Monday, February 27, 2006

Free Advice For a Lefty

In my last post, I'll be back!, I somewhat playfully thanked President Bush for doing his part in creating an economic environment in which all Americans can prosper. Being a cog in the advertising industry, my business is at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to corporate spending. When we have been, and continue to be, consistently busy over the past 3 years, it means a couple of things. 1. Hopefully, we are doing a good job for our clients and they like us. And 2. The business climate has changed and continues to be strong. Corporate America is spending money. Of course it's a morphing economy. It's like a giant ameba; growing, shrinking, changing shape and direction as it moves, but it is growing and it's healthy.

At the end of the comment section of the last post, our faithful, but confused friend Jeff, the self appointed Mensa member and cyber geek, posed this question followed by a myriad of selective statistics: "Besides scud, who's getting rich in the Bush economy?"

It's a good question that deserves a common sense answer.

So, who's getting rich? Answer: Just about everyone who doesn't sit around, chained to their keyboard, wasting time arguing on blogs. Instead, we who are succeeding are out there working hard, creating something from nothing, using our own God given abilities (yes, I said GOD) and creating opportunities and wealth for others. But that doesn't fit the liberal, "I'm a pathetic victim", mantra now does it. No, I'm sure it's more satisfying being hunched over the keyboard, typing frantically, illuminated by the iridescent blue glow of the flat screen, foaming at the mouth and ranting about the evils of conservatives and the "chimposity" of our president.

So go ahead libs, choke on your stats. Read the ones that support your opinions till your eyes bleed. Personally, the only statistics I care about are the ones in front of me. And from where I stand, they look pretty dang good, thanks in part to the economic climate created by this administration and congress. Perfect? No. But a heck of a lot better than the socialist ideals the leftists want to impose. Bottom line, I control my own destiny. You lefties, I'm afraid, are controlled by your deviancy.

Now get back to work!


Jeff said...

This may surprise you, but the Man allows me time for lunch. Pennsylvania employees may also take a couple ten minute breaks but given the level of debate on this site, they are rarely necessary.

Consider this entry. Scud has officially progressed from distorting reality to denying it. A key statistic that I presented was quantified by the White House. Rather than disparage his hero, Scud turned his back. "Personally, the only statistics I care about are the ones in front of me." In other words, if Scud attends a game in which a batter goes three for four, then his lifetime average is .750. It may actually be .200 but if measures of reality distort beliefs, then those measures are casualties in Scudland.

BTW: I'm a lot thinner than the actor you cast in the title role.

Yet another stat for you to ponder.

scud said...

Wow, where to start? Distortions? You have made it an art form. Your stats are meaningless. Do you not understand capitalism and basic economics? So lets say that your buddy Bill Gates sells a few more lousy operating systems this year and he personally earns another $100,000,000. Does that mean there is less money for Jeff? NO. It does mean that Bill might reinvest in his business, hire a few more cube monkeys, build another warehouse, etc. Then, he may need another vacation home in Aspen, which will need to be built and then maintained and the taxes paid. In addition to all that, his lousy product now will require thousands of support businesses to set up, service and debug the system, employing thousands of more people. The bottom line is that it doesn't matter that the rich get richer. It doesn't affect you and I, or anyone negatively. Look, I am sickened by CEO salaries, Pro athlete contracts and the obscene dollars paid to the idiots in Hollywood and in the music industry. But I can't change that. As I said, the only statistics that matter are the ones in front of your own face. They show up monthly and come from the bank. And they represent the only thing that you can control. The top 1% wealthiest people are not taking your money!

By the way, if you believe anything CBS News says, you have a lot to learn.

Jeff said...

You must feel cheated by the fact that your school days occurred long before No Child Left Behind....

rightard said...

Great. Here comes Jeff and his Presidential approval polls again from such credible sources as CBS. I find it incredible that anyone is stupid enough to believe what these say. But then again, we are talking about Libs, who will swallow anything if it feeds their blind hatred of W. Jeff, go back to your 6X6 cube, plastic plant, and clip-on tie, someone may need their PC re-booted soon.

Just The Facts, Ma'am said...

I suppose this is more to your liking:

Poll: FOX/Opinion Dynamics
Date: 2/28-3/1/06
Appr: 39%
Hate: 54%

Faux News never lies: Worst. President. Ever.

scud said...

I think one of the things that confounds the lefties about President Bush, is that unlike his predecessor, The Rapist in Chief Billy boy, President Bush doesn't care about polls or which way the wind is blowing at the moment. He is a man of conviction and principal, which is why he was elected. He has taken a beating in the media and by his own party recently concerning the ports deal and with the increase in violence by the sub-humans in Iraq, which of course will temporarily affect any president's approval rating. He is not perfect and hasn't handled all controversial issues exactly the way conservatives might want him to, but as I've said before, like Reagan, he will continue to frustrate the left because he is doing good in the world and will go down in history as one of our greatest leaders. Again, Polls are ultimately meaningless.

Robert (not to be confused with Bob) said...

You would think that seeing Scud display his ignorance on his own blog month after month would get boring. But I can't stop laughing. Kinda like watching reruns of Corky. You want to cheer the guy on, but in the end he's still just a retard...... (I'm talking about Scud of course, not Corky). You're doing a heck of a job Scuddy, keep it up.

lymie77 said...

My goodness, I started reading this Blog thinking it was "snarky", but this Pineapple is totally serious. WOW, misled again by trying to engage others in discussion.

Good thing I can "unbookbmark" at will.


scooterlib said...

Statistics are such a nuisance, especially when they fail to support your political sentiments. Which right now would be almost any of the positions you wingnuts hold so dear.

In addition to being on the fringe, the "Personally, the only statistics I care about are the ones in front of me." and "As I said, the only statistics that matter are the ones in front of your own face." view is at best myopic. If, right there in the old scudland neighborhood, there are few outward manifestations of the many problems which confront the country in particular and the world in general. That doesn't mean they don't exist or that rational people shouldn't be concerned about them. Adopting the Alfred E Neuman "What Me Worry" stance won't make them go away. Since we're on the subject of Alfred E Neuman, have you noticed the more than passing resemblance between him and the Bozo in Chief GWB. The physical look he can't help, it's the "What Me Worry" part that's troubling.

It's difficult to believe anyone is so far removed from reality, that they can still indulge in the absurd fantasy that Bush will" go down in history as one of our greatest leaders." Even harder to believe, is that they can say it with a straight face. Making such a statement accurately reflects just how low the level of expectations has dropped for you righties. It's no longer a mystery why everything seems just..hunky dory.. to you.

CBS may have it problems, but a devotee of the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and Ann "Ragheads" Coulter, isn't exactly qualified to judge that.

Since you are doing so well financially, here's a worthy organization you should consider making a healthy donation to. It's dedicated to helping the servicemen and women severely wounded in combat. It's time folks like you, Bob and righturd made some sacrifices, other than vocal, to support the war in Iraq. Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

scud said...

As a matter of fact Scooter, we give a lot to charities and our church, which in turn supports a number of humanitarian efforts through out the world. I know it's hard for libs to think outside of their tiny little bigoted box, but it's actually been shown several times that contrary to the stereotype, Christian conservatives are more charitable than secular leftists. Even one of your heroes, Al "get the straight jacket" Gore, has proven this with his pathetic record of giving. Proof once again that it's easier for liberals to be poverty pimps and talk about a problem rather than try to solve it.

No, I'm afraid you've got it all wrong. We, conservatives in flyover land see the problems of the world quite clearly. The difference is that we're wise enough to know that global problems are fixed minutely, on an individual level. In other words, when an individual is successful, he/she is contributing positively to the strength of their own family, community and country. Here's a fun stat for you: If you make 50K per year, you are one of the .8 % wealthiest people in the world. The solution to poverty isn't just welfare. It's democratization and the elimination of corrupt and tyrannical governments. If people are free to be educated and use their own God given creative intelligence to create wealth for themselves, much of the problem would be solved.

skippy said...

It is a well known fact that religious nuts are compelled to give to charity because deep down inside they realize that their idiotic beliefs and practices are responsible for a great deal of the suffering in the world.

Jeff said...

If any one person personifies the faith-based community, it's scud. While the community believes in God, it is defined primarily by its faith in things it feels. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Bushean economic policies raise all boats because the community has faith in President Bush. If scud understood dispersion, then he'd realize my point is made by the very fact that the government prefers to describe income with median rather than average salaries.

Despite overwhelming evidence of general incompetence, i.e., ObL, Iraq, Katrina, Medicare, scud believes Bush is doing "doing good in the world and will go down in history as one of our greatest leaders." By any measure, that is nothing but a leap of faith.

scooterlib said...

Where to start? I take it by your response, there will be no donation to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. But what the hey, Halliburton wouldn't donate either. And we all know they're not making any money off this war.

So, now you're quoting statistics and studies. That is truly a surprise, after the sermon you gave the libs on how meaningless things like stats and studies really were. And on those occasions when you do offer a link to support your contentions, do you actually check to see if that's what it really does. Your Al Gore comment, for instance. If you were to overcome your NeoCon Tunnel Vision and read the article in it's entirety. It would become clear even to you, a card carrying Compassionate Conservative. That true to form, you zeroed in on the one possible statement you could use to try and discredit someone and ignored everything else. To be exact, your support piece covered 4 years of the Gore's charitable donations. Three years when the donations were more than generous and one year when they were nothing to brag about. Yet like a laser, you focused on one just that one year. That you would act in such a Rovian manner to prove a point, is somehow no surprise. It seems this Cherry-Picking Affliction affects all those of your political persuasion, from the Top(GWB) to the bottom(SCUD).

Sooner or later, you get around to arguing that making money is the be-all, end-all for everyone's problems. As a self proclaimed Christian, how do you square this stated belief with what the Bible has to say about money? Timothy 6:10. "For the love of money is the root of all evil"

Jeff said...

Drunken, republican, Christian, conservative "artist" marks his territory with urine.

Jeff said...

Scooterlib: I absorb your comments like scud takes-in a Sunday sermon on any of the three to four times he actually attends church but until you get an entry devoted entirely to you, then I gotta think you're second fiddle... ;-)

scud said...

Don't worry Jeffy, Scooter's right on your tail! Very impressive that you guys are quoting scripture. That's not part of the leftist manifesto is it? Anyway, since you're obviously a Biblical scholar, I'm sure you know that the original text and context of that passage refers to the prioritization and idolatry of money as the problem, not pursuing success and excellence of which there is monetary reward. And Scooter, Gore's charitable giving is pathetic in all those years when you consider his income and his expenses most of which are/were covered by our tax dollars. Face it, your hero is pathetic.

Remember generalizations are just that, general. There are many conservatives who are nasty SOBs just as there are many libs who are wonderful people - many of my best friends are card carrying, radical lefties. But the fact is that Christian conservatives are more generous and charitable than their counterparts on the left. Deal with it.

scooterlib said...

Thanks Jeff, it looks like even Scud thinks I'm making some inroads.

Surprise, Surprise, "Gore's charitable giving is pathetic in all those years when you consider his income and his expenses most of which are/were covered by our tax dollars. I suspect that would be because he was a Senator and then Vice President of the United States? The government does have this nasty habit of paying it's elected officials. So, I wouldn't be too shocked to learn that even Bush and Cheney are also being paid. Sorry Scud, Gore on his worst day, is far superior to Bush on his best day.

I'm quite "aware of the original text and context of that passage refers to the prioritization and idolatry of money as the problem," that's why I posted it. Pursuing success as you like to put it, can be admirable. Except that when some folks speak of the marketplace, it is as some idyllic imagined place, where everything is perfectly balanced, the producers and the consumers get just what they want and fairness always prevails. Well, that place doesn't exist. I myself happen to think very highly of the "free marketplace", to my knowledge there's no better single alternative. It just that I'm realistic enough to know this quest for wealth, in addition to helping solve problems can and does cause it's share of problems. You need to accept the fact "making money" is not the panacea for all of societies ills. At times, other methods of problem solving will be required.

I do however agree with you about the generalizations of people. I too have friend and family who are righties. And they are great people, except for that one small character flaw.LOL And some of the people I do my best to avoid are libs. Who'd a thunk it!!!

Anonymous said...


Missouri Legislators in Jefferson City considered a bill that would name Christianity the state's official "majority" religion.

House Concurrent Resolution 13 has is pending in the state legislature.

The resolution would recognize "a Christian god," and it would not protect minority religions, but "protect the majority's right to express their religious beliefs.

The resolution also recognizes that, "a greater power exists," and only Christianity receives what the resolution calls, "justified recognition."

State representative David Sater of Cassville in southwestern Missouri, sponsored the resolution, but he has refused to talk about it on camera or over the phone.

Jeff said...

scooterlib: I'm particularly scared now that scud's taken to calling me "Jeffy." We can only hope he jams a few fingers as he celebrations the South Dakota abortion ban...

scooterlib said...

That could very easily happen Jeff. The South Dakota ban is sure to induce euphoria among those in the Forced Childbirth Lobby.

Jeff said...

South Dakota realized the Muscoms were well ahead of us in forced childbirth. It was a strategic move to bridge the gap and shore up our 'mentalist bone fides. In Missouri, they are simply trying to keep pace with our theocratic opponents. We have to destroy our way of life in order to destroy their's. That's how Jesus would conduct this war. Yes, I said "Jesus."

Jeff said...

Conservatives finally start to catch up with me:

"The [Bush] administration lies about budget numbers."
-- Jeff 2002
-- Bruce Bartlett 2006

I selected uncomplicated words that any rightard could understand and repeated them over and over yet it still it took four years to sink in. Sheesh.

fuk ewe said...

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Scud and all the rest of the stupid moronic idiots who twice voted Dumbya into office. Thanks to them the dems. will be able to hang the actions of this administration around the necks of republicans for decades to come. Solidifying a bright happy prosperous future for our nation as a whole. Bravo Scud, bravo indeed.

Anonymous said...

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