Tuesday, March 25, 2008

They Deserve Each Other

As most Americans continue to watch the self inflicted demise of the Democrat party at the hands of it's current leadership and presidential candidates, one can't help but to gloat just a little. It's more than ironic that democrats have resorted to the same low ball tactics used relentlessly against conservatives, to now cannibalize each other in their insatiable appetite for power.

I think one of the characteristics of liberals (they now prefer to be called Progressives) that makes most Americans nauseous is their sanctimonious smug attitude toward the inconsequential peons, less intellectually gifted than them, occupying and degrading their Mother Earth. They simply know more than us and know better than us, what is best for this country and the world. Who knew that their individual arrogance would cause them to turn on each other in a frenzy of who knows more, and who knows best.

Take for example the Democratic leadership in both Michigan and Florida. It's not hard to imagine an elite group of limousine liberals sitting around their country club pool, sipping their lattes and concluding that since they knew best, they would hold their primaries early and therefore the rest of their leftist comrades would sit up and take notice of their brilliance and significance. Oops. Not a good idea. They stepped on the toes of the DNC and Howard Dean, the "short man syndrome" party chair who was looking for the chance to wield his power and prove his own significance. So Howlin' Howie penalizes the two states by stripping them of their delegates to the national convention. Now that the nomination is basically a dead heat, those missing delegates are potentially crucial and noticeably absent. Therefore, in a way, they all got their wish. Both the state's party leadership and Howard Dean proved their significance - significant arrogance.

Add into this, the elitist structure of the Democrats nomination process. Here, the general public is asked to participate in a primary process, but then told that their opinion really isn't as important as the party elites aptly called, super delegates. These party insiders are given the option of bartering their votes to the highest power broker and can choose to agree with, or change the results of the popular vote. And this is the party that is allowed to perpetuate the myth that they care about the little guy? Pathetic.

Next, simply look at the presidential nomination debacle. Although both Obama and Clinton are breathtakingly ill-equipped to be leader of the free world, both of them continue to attempt to invent themselves into something they're not. Even the sympathetic mainstream press can't hold back from the obvious. Obama claims to be a uniter but yet holds the most liberal, one-sided voting record in the senate and then for 20 years, sits at the foot of an insane, America hating, racist pastor and calls him his mentor and friend. Then you have Hillary who's entire professional life has been forged out of fabrication, corruption and hypocrisy. Her recent claim to have been under sniper fire in Bosnia is just another example of either delusional psychosis, or blatant dishonesty.

Then, finally you can't mention the word Democrat without mentioning it's synonym - infidelity. Oh I know, conservatives have had their problem politicians too, but come on! At least they usually have left office with their tale between their legs. This is like a plague! The governor of New Jersey getting kinky with his wife and their limo driver? The Governor of New York spending 80K on hookers? The new Governor of New York, affairs, coke, pot, etc? The mayor of Detroit, affairs and perjury? Sounds familiar. Except this guy might go to jail. I guess according to Reverend Wright, that would be because he's black, and Bill Clinton got away with it because he's white. (he may have point here).

All in all, it would be hard for any objective observer to look at the present collection of worthless democrats in office today and have any other feeling than absolute contempt for them. If there is any justice in this world, they will go down in history as the worst of the worst. The only consoling factor is that they soon will be gone, the election will be over, we'll have another grown up in office with McCain, and we can look back at the Democrats demise and revel in the fact that they did it to themselves.

They deserve it.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

End of an Era, Beginning of an Error

Well it looks like we will soon see the last of the Hillbilly express, on the campaign trail anyway. B. Hussein Obampra is about to take a commanding lead in the Demoncratic race and then provide several months of entertainment before McCain cleans his clock in the general election. In the mean time, we will have to endure months of media bias, the likes of which have never been seen before. As a conservative, you expect the usual suspects such as NBC, CBS, the New York Times, NPR, etc, etc to carry the Demoncratic torch for the most liberal candidate on the ticket. This year however, we're going to see a media push that will be unprecedented. The left has found their messiah. He's a former coke using, socialist, mulatto with an Ivy League legal education, an Islamic background, an anti-military record, and can string more than two sentences together without sounding shrill, angry or stupid. The ideal sleeper. He has the ability to make the sheeple of the world think he's the answer while masking his ideology with flowery rhetoric. The fact is that he has the most liberal voting record in the Senate, which is surprising in that he hasn't really had any time to even be a Senator since he started running for president as soon as he got to Washington. When Obampra was just newly elected to the Illinois legislature in 2004, he actually said in an interview, that he would never seek higher office because he didn't have the experience or knowledge necessary to do the job. So what happened? Did he suddenly receive an epiphany from the nondenominational god of liberalism that enlightened him and enabled him to now be the most powerful man in the world? Maybe that's how it works in the world of the left. If you're a good looking minority who promises the world to the downtrodden (victim class), can give a good speech and have a reasonably quick, but indefinite answer to everything thrown at you, then you're the left's anointed royalty.

I almost feel sorry for the Demoncrats. Just look at what they have to offer as leadership. A charming, but empty suit and a political whore in an ugly pant suit as potential presidential nominees, a wimpy fruitcake as Senate leader, a San Francisco, limousine liberal as house leader, a party chairman who embarrasses himself and his party every time he opens his mouth, and 2 surviving former Demoncratic presidents both of whom are buffoons. One who is an anti-Semite, and the other, a narcissistic rapist.

There really isn't anything left to respect or admire about any of the demoncrats in office today. They truly deserve nothing but contempt for their behavior, ideology and the direction to which they continue to strive to take the country. For proof of their insanity, you only have to look at their incessant quest to punish doping baseball players, but then look the other way when potential terrorists are talking to their comrades in the Middle East. They are more interested in letting their buddies in the trial lawyer lobby sue telecom companies than protecting the citizens of this country. But I guess to them it's more important to get campaign cash so as to get re-elected, than upholding their constitutional duty.

Despite all of this, I suppose there's always a chance that a lightweight like Obampra could fleece the public and get elected. If that does happen - God forbid, I suppose some good could come of it. First, other than genocide in Iraq; Iran running over it's borders, expanding it's empire, controlling the oil supply and sending world costs skyrocketing; Iran nuking Israel; the US economy tanking due to increased regulation, litigation and taxation; a demoralized and de-funded military; and increased terrorism - probably on our own soil; - as all this could very well happen, it would give rise to the eventual reawakening of true conservatism in America. I guess we have to be honest and admit that without the devastation of the Carter years, we might not have been able to get Reagan.

So, as we go into the final stages of the primary season, we can take some pleasure in the shriveling up of the Clinton legacy.
Bill will only be remembered as an abusive, immature, impeached rapist who humiliated the country and his party with his behavior and then refused to honorably resign from the presidency. Hillary will fade from the national stage and be an obscure, has-been senator who will forever be remembered as the scary, cold, ice queen who bought her senate seat with the name of her impeached political partner - certainly not with her own skill or knowledge. And then we have the new comer, Obampra, the heir apparent to the folly of the Demoncrats. If there is any sanity left in the world, he should be soundly defeated in November. Whatever happens, it will be fun to watch and take part in. Personally, I would encourage all Christians to pray for our country. We live in a dangerous time - not a time for experimenting with a platform of "hope" and feelings. So, say "goodbye" to the Clintons and say, "hello" then, "goodbye" to Obampra, the new Demoncratic disaster.