never be rid of the Clintons. This "couple" is about one thing: power. This has been their agenda for decades and with the lap dogs in the media, we are in for years of enduring their stench in the political landscape.

To be sure, the issues facing our great nation are numerous and serious: Iraq, Iran, national security, islamic terror, immigration, a slowing economy, health care, I don't know why anyone even wants the job anymore. And, the Bush Administration and Congress are both enjoying historically low approval ratings. Middle America is fed-up. We want and need change. Is the current crop of candidates from either side of the fence going to really implement change? Hardly. But to look at Hillary and say that she's the answer is a brand of insanity I can't even fathom. While I don't think Hillary is the Antichrist, she's not that smart, she is dangerous. If she gets control of our country all I can say is: God, help us all.

One final note on an unrelated topic. Flyover will now have a number of different authors for the simple reason that Scud is too busy globe trotting, making obscene amounts of money, and enjoying the American Dream. Something, unfortunately, liberals cannot understand, or accomplish. Rest assured, we all share the same disdain for the Left and the mindless drones who suckle on the Liberal Teat, pretending to be "progressive" when in fact they are simply morons who subscribe to pop-cultured, secular nonsense. So, buckle-up, Lib Dem Garbage, and enjoy the ride.