Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'm Off!

cindi moron
Sorry to disappoint you all, but I'm off to Europe to spread the gospel of conservatism to our demented socialist pseudo-allies across the pond. We start in London, then to Gay Pareee, then Venice, Tuscany and Rome. I promise to wear my biggest USA shirt, cowboy boots and Bush hat. I also promise to talk loud, in English only, make fun of everything I see and hear that's not familiar, and ask for French fries at every French restaurant. I'll let you know how it goes. Viva la USA!

Here's a homework assignment for all you kind hearted, inclusive, and diversity minded libs: watch for any replays of the "massive" anti-War/Bush/America rally from last weekend, and tell me how proud you must be that those circus animals that were on display in DC, are now the voice of the demoncrat party and the liberal ideology of the left. Please tell us how you think you ever will have a shot at winning a major election again?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hillary the Borg Queen-Resistance is Futile

hillary borg queen
Hilary Clinton made a surprise announcement today at a NYC Press conference in which she admitted being the true Borg Queen. She then followed by saying in a slightly mechanized voice, that "You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile". She then proceeded to peel off the nasty pink pollyester pantsuit she was wearing and her ever changing hairstyle wig, and revealed her true form. One Times reporter was overheard whispering to himself, "Gawd Almighty, no wonder Bill won't sleep with her, gross!" Hillary, with her super Borg powers, overheard his mutterings and stared at him intently. Suddenly, the reporter's head exploded into a fine red mist that coated the room. Hillary then asked politely, "Are there any questions?" Not surprisingly, the room was quiet. She then pulled out an easle with a large photograph of the Borg cube. She pointed one of her robotic fingers at it and exclaimed that this was the Borg vision of the world under new Borg rule. As her voice became increasingly mechanical, she stated, "Do not fear, just like the goals of liberalism, there will be no poverty, hunger, or pain. There will be no rich, no need for individualism, religion or hope. We are Borg. We are one. Resistance is futile."

The reporters in the room were silent for a few seconds more, then nodded compliently and said to each other, " Yeah, that makes sense. Hillary's right, she's always right. I guess we are Borg." "Yup", another said, "We are Borg". "Let's get assimilated". "We have been for years", another said. "Oh yeah, Hail Hillary! The Borg Queen!"

Resistance is Futile.
But We're gonna try. And we will win.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Feinstein Gets to the Point

Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat from California, made an impassioned plea with soon to be Chief Justice, John Roberts to preserve the sacred right of every woman to choose abortion as an alternative to childbirth. Breaking with committee tradition, Feinstein left her chair and climbed atop the large hearing room table and proceeded to pace back and forth while speaking in a shrill tone, gesturing wildly with her hands.

"For me to support you as Chief Judge, you must promise me that you will do whatever it takes to preserve the sacred right and privilege that is every woman's, to be able to have the federal government sanction the abortion of a child, I mean meaningless mass of cellular tissue." She continued, "It has always been my highest honor and goal to fight for the continued ability for all women, to know personally the joy and elation of scrambling a baby's brains and then to have its lifeless and mangled body take its rightful place in the medical waste container. The thrill of hearing the Vaccusuck 3000 whir into operation, about to snuff the worthless life growing inside you into the sink, is music to every liberal's ears. It makes me very proud to know that since Roe vs. Wade, we have been able to extinguish over 40 million children, thus saving this country the waste of educating them and having to endure the hardship of watching them grow into contributing members of society, or worse, Republicans!" she shrieked. "Government supported infanticide is one of our greatest achievements, and you'd better not take that away from us!" she screamed. As she was about to continue, security guards, from behind the table, were able to sedate Ms Feinstein with a tranquilizer dart, which struck her in the left buttock. She yelled one final statement as she slumped to the tabletop, "Let us kill...”. Her words trailed off as she slipped into a deep sleep.

As she was being carted away, Senator Kennedy was overheard talking to Joe Biden saying, "Well at least she got to the real point. Killing babies is really all that matters. As long as this guy [Roberts] allows us to continue doing that, we're fine with him". "Gawd, I love a good abortion!" Kennedy said. "It's almost as good as making my own snuff film in the river", he added. Biden nodded in agreement, with a misty, prideful gleem in his eyes.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

It's really not fair. John Roberts is so far beyond the intellectual realm of the morons on the left trying to riddle him with infantile questions, that it's as if Babe Ruth was hitting in a T-ball game. The site of the dems trying to grand stand and showboat - basically for constituent points - was enough to make most people, not blinded by partisan hate, laugh out loud. Not only is Roberts intellectually superior to the pubescent whiners of the left, but without a doubt, is also in a different atmosphere morally and ethically. I mean really, Ted Kennedy questioning anyone on judicial matters? Please! I love this guy. I am so glad he is a part of the "good side of the force". The darksiders don't stand a chance, and the more they speak, the more they alienate themselves from the majority of Americans competent enough to be paying attention. So go ahead libs; speak out; make sure we all can hear you, because your stupidity is entertaining.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sandy "Hamburgler" gets wrist slap


Time to take a quick time out from Katrina and the flood of liberal hatred and venom spewed daily by Satan's army of the left.

Former Clinton National Security advisor, Sandy "stuffed shorts" Berger was fined $50,000 dollars for stealing and destroying top-secret documents from the National Archives. Even though the recommended sentence was $10,000, the judge thought the greater amount was justified given the severity and outrageous nature of the crime. In exchange for pleading guilty, "Burglar" must give up his security clearance for 3 years (way too short), and promise to wear flip flops, tank tops and boxers when entering the Archives in the future, thus eliminating his favorite places to hide documents.

To recap, "Burglar", member in good standing with the Arkansas mafia that took over the Whitehouse, was caught stuffing top secret, national security documents of various types into his underwear, socks, pockets and shirt. He then admittedly, took them home and destroyed some of them. Of course this is not recommended behavior, even for someone in the Clinton administration, but in my view, $50,000 is nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Obviously if Joe Blow went into the National Archives and even sniffed at stuffing a napkin into his pocket, he'd be doing 20 years in the federal pen, no question. But the former National Security advisor egregiously steals classified documents and it's a 3-year time out and pocket change for the well connected. Another Clintonista skates again.

Not coincidentally, he took these documents when supposedly refreshing his memory, at the request of mob boss Bill, prior to them both testifying before the 9-11 commission. The documents he took were primarily concentrated in the few years leading up to 9-11 and specifically in the year 2000. It just so happens that the recently revealed military covert op called Able Danger, had brought to light the fact that 9-11 terrorist leader, Mohamed Atta and other members of his cell were known about over a year before 9-11-2001. Military officials tried to bring this information to the FBI for further investigation but were specifically halted by Jamie Gorelick, Deputy Attorney General for the Clinton Administration. Gorelick and the Administration had specifically put rules in place preventing intelligence operatives from sharing information with criminal investigators. Hmm, I wonder why.

Could it be that old "stuffed shorts" was doing whatever he could to conceal the fact that primary culpability for 9-11 lay squarely in the lap of the Arkansas mafia? And why was it that the Able Danger operation and its findings were never mentioned in the famous 9-11 Commission Report? Oh yeah, Jamie Gorelick, the Clintonista who prevented the Atta information from being passed on to the FBI, was on the commission, go figure. Clinton Corruption continues, and old “stuffed shorts" slithers away. Libs lie, Americans die.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

More Liberal Hysteria Debunked

Wesley Pruden, editor in chief of the Washington Times eloquently stated in his September 6th column what I, and millions of other commonsense laden Americans have been thinking and saying since the beginning of the Katrina flood. It is not The President's fault that this tragedy happened, and yet the looney left would rather sell off the plight of thousands of victims for political profit than use their energy and voice to try to unify the country and heal the brokenness of an entire region. There is little doubt that although a majority of the hardcore left would proudly profess themselves as atheists or agnostics, they have unwittingly become a part of an out of touch cult, and now worship at the alter of Bush hatred. They have become so blinded by their own rage they can no longer discern between healthy and measured debate and acidic lunacy that is eating away at the fabric that holds this country together.

A good example of this can be found in our friend Sean Penn as he took time off from his valuable world travels and donated himself to be a living metaphor for the left when he entered the fray in NO. While we all should at least tip our hats to our favorite stoner from "Fast Times" for showing up and trying to help, you can't help but notice the irony of his initial rescue effort. As he so heroically launched his boat, affectionately dubbed, "The Tasty Wave", Sean, dressed in a flack jacket, surrounded by security, and photographers to capture the moments, stood atop the bow not unlike Washington crossing the Delaware and proudly announced for all to hear, "Stand Back! I'm an actor! I will rescue you!" Sadly, like the left itself, He forgot to put in the drain plug and The Tasty Wave slowly succumbed to the toxic soup. Alas our hero would be back, and not missing a beat, proceeded to lend his political insights to the public airwaves and declared this to be "the criminal negligence of the Bush administration". Thanks Sean, your intellect and analysis are precious, but your boating skills are lacking.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Leading by Example

Abraham Lincoln put it this way at the close of his Second Inaugural address:

"With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations."

This is what we must strive for as a nation, which is what President Bush is doing. He is leading by example and doing what he can to help alleviate the pain and suffering of our fellow citizens. Unlike the unfortunate choice of many in the media and various other rabid liberals who choose to tear down whatever or whomever is in their immediate line of sight, the President is showing the way by doing, leading, encouraging and mobilizing resources. Even though he has been the target of unprecedented attacks by political opponents, he has refused to stoop to their level and is concentrating on getting things done that benefit the needy, not wallowing in the immature business of finger pointing and blame, so characteristic of the left.

The federal government is a giant entity, not necessarily well suited to immediate response. Big ships turn slowly. First response action is the responsibility of local and state officials first, and then federal if needed. The federal government doesn't get involved until requested by state government. All of these groups are giant beurocracies. It is so unfortunate that the state officials did not anticipate the severity of the impending devastation and request federal assistance earlier, but that's why it is called a tragedy, a natural disaster, An ACCIDENT! People drowning in their attics is not George Bush’s fault! People like poverty pimp, Jesse Jackson, rapper, Kenye West, and Civil rights activist, Randall Robinson need to learn this, although I will concede that it is too late for them and most of the left, who thrive on anger, hate and blame. Much of the left is addicted to the rush attained from negative energy and will utilize any tragedy to get their next fix. The rest of us will follow the Presidents lead and remain positive, not looking to blame, but looking to help.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Time to Pull Together

There's really not much that can be said about a disaster of this magnitude. Americans are dying and suffering badly. Other than the areas directly hit, the rest of us are going to suffer indirectly through energy prices and a damaged economy. But in times like this, America shines. This is where we get to show the world how we band together, put politics and ideological differences behind us and work together as a team to heal ourselves, right? Well, almost. Fortunately, the vast majority of Americans are pitching in and helping in any way possible. But unfortunately, not unlike 9-11, there are some that can't help themselves but to take any tragedy and politicize it for personal gain. Maybe I'm overly sensitive to this and am somewhat blinded by partisanship, but so far, the libs have a commanding lead in the category of irresponsible rhetoric and pathetic finger pointing. Former Clintonista and probable keeper of the sacred Vince Foster hard drive, Sid "the weasel" Blumenthal, wrote an article for Spiegel yesterday in which he blatantly blames the Bush administration for the tragedy because funding was cut recently for the Army Core of Engineers for a study on the Levy problem in New Orleans. Similarly, Robert Kennedy Jr. displayed his inbreeding by also insanely blaming Republicans for Global warming resulting in the huricane, also, many of the hardcore lefties in the media like CNN, have had emotional melt downs in their coverage of the tragedy by ranting against the government - specifically President Bush. Of course there are many reasons for frustration and fear, but the irresponsible and wrong thing to do is to try to blame anyone for this. The left needs to exercise a little bit of discipline and try to shut up and help with their hands, not tear down with their mouths.
I encourage everyone to donate money at the very least, to a good charity like the Red Cross or Feed the Children.