Monday, February 27, 2006

Free Advice For a Lefty

In my last post, I'll be back!, I somewhat playfully thanked President Bush for doing his part in creating an economic environment in which all Americans can prosper. Being a cog in the advertising industry, my business is at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to corporate spending. When we have been, and continue to be, consistently busy over the past 3 years, it means a couple of things. 1. Hopefully, we are doing a good job for our clients and they like us. And 2. The business climate has changed and continues to be strong. Corporate America is spending money. Of course it's a morphing economy. It's like a giant ameba; growing, shrinking, changing shape and direction as it moves, but it is growing and it's healthy.

At the end of the comment section of the last post, our faithful, but confused friend Jeff, the self appointed Mensa member and cyber geek, posed this question followed by a myriad of selective statistics: "Besides scud, who's getting rich in the Bush economy?"

It's a good question that deserves a common sense answer.

So, who's getting rich? Answer: Just about everyone who doesn't sit around, chained to their keyboard, wasting time arguing on blogs. Instead, we who are succeeding are out there working hard, creating something from nothing, using our own God given abilities (yes, I said GOD) and creating opportunities and wealth for others. But that doesn't fit the liberal, "I'm a pathetic victim", mantra now does it. No, I'm sure it's more satisfying being hunched over the keyboard, typing frantically, illuminated by the iridescent blue glow of the flat screen, foaming at the mouth and ranting about the evils of conservatives and the "chimposity" of our president.

So go ahead libs, choke on your stats. Read the ones that support your opinions till your eyes bleed. Personally, the only statistics I care about are the ones in front of me. And from where I stand, they look pretty dang good, thanks in part to the economic climate created by this administration and congress. Perfect? No. But a heck of a lot better than the socialist ideals the leftists want to impose. Bottom line, I control my own destiny. You lefties, I'm afraid, are controlled by your deviancy.

Now get back to work!

Monday, February 20, 2006

I'll be back!

scud cash
Sorry dudes! I'll be back soon to attempt to ejemacate you all as soon as I get a chance. This horrible Bush economy has resulted in my being buried in work. Gosh, if only Bush would raise taxes so we could return to a Clinton like recession, then I would have more time to help all you ignorant lefties understand the many benefits of conservatism. But for now, you will have to find a way to sustain your pitiful existence with the usual liberal malaise consisting of Bush hatred, anti-war chanting, Cheney jokes and consumption of gallons of Kool-Aid served up by your communist friends at Move-On, The Nation, and Air America. I'll be back after I finish burying my cash in the back yard. Blog on!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Libs "Wellstone" King Funeral

In another classless display of undisciplined immaturity, Liberals used the solemn event of Corretta Scott King's funeral to attack President Bush and promote their delusional leftist ideology. Former president and life long sexual predator, Bill "check this out" Clinton, used the event to promote his automaton political partner, Hillary, as the next president - Lord save us all. The event, which was a FUNERAL, was supposed to honor the life of the woman who quietly and in a very elegant and classy way, carried on in her husband's desire to make America a colorblind nation. Unfortunately, her and Dr. King's efforts have been counteracted by the race baiters and poverty pimps in the Demoncrat party such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc., using race and poverty as excuses to personally profit off the perpetual failure of others.

The "funeral" also demonstrated the intellectual honesty and classlessness of former president Jimmeh Cahtah, one of the worst presidents ever to walk the halls of the Whitehouse. His call to remember the color of the victims of hurricane Katrina as evidence of an uncaring federal government and that the civil rights movement still has a long way to go, was an abysmal and out right lie and again, an attempt to exploit the tragedy of some for political gain. It has been proven that Katrina victims were not primarily black or poor. The effects of Katrina were proportionately felt across demographic lines and were not, as race baiters like Cahtah would have us believe, primarily leveled at poor blacks.

The whole event was akin to the Wellstone funeral of 2002 where demoncrats went nuts and displayed to the country what the true nature of liberalism is all about; mean spirited, nasty, angry, dishonest and classless. Although many of them claim to be religious people, leftists primary god is their ideology.

So despite their fervent attempts to use polls, twisted facts and out of context anecdotes to justify their self-righteousness, when an event like the King funeral happens, liberals can't help showing their true nature. Again, hate is not an agenda that plays well to the masses.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

A Week of Clarity

I have resisted the temptation of responding like a cheerleader after a pep fest since the state of the union address this past week. I decided to wait, study the speech, listen to both sides of the weeklong analysis, synthesize the information and come to my own conclusions as objectively as possible. Given this, I have concluded that the country is indeed in a perilous state. Not primarily because we are at war, or threatened by enemies, or any of the other numerous challenges that our country faces. Rather, I fear most for the health and safety of this great nation because we only have one party of government that understands the reality of the world and that can be trusted with the gravity of the circumstances that face us. To see the immature behavior of the Democrats demonstrated on Tuesday night at the State of the Union Address in reaction, or lack there of, to matters of importance mentioned by President Bush, was stunning and most revealing. They have lost it. Of course I want conservatives to continue winning majorities at all levels of government, and no doubt they will, but even I recognize that too much of a good thing ultimately isn't healthy. There needs to be a ying and yang, a "balance to the force", to be truly stable and the democrats have proven again that they are not able to provide that opposing balance. To see Hitlery smugly smirking and shaking her head no as President Bush explained why the NSA spy program was so vital and legal was stunning, especially in light of the shenanigans that she and her political partner, Bill foisted on the country. Then to hear the dems stand and cheer immaturely when the President mentioned his disappointment over not passing Social Security Reform was amazing. It was as if the Democrats had a script titled, "How to Prove to the Country that We Don't Care"! It seems clearly evident that the only plank in their party platform is hatred of George Bush and conservatives. They have no ideas, no agenda and nothing to offer except negativity, anger and obfuscation even at the risk of national security. They see their power and influence fading and like a cornered animal, they have lost perspective and reason. Their behavior has become pathetic and without serious change from within, will continue to jeopardize the security and progress of the country.

I've read that leftists don't like the label of "liberal" and have tried to change the term into something softer, so they are referring to themselves as "progressive". The irony is that there is nothing progressive about them. They are the party that continues to want to turn back the clock. They want to live in the 60's, fighting the Viet Nam war, marching for civil rights and promoting abortion. Their ideas are tired, out of date and are a boat anchor to real progress in America. As Christians, I believe we need to be praying for change within the Democratic Party. Their leftist ideology is dangerous. With the confirmation of Justice Alito, they may have lost the courts and their last hope of seeing their socialist vision of America realized. And with the likely possibility of one, or two more Justices leaving the bench during the remainder of Bushes term, the left will be raging and losing for decades. Thank God.

Yes, it was a week of clarity for the nation. With the conclusion of the Alito confirmation we saw the heart of the Democrats on display - negative, mean spirited, nasty and out of touch. At the State of the Union Address, we saw the behavior and values of the left on display - immature, uncooperative, unconcerned with national security, and again, out of touch. We need a change in the party of Truman and Kennedy because it's clear that today's Democrats can never be allowed to regain power. As Dennis Prager says, "Clarity is more important than agreement", and this week provided a lot of clarity.