Sunday, September 24, 2006

Billy Exposed!

I can't resist! Sadly, my business is dominating all my time these days and I generally don't have either the time or energy to post. Maybe things will lighten up soon, but I doubt it so I'll just have to jump in when I can. This, however, is just too rich to let slide! Our old buddy Bill "The Zipper" Clinton, Philanderer in chief, had a complete melt down on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. It was an amazing display of how narcissistic, self centered, defensive and immature the king of the left is. Clinton continues to be put up on a pedestal by his leftist groupies as the embodiment of Demoncratic holiness. But instead of showing his interviewing prowess and political skill as a superior leftist intellect, he acted like the childish bully that he is and demonstrated to the world why Demoncrats cannot be trusted with power. They are not equipped with the temperament, perspective or vision to lead and protect the greatest and most powerful country in the world. Hopefully this will be another wake-up call to the American people so that when they walk into the ballot box in November they'll remember Billy boy leaning forward, shaking his finger, trying to intimidate Wallace, then they'll remember that "D" stands for dangerous, and they'll vote for the responsible, mature candidate. Thanks again Bill!