Friday, July 03, 2009

2010 The New Revolution

"Hope and Change": The shallow phrase chanted as a hypnotic mantra for the brain dead cult followers of the Dalai Bama over the past 2 years, has finally been revealed to not only be empty, but also to be deadly to the future of our country. In just a few short months, Barack Obama has managed to show his cards as to his diabolical plan for the "change" he was promising. I think most casual observers that bought into the slick packaging of "The chosen One" and voted for him, thought that the change he spoke of was relatively innocent; maybe higher taxes for the rich, incentives for the development of green technologies, an end to the Iraq war; sensible "changes" that many could get on board with. Unfortunately, the real Obama plan always was, and is much more draconian and radical. Supported by the most radical leftist Congress in history, with a stroke of a pen he has mortgaged the future of our country by growing the debt with deficit spending more than any other president throughout history, combined. As his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel said, "you don't want a good crisis to go to waste" and what they are doing is to intentionally create a crisis from which they can claim the need to take drastic measures to "fix" it. They do this all the while blaming the Bush administration for the problems Obama has created. This is of course blatantly dishonest, but hey, being a Demoncrat means never having to be honest. The end always justifies the means. The tidal wave of freedom crushing legislation, executive orders and directives is breathtaking. The Cap and Trade bill, based on the faulty and disputed concept of man-caused global warming, is poised to crush US industry, energy production and family budgets. Obama's healthcare plan will mean the destruction of the greatest healthcare system in the world, increased waits, inferior treatment, and ultimately, loss of care to many who need it. His lack of conviction on a sensible border policy continues to encourage the invasion of illegal aliens, and his deer in the headlights reaction to serious global problems and threats proves to the world that The Dalai Bama is pathetically unprepared and weak on foreign policy. All this adds up to the intentional and calculated demise of the greatest country on earth. Obama's Marxist training has taught him well in the art of deception, misdirection and subversion. Yes, the "Hope and Change" that was promised by this Trojan Horse candidate actually meant take over and destroy, then rebuild as Europe west. The US Constitution be damned.

While Obama and his minions are systematically changing this country into their vision of a socialist utopia, as a Christian, conservative and a believer in the sensibilities of the American people, I am optimistic about the future. I believe that the people of this great country are starting to see the radical nature of this president and his useful idiots in Congress and are starting to see the need for a new revolution in this country. As our forefathers did 233 years ago, we need to revolt against the oppressors and tyrants that are threatening our way of life. Unlike the original revolution, we are able to do this non-violently, but still the term revolution is appropriate. The need is serious and the time is critical. The speed at which Obama is trying to change the country reveals that even he realizes that the probability of him having 2 terms to accomplish his mission is unlikely. What has to happen for us to save our country is to mobilize for the 2010 midterm elections and throw out as many leftists as possible and take away the rubber stamp on his agenda. This will be no simple task in that the MSM is his PR firm and will cheerlead for everything he wants. Like in 1776, it will take ordinary citizens to do extraordinary things to sound the alarm and change the course of history. Our way of life is worth it. Freedom is worth it. As Benjamin Franklin answered when questioned as to what had been given to the citizens of this new country in 1776, he answered, "A republic, if you can keep it."

I think it's worth keeping. That means, it's also worth fighting for. 2010 - The new Revolution!