Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh My Gosh!

WOW! This is embarrassing! I'm watching the Obamination festival and I cant believe how sad it is! The event has been completely blown by the organizers, who probably are missing class to run it. The Carter video on Katrina was unbelievably lame. This guy is the biggest joke on the political landscape and he has the balls to attack Bush? What?! Did he forget that he's the worst president in U.S. history? Even worse than the disgraced "Philanderer in Chief", Clinton? Even more of a joke than Al "please think I'm relevant" Gore? Or the fake war hero, Kerry? This party is full of embarrassments and they don't even realize it. The anarchist punks outside the convention hall with their signs and masks are a perfect statement of where the Demoncrap party is at. They all deserve each other.

What I find amazing is the lack of enthusiasm in the crowd. I think the party is so torn with the knowledge that even though they finally got the socialist they've always wanted, they realize that there isn't a snowballs chance that he's electable. If he was running in Russia, or China, or Cuba, he might have that chance, but not in the good old USA. You can dress it up, flower up the language and surround it with music and pretty pictures, but in the end, the heart and soul of America can see through the smoke screen. They can and will see that there is only one grown up in the race and it aint the Ivy league lawyer who sprouted to prominence from the corrupt Chicago political machine. Like the Demoncrats who surround him in the senate, and like the still living Demoncrat presidents and candidates who preceded him, Barrack Hussein Obama is a pathetic joke!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Crappy Candidate

Barak Hussein Obama is the perfect candidate for the Demoncrat Party. A B.S. candidate from a Crappy Party.

I have been unable to contribute to my little blog of late due to several factors. First, I like making money and that only happens with a lot of hard work, leaving little time for blogging. Secondly, I also need money to buy gas for my vehicles and water toys thanks to the lame policies of the dimwit Demoncrats in congress who continue to refuse to do their jobs and do the will of the people by allowing the development of our own domestic energy. Therefore, see reason one. And third, the state of politics today, especially the Demoncrats, has made me so ill, that I have needed to literally shut them down for a while. It got to the point where the very sound of Nancy Pelosi’s shrill squawk, Harry Reid's cotton mouthed droning, and Barak Obama's simple minded rhetoric made me so nauseous I had to tune out and go back to work. Again, see item one.

This is why as of now, I am going to sit back and enjoy, in fact, revel in the destruction of the pathetic hate-filled losers that make up the Demoncrats in office. I realize that because of the stupidity of the MTV generation, they may pick up a few seats in congress, but they will lose the presidency. Obama is the perfect storm for the growing ineptitude of leftist thought in the Demoncrat party. He is the embodiment of the far left ideology that has over run the common sense Dems of yesterday. He's young, shallow, conceited, arrogant, smug, elitist, deceitful, dishonest, hypocritical, selfish, rich, and corrupt. Oh, did anyone jump to the conclusion that I'm a racist? No, I'm not. I don't care what color he claims to be at the moment. It's not a factor. His behavior is. His choice of friends is. His policies are. Based on everything that matters in the selection of a president, He is breathtakingly unelectable.

Anyone that is honest, will have to admit that this guy has no business on a national stage, and of course even less so internationally. So 200,000 socialists in Germany cheer for him? Hmm, who else did they do that for? How did that work out? No, he will not be elected. If the Dems were smart, (which they're not) they would boot him and insert HillBilly as the candidate, but, like I said, the far left has taken over the party and they will go down in flames. So, Barak will continue to shovel out the B.S. in an attempt to win the simple minds who get their info from SNL and Letterman, and hopefully will only remember that he hit a three point shot in some gym somewhere, and then pull the lever for him. But even with those votes, the limo libs, the college morons and the relentless attacks on McCain, He will lose and go back to the inept Senate where he'll blend into the woodwork serving his leftist puppeteers with his fellow comrades - the enemy within.