Thursday, March 10, 2005

A Perfect Night

ZZ Top is the greatest blues/rock band ever, period. Oh yeah, Liberals suck. There, I had to get in a little politics to stay within the general theme of the blog. Before getting back to ZZ, I just have to ask, why don't liberals get on board with the overhaul of Social Security reform? these people are really sick! Their liberal posterboy, Bill "the rapist" Clinton was calling for saving SS ten years ago. But in perfect Clintonian style, all fluff and no substance. in fact, the only thing Clinton ever did of value on his own, that wasn't a conservative idea, ended up in a tissue in the oval office trash. But now here is a chance to really do something, and the socialists do nothing but villify the president and try to block any change. They know the system is insolvent. It is just that it is more important to them to try to attain power than try to move the country forward on an issue that will truly help the country. I'm in my mid forties, and I have never counted on Social Security being there for me. It is just a chunk of money that vanishes out of my check each month. Of course if I had the chance to take any amount of that and invest it myself in the market I would jump at it. And I think almost anyone with any sense, would do the same. Oops, I said "sense", that concept seems to have escaped modern Democrats. Man, they suck! OK, ZZ Top. Awesome band! I have seen them probably close to a dozen times. Every show, except one, was fantastic. (The one mediocre show was when they had to play in front of CSN, and they probably were pissed off having to play ahead of that bunch of drugged out, liberal commies. ie. "Dude, save the whales, hug a tree, don't wear fur, ban guns", then, "Dude! You dropped my bone china plate of caviar on my teak table and stained my arctic fox coat! I'm gonna get my .44 and blow your head off!") Anyway, this photo was taken at an outdoor show with ZZ and Uncle Ted Nugent. It was guys night out and we had front row seats. Ted shot an arrow into a large cutout target of Saddam. A perfect night for some great music, and not a liberal in site. Ahh, bliss.


Heaven7734 said...

ZZ Top and Ted Nugent... I've seen them both and they are the greatest rockers ever. In fact my three year old loves ZZ Top, his favorite song is "Sharp dressed Man." If/when you meet him you will have to ask him about it

Also, excellent dinner the other night. Let's plan this again in the near future. Its great to mingle with great Christian Conservatives such as yourself.

Take care and blog on!

Oh yeah... Liberals SUCK!

Anonymous said...

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