Sunday, July 31, 2005

"More On" Fine art exhibit

There seems to be a bit of confusion on the part of some liberal commenters as to the sincerity of my praise of the outstanding display of artistic talent at the request of the California State Attorney Generals Office. Some unfortunate, anonymous individual, who apparently was denied a name at birth, doesn't seem to think that my praise of the work by Stephen Pearcy was sincere or that my facts were accurate. Well, just to make this poor no named soul feel better, here are some facts.

1. The art exhibit is co-sponsored by the California Arts Council, a taxpayer supported state agency, and Attorney General Bill Lockyer, Democrat.

2. While Lockyer and the Arts Council have tried to distance themselves from responsibility concerning the content of the exhibit, a news release by Lockyer shows his support. In the release, Attorney General Lockyer says it is “an honor to co-host this powerful exhibit.” Lockyer goes on to say, “the collected fine works of these artists – and lawyers – achieve these worthwhile objectives with style and beauty.” In the same news release, Muriel Johnson, Chairman of the California Arts Council, says she was “impressed” by the work, describing it as “wonderful.”

The fact that there is an art exhibit at all within the state government means that it is government sponsored. Therefore essentially, as taxpayers, the residents of that state have a right to know what their resources are being used for and to object.

As an artist myself, I have been in many art exhibits. Even in the simplest show, for any legitimate event the works have been juried before being allowed to hang. Therefore either this was juried and supported by the government officials overseeing the display, or it was simply another example of incompetence where democrat lefties saw another opportunity to shock and offend the sensibilities of mainstream America. Either way, the losers will be Democrats as they continue to distance themselves from the sane majority of this country.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Liberal Art Shows Stunning Genius!

Typical Lib
Another brilliant creative genius displayed his talent recently at the California State Department at the request of Democrats. It's truly amazing to witness the depth of talent and intellect within the rank and file liberals that make up the bulk of the Democratic Party. There seems to be an infinite reserve of creativity and exquisite artistic technique within liberals that apparently cannot be matched by bottled up, stuffy Republicans. In this artistic epiphany by Lawyer/Artist Stephen Pearcy, the use of line, form and color literally floats through the viewers’ eyes, touching and pacifying the soul. Even the thought given to the placement, color and weight of the custom typography used is perfectly in balance with the unity of the whole. The artist's use of brush technique accentuates the energy and movement carried throughout the piece.

In describing his work, Pearcy said he had made the painting on July 4, 2003, to "show the direction this country was (and still is) headed under the Bush administration." The painting also "confronted the absurd display of 'fanatical patriotism' following 9/11." It truly is a beautiful thing when creativity at this level, and patriotism come together so cohesively in a work such as this. Liberals must be very proud!

Sacramento is truly blessed to have a work of this caliber hanging within its walls. Californians can only hope that the state department will see fit to use some ill-targeted tax money, probably slated for something excessive like new fire trucks or roads, and find a way to make this wonderful display of liberal genius a permanent fixture in the state capitol. Bravo Stephen Pearcy, your art has touched all of us! Liberals everywhere should stand up and salute. Liberal superiority has been proven once again!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Terrorist's War on Cars Continues

In another surprise attack, Islamic terrorists attacked and destroyed another perfectly good car. Their relentless mission to destroy the automobile seems to be driving force that fuels the continued carnage all over the world. Their broader vision apparently is a war on transportation - airplanes in the US, trains in Spain, subways and busses in London - but their favorite target is of course, the automobile. It is surprising how intelligence agencies, governments and military strategists have misdiagnosed the true aim of global terror. They keep thinking only in terms of the human impact these acts have when in fact, harm to innocent people is no more than unintended collateral damage to those who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The true target of their hate is the car.

To discover this little known secret of the Islamic terrorist network I took an Evelyn Woods speed reading Arabic course and set out to do some research. It took some deep digging but finally I found the clues I needed and was able to connect the hidden dots. It seems that at the core of Islam is a profound love and respect for animals, the camel in particular. They actually have very close ties with P.E.T.A. and a little known Islamic organization, L.Y.C.T. (Love Your Camel Tonight). In a recent article in Al Jezeera, Osama Binladen writes of his love for his latest wife, and of the beauty of their courtship. It is quite moving. jibberishIt is because of this devotion and love for the camel that they have such a deep hatred for more modern forms of transportation. They are deeply saddened and angered that over the past 10 years, camel sales have dropped off by nearly 40 percent. In an interview with a anonymous source in a terrorist network in Afghanistan, he shared that he suffers from chronic depression caused by the realization that his sons may not know the joy of emerging from their cave every morning to the warm wet kiss of the family camel. Instead, it will be the cold impersonal sheen of sheet metal on the Mercedes. It's no wonder they want to destroy all the cars.

Now that we know and understand the true goals of radical Islamic terror, the solution to ending the violence seems simple. We must remove all motorized transportation from these simple loving cultures and send representatives from P.E.T.A., the Sierra club and Green Peace to hand out flyers and share their mutual love of animals so that the terrorists will feel a kinship with us. Only then will the world have a meaningful and lasting peace and camels and will once again be at the center of the Islamic world.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

"That's Not My Bag, Baby!"

Obviously we all are intensely interested in trying to prevent any more terrorism from hitting us within our own borders. London has been another cruel reminder that the scum is out there, waiting for the opportunity to slaughter the innocent. So when I read that New York was going to start random bag searches of people using any of the mass transit systems in the city, I was very pleased. Finally, I thought, they are going to do something more than give us a color-coded warning. Let the authorities get out there and search these anti-deodorant fanatics before they can get on a subway and kill Americans!

Then I read further, and the sad reality sunk in. Just when I thought they were getting it right, they inform us that it's more important to not offend someone or hurt their feelings from being selected out, than to really try to prevent us from being blown into tiny pieces. In a New York Times article today, police commissioner Kelly said in reference to who would be checked, "No racial profiling will be allowed," Mr. Kelly said. "It's against our policies. But it will be a systematized approach."

Oops. not helpful. This will unfortunately become like the fiasco of politically correct searches at the airport. Look, we all know who and what are blowing innocent people up! It's not the Johnsons next door! You've got to profile! I suppose there could be another McVey or Rudolph out there, but they are the exception. The backpacks that need to be checked will be on the backs of morons named Mohammed, and on women wearing black shower curtains. Check them, and leave the Johnsons alone!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Good choice!

Thank you! During the 2004 Presidential campaign, the impending Supreme Court vacancy(s) was the big issue out there waiting to solidify conservatives and to finally put an end to, or at least curtail judicial activism. This was probably the one issue that rallied the most support for President Bush over all others. With the announcement of John Roberts as his choice to fill the first vacancy, that campaign promise seems to have not been forgotten. Roberts seems to be the perfect choice for the court. His intellect is undeniable, his character appears impeccable and he seems to have a demonstrable track record of being a strict constructionist, using the constitution as his guide, not world or popular opinion. The other benefit to this choice is that it will make fools of the liberals in the Senate who will not be able to contain themselves and will need to try to shoot down this appointment. It will be like insects to a bug zapper. They won't be able to hold back. Already liberals like Schumer, and Durbin have promised to make fools of themselves by tipping their hand as to how they feel about Roberts. Liberal groups like Moveon are going to attempt to either smear Roberts or do their best to influence the liberals in the senate to vote against him. They will fail. And it will be glorious! Of course there's no assurance how anyone will prove to be as a Supreme Court justice, but given the current tone in Washington, this seems to be a brilliant choice by the President. The confirmation process will be entertaining to say the least. Way to go, George!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Leftie Fodder

Begala clinton
OK, look; this is a message specifically aimed at the evil lefties out there who seem hell bent on living in a fantasy land and insisting that we need to be killed at the hands of Islamo-fascist zombies who live only to kill us! You are dangerous morons! I couldn't believe what Clintonista, Paul Begalla said this past weekend to a bunch of brainwashed college children, that "Republicans want to kill me and my children". What a despicable human. All these former Clinton apologists have done nothing of value except continue to spin the big lie that "D" means good, and "R" means bad.

I love all the whaling and gnashing of teeth over the Rove situation. It is once again, the perfect example of the looney left completely losing it over absolutely nothing. Talk about making mountains out of molehills! This will prove to be nothing. Except that maybe Joe Wilson should go to prison for perjury. What a shameless partisan hack! Nice ambassador. It's no wonder we never had a chance to work anything out with Iraq.

Where was the lefties' outrage when Sandy Berger was literally caught with his pants down (now there's a Clintonism), stealing documents? Sandy Berger, former Clinton National Security Advisor goes into the National Archives and removes top secret memos, notes and documents, stuffs them in his underwear and socks, steals them and destroys them. All this right before he and drinkin' buddy Bill were to testify in front of the 9-11 commission on what their administration did in response to terrorism. Oops. Nothing. Quick, cover our butts and plead ignorance. That always works. And on matters like this, we never hear boo from the left. That's OK I guess, sure no problem, look the other way. And this is one place where I strongly disagree with the Bush Whitehouse and the Justice department. Go after Traitors like Berger, They are too soft on the illegal actions of the former regime. But I guess they still think they can win party points with these people if they just treat them nice. Note to President Bush, not that unlike the insane Islamists, the left hates you and I because we exist, not because we haven't been nice enough to them! They will always hate conservatives! They live only to try to win back power and to eliminate conservatism. There will be no compromising with these hate filled lunatics! So quit trying so hard to be nice, it won't work.

Then on a final note, on my previous post, a gutless, hate filled lib commented the following,

"Hey Scud, you have five children who are of military service age. Why don't your children "take it from here", and go act as IED bait in Iraq?"

This is a perfect example of the hate and disdain that the left has for this country and the military. First of all gutless, my children are all honest, patriotic Americans and yes, they have and are considering service. Which is more, I assume, than you would ever do. And no matter what they choose to do, I will be incredibly proud of them. Unlike you, I don't actually hate you or the other pathetic misinformed sheeple like you. I just pity your demonstrated ignorance and realize that you, like a cancer, have metastasized to the point that you will not go away. So we, the healthy side of this country, just have to keep winning and continue to deal with the illness of liberalism. Have a nice day!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

We'll Take it from Here

OK, it's time for the whiney, wimpy, limp-wristed liberals to step back and let the adults handle things from here. I think the liberals have had their time to tantrum about the unfairness of no longer being in power or having any credibility as to political ideology. It is time for them to sit down, shut up and let the grown ups save their sorry butts. You would think that they would have the capacity to learn that appeasement has never worked throughout history, or in this conflict, which has been going on for decades. The Islamo-fascists have been very clear; they hate the west because it exists not because of a particular policy or our support of Israel, or a military base on Saudi soil. We are infidels because we don't adhere to their fanatical view of Islam. Period! They cannot be reasoned with, they don't play by Geneva convention rules, and they are thrilled at the thought of dying while killing as many women and children as possible. They need to be rooted out and destroyed, no more touchy feely crap about being sensitive to their cultural and religious needs. And let's face it; this is a war on Islam! This is a cult not a religion. It was formed by a fanatical and barbaric lunatic who had delusions of grandeur, and hated women- although he owned dozens, some as young as 6 years old. Why anyone would buy into this is a mystery to me. I have no respect for muslims at all. Why don't we hear prominent Islamic leaders calling for jihad against the terrorists among them to weed them out and destroy them? They would go a long way to earn the respect of the rest of the world if they would only do this. I want to see on the front page of the paper that muslims have turned over terrorist cells living among them. Why doesn't that happen? Because the moderates are afraid they will be killed, or they know that the terrorists are actually following the teachings of the Koran. Either way, we know that will never happen. So the only way to defend ourselves from the army of Satan is to take the fight to them. Thank you President Bush, Tony Blair and the rest of the coalition of the willing who are strong enough to stand up against the evil of terror, and it's partner in psychological warfare, liberalism.

Monday, July 04, 2005

It's the Fourth of July!

Ahh... the middle of summer. As a Minnesotan, I have mixed feelings about this time of year. It's wonderful that the weather is fabulous, everything is growing and the lakes are available for swimming and fishing. But it's also a bit sad, in that I realize that this time of year, that I have looked forward to for so long, is almost gone. The days are already getting shorter and before long, we will be gathering our nuts and feathering our nests in preparation for another brutal 9 month endurance test called winter. Oh well, let's enjoy it while we can!

My wife and I went to our local fourth of July celebration and sat right in the middle of the large crowd of people and prepared to be thrilled at the sight and sounds of "rockets red glare". Prior to the fireworks, as the orchestra was playing a medely of military marches, the MC had all those who had served in the military stand up when their particular service branch song came up. It was very moving to me to see all the white haired men struggle to stand up when their song started to play. As I listened and watched, I couldn't help but to feel an enormous sense of gratitude for these folks who sacrificed and risked everything to preserve this young country we enjoy. The audience applauded throughout the song as the different veterans stood and it made me proud to be a part of this great nation. As I looked around me I could see people of every shape, color, economic strata and cultural heritage showing their appreciation to the veterans who were standing. It felt good knowing that for all the differences we have on various issues we face today, for the most part, other than university and hollywood elites, we all still love this country and respect our military - past, present and future. They are the reason we continue to exist as a nation. And they have earned and continue to deserve our continued gratitude and honor.

Now it's back to preparing for winter.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Michael Schiavo's Lawyer: An Oddball

legalized murderers
This is lifted from News Max and I found interesting enough to post in it's entirety. It confirms what I and most other Americans thought, that Schiavo and his attorney, Felos were sick money grubbing criminals endorsed by the left, the mainstream media, and the immoral courts. Ultimately, it is an example of why we need constitutionally based judges brought back into the courts.

In a stunning profile of George Felos -- the attorney who helped Michael Schiavo put his wife Terri to death -- an author and famed theologian shows the weird side of the crusading right-to-die lawyer.

This is certainly a story the mainstream media ignored.

Writing in Crisis magazine, Benjamin Wiker, co-author of "Architects of the Culture of Death" and a senior fellow at the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, uses Felos' own words to expose his oddball views.

Wiker is no friend of Felos' views. He writes of Terri's Shiavo's death: "Cold blooded murder, sanctioned by the state of Florida, watched by millions. Horrible, but again quite transparent. Michael wanted the money. His wife Terri, had to die for him to get it. And so he hired a 'right-to-die' expert, lawyer George Felos.

"Felos exudes a different moral odor than his client, and I wasn't the only one who noticed. He wasn't just morally wrong; he was creepy. One has the nagging feeling that he represents a more hidden and poisonous evil."

Drawing on Felos' 2002 autobiography "Litigation as Spiritual Practice," Wiker quotes Felos extensively, showing his motivation for fighting to help the sick engage in euthanasia.

Writes Wiker: "I bought the book ... [In] reading it, I am convinced that he represents an entirely new and even more dangerous aspect of the euthanasia movement - the spiritual killer."

In the book he writes about "speaking through his stomach to Mrs. Browning, a seemingly unresponsive woman in a nursing home. This noiseless communication - quite noisy on a 'spiritual' level, as Felos reports her screaming at the top of her spiritual lungs - convinced him that Mrs. Browning wanted to escape from her body. He happily took on the case, thereby launching his right-to-die career."

Felos is a devotee of yoga. Wiker explains that Felos believes that if a person clings to the earthly realm instead of entering a higher state of blissful consciousness his soul is condemned to re-enter another body after death. Wiker writes: "In many of his visions he "saw our souls -[his and his wife's] prior to this incarnation discus! sing what each needed to learn in this birth and in compassion and love for each other agree to take this journey."

In this "journey" however, their marriage is a disaster. At one point he writes about being angry at his wife: "I was on fire, fueled by thoughts of bludgeoning and tearing her apart. If she were there at that moment I thought I would kill her - happily destroy her."

In that failing marriage, however, he and his wife were thinking about having a child.

Says Felos: He "heard the soul of my yet-to-be conceived child emphatically shout รข€˜I'm ready to be born ... will you stop fooling around?'"

During a plane ride he wondered "what it would be like to die right now." This aroused his Kharmic, cosmic powers and this actually caused the plane's automatic pilot to go haywire and turn the plane into a nosedive. He stops wondering just in time. "'Be careful what you think,'" an inner voice then warns him. 'You are more powerful than you realize.'"

Finally, Wiker reveals this amazing fact: Four hours after Terri died Michael filed a petition for administration of her estate. On Larry King's show he said the money from his lawsuit on behalf of Terri had dried up, leaving only about $25,000.

"As it turns out, that given the behind the scenes financial shenanigans with Felos, there was about $1 million in the account, perhaps $2 million depending on how well investments did since 1993. Felos received a little over $500,000 for his efforts."

The taxpayers paid for Terri's hospice bill through Medicaid, thereby saving Michael's jury-award money.