Tuesday, August 15, 2006

R and R Was Needed

Well, well, well. You've been busy in my absence! Good! I see I haven't been too badly missed, or needed. You've all done quite nicely by yourselves. My short respite has been necessary for a number of reasons. One, it's been a crazy summer in the studio making piles of greenbacks thanks to a flourishing economy - thanks again George! Despite what the Socialist lefty propaganda wants us to believe - that high oil prices are a sign of the impending apocalypse - the economy is going strong, and those of us on the producing side of the ledger realize it. Second, I broke my wrist and didn't feel like one finger pecking at the keyboard. Lastly, I have to admit that the current state of politics has gotten to me a bit. The left is soooo far gone that it's hard to even see the humor in their dementia anymore. When Joe Loserman has become too conservative for the Demoncratic party, all you can do is stare blankly at the headlines and try to convince yourself that you’re not trapped in a frightening episode of the Twilight Zone. The only positive news for the dems recently has been the reluctant jettisoning of Cynthia McKinney, the most hateful racist in congress. I predict that she will inevitably occupy her new office, in the Georgia state Penal system, sooner rather than later. Without her power as a congresswoman to protect her, she will find her way to prison. Hateful, nasty crooks usually do.

Other than a few short vacations spent on the water, or listening to soulful, sweet blues at local festivals, I just haven't been able to join the fray as usual. I'll try harder now. I think we should start a pool to see who comes closest to the actual date that Iran is turned into a large sheet of glass! Who's in? President Deathwish (Ahmadinejad), will soon be communing with Allah and Mohammed, taking turns with their virgins, camels and sisters for all of eternity. I wonder if they have showers, soap or deodorant in Islamic heaven? Doubtful. (Oh no! Was that an insensitive, racist comment? Yep.)

I'm in for November 23rd. It'll make fabulous Thanksgiving Day entertainment!


rightard said...

Or, just drop Cynthia Mckinney on Iran. The stench alone would kill millions. Put me down for 01/15/07. Light 'em up!

Anonymous said...

It's so hilarious to watch the Party of Death continuously implode. They set new standards for political insanity. It has gotten so bad that now they're feeding on each other like starving rats....best of luck in 2008 Lib Dem Garbage.

scooterlib said...

I for one would like to welcome you back Scud. During your absence, I've been forced to get my dose of fantasy from Faux News,talk right radio and the SciFi channel. It's a relief to once more be able to get my fix in one location. I'm sorry to hear about your broken wrist. An injury caused, no doubt, by the weight of all the greenbacks you had to carry to the bank lately. Looks as if the wrist has healed well, since your still able to whip out phrases like "Demoncratic party", "Socialist lefty propaganda" as good as ever and with no obvious signs of physical distress.

Hearing that the photography segment of the economy has been doing so well, is more welcome news. We can only hope the boom in the portrait business will help offset the downward spiral being experienced elsewhere. In obscure sectors like housing, auto and retail. Though it's common knowledge these businesses aren't as vital to the nation's well-being as Photo Studios. Still, bad economic news there can give a false impression that things aren't really as rosy as you and the President say they are. Yep, we all owe G.I. George a great big THANKS!

She, Cynthia McKinney, is without a doubt an unpleasant person and might well, as you suggest, end up serving time in the slammer someday. I for one will be happy to see her leave Congress. She may even be as you say, "the most hateful racist in congress". But she is by no stretch of the imagination the most effective racists in Congress. For whatever reason, she lays her prejudices right out there in the open where everyone could see her for what she is. The really effective racists in Congress are the ones who are never intentionally blatant about it. At most, an occasional slip up is all you'll get to alert you to their true feelings. Does "Macaca" ring a bell. Of course if McKinney does end up in the pokey, she's likely to have as cellmates, a number of our (written in Scudspeak)... Rightwing Fascists Brethren. For starters, Duke Cunningham, Tom Delay, and from my own Congressional District, the beloved Bob Ney. If this keeps up, there may be a need to build a special Congressional wing at one of the Federal prisons. One reserved just for our elected officials and their staff.

I certainly wouldn't shed any tears if the President of Iran were to find his term of office permanently and abruptly cut short. But it seems just a tad extreme to advocate doing away with everyone in the country. That position seems to be nothing more than just a rightwing twist on the old Islamic radicals, "Death to America" theme. Surely you can acknowledge that there is no nation on earth, where the entire populace is supportive of, or responsible for the lunacy of it's leader.

Mr. Ithurtswhenipee said...

Scud's blog is just like Chimpy's policies- no self examination, never adapts to changed realities, a complete failure on every level......but he still likes to pretend he's right.

rightard said...

Blah, blah, blah. You libs, always the same thing. Fingers tapping, lips moving, and no one listening.

Jeff said...

If scud did well in the Bush economy, then his gains were at the expense of a competitor. More power to him, it's nice to see the little guy make good these days. Real median income has been flat for 99% of us so his gains are not the result of rising disposible income.

Let's stop pretending Lieberman was some kind of moderate. His support for Bush War II cost him the election. Preemptive war is NOT a moderate position, it's a radical one. It betrays more than 200 years of U.S. policy. Lieberman lost touch with his constituents and they voted against him in the primary. Nothing to see here, folks.

I have family that moved to Cynthia McKinney's nutjob state. I keep my visits few and far between. On the last trip out of Georgia, we saw a bumper sticker that read, "Happiness is a northbound Yankee." No truer words have ever been spoken....

Anonymous said...


Mitch Berg from "Shot in the Dark" and the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers here. Pardon the off-topic comment - but I can't find an email address.

We're having the MOB summer party on 9/9 at Keegan's in Minneapolis, and I want to make sure you get an invite.

If you think you can make it, drop a line at "northernallianceparty@hotmail.com" if you're interested. Love to meet you!

Mitch Berg

Anonymous said...

Looks like rightard is just as articulate as our Fearless Leader.

rightard said...

Wow, snappy come-back there anonymous. I stand humbled in the presence of such greatness. Bet you worked on that one for hours.

Anonymous said...

"Blah, blah, blah." A quote from Rightard, our resident wordsmith.

Jeff said...

New numbers give us a chance to evaluate the scud economy. The median hourly wage continued its decline. It's now down 2% since 2003 despite three years of increased productivity. Somebody is reaping the benefits of those productivity gains. My guess: it's not values voting Republicans, it's Old Boy voting Republicans. Wages and salaries now comprise the lowest percentage of GDP since the government began tracking that information in 1947. Economists are at a loss to explain a curious bubble for one commercial photographer in suburban Minneapolis.

scud said...

Sorry lefties,
It seems that the difficulty for the brainwashed minions of Kerry, Murtha, Pelosi, etc. and their propagandists in the lefty media, is that they have a concrete mindset that filters all information and spits it out as negative. Bottom line: they can't be happy. Liberalism, as it exists today, is pessimistic, negative, fearful, angry and confused. These are all traits of Godless secularism. They have no foundation from which to base happiness, success or security. Those things are moving targets, which cannot be attained. There always will be something to complain about. The God shaped vacuum in their soul cannot be filled, therefore everything sucks. They thrive on pessimism, negativity, fear and loathing. Therefore, the success of others, and the happiness and moral certainty of the Christian right drives them nuts. Thus they continue to wage war on traditional Judeo-Christian values.

OK, let's talk economics. I don't expect many of you lefties understand my business, but it is fairly low in the food chain of the advertising industry. When big corporations are holding back or are in periods of austerity, they find better ways of spending money than by expensive ad campaigns needing new photography, graphics, video/film, etc. This was the case in the last half of the Clinton years. The phantom tech bubble was bursting, we were in a recession and corporations were holding on to their ad dollars. 9-11 exacerbated this trend and a lot of advertising related businesses went under. Now for the past 4 plus years, our business is booming. This means that companies are spending money in advertising. Corporate dollars are being spread around, marketing is up, manufacturing is up, unemployment is down, and thanks to the Bush tax cuts, government tax receipts are up. Tax cuts work!

I know this won't make sense to the poor slobs who view life through the prism of negativism as held out in front of them by the propagandists on the left, but that's the truth. Life isn't all bad. Sure not everything is perfect, there's lots to improve on, but if you take away your tainted prism for a moment, you might realize that we're better off than you think we are.

Jeff said...

I prefer to live through the prism of reality. Let's consider scud's claim, "Tax cuts work!" His measure? "[G]overnment tax receipts are up." Let's examine the numbers, shall we?

Federal receipts (billions)

2000 | 2025.2
2001 | 1991.2
2002 | 1853.2
2003 | 1782.3
2004 | 1880.1
2005 | 2139.7

On the surface, it would appear scud is correct. Receipts are higher in 2005 than they were in 2000. So tax cuts increase receipts, right? Wrong. If you cut revenues, then you lower receipts. Scud is relying on nominal dollars, i.e., deception. Let's convert those receipts to 2006 dollars and see what happens, shall we?

2000 | 2393.31
2001 | 2288.02
2002 | 2096.31
2003 | 1971.19
2004 | 2025.41
2005 | 2229.54

The conclusion is obvious: down is up in scudland.

scooterlib said...

That was some mighty impressive sermonizing Scud. I take it the gist of your evangelizing is to assert that God basically agrees wholeheartedly with the viewpoints of the likes of you, G.I. George, Rush, Michelle and Adams Apple Ann, and finds any other positions distasteful. Maybe you nut cases can lobby God to smite the liberals. Then "the happiness and moral certainty of the Christian right" could reign supreme.

scud said...

Thanks again guys! Once again you can't help but prove my point over and over and over again. Beautiful!

Better check that glass gang, sounds like it's half empty.

scooterlib said...

Scud has repeatedly admonished those of us on the left, who post here, as being too negative. I assume he means we're negative about the folks on the right, and the leadership or lack of, that they provide. Keeping with my ongoing effort to break out of this mold of Liberal negativism, I'm going to quote a paragraph of inspiring positive statements written by Scud in this very thread. These statement reflect the positive prism through which Scud views life as opposed to the negative prism of lefties like myself.

"Sorry lefties,
It seems that the difficulty for the brainwashed minions of Kerry, Murtha, Pelosi, etc. and their propagandists in the lefty media, is that they have a concrete mindset that filters all information and spits it out as negative. Bottom line: they can't be happy. Liberalism, as it exists today, is pessimistic, negative, fearful, angry and confused. These are all traits of Godless secularism. They have no foundation from which to base happiness, success or security. Those things are moving targets, which cannot be attained. There always will be something to complain about. The God shaped vacuum in their soul cannot be filled, therefore everything sucks. They thrive on pessimism, negativity, fear and loathing. Therefore, the success of others, and the happiness and moral certainty of the Christian right drives them nuts. Thus they continue to wage war on traditional Judeo-Christian values." " poor slobs who view life through the prism of negativism as held out in front of them by the propagandists on the left"

I know some of you might not consider that paragraph of Scud's as overly positive, but I assure you it is and here's why. A conservative wrote it, really that's all it takes. Let me demonstrate...here's a conservative positive statement.."brainwashed minions of Kerry, Murtha". and here's a liberal negative statement..brainwashed minions of GWB and Deadeye Dick. It's amazing how quickly the difference becomes apparent, when the two statements are compared side by side, isn't it? The conservative quote serves to highlight the patriotism of the writer, his love of GWB and his desire to expose the America haters among us. While the liberal assertion displays blatant hatred of God, GWB, America and the Christian Right. If the positive aspects of Scud's sstatement still isn't that apparent to everyone, maybe we can impose on him to explain it to us "poor slobs."

We, the brainwashed minions on the left, would do well to emulate Scud's entire paragraph, he's packed it as full of positive statements as is humanly possible. By the way, the brainwashed minions thing in the previous sentence was written in a positive conservative mode and not a negative liberal way.

The Ghost of Joey Ramone said...

I can sum up scud's mind set with one simple sentence. Ignorance is bliss.

Jeff said...

Now that I've dismantled scud's assertion that tax cut increase revenues, let's consider his moral certainty - in this case the dangers of moral certainty.

To a secularist, nothing could be more absurd than the christian right's assertion that regional conflicts as different as those in East Timor, the Caucusus, Lebanon, Palestine, Kashmir and the Balkans are all part of an "Islamic fascist" assault on the West and its values. With moral certainty, the President has declared these conflicts akin to the Cold War or the Second World War.

Unless the goal is to ignite a clash of civilizations, this approach is wrong and stupid. The groups engaged in these conflicts are first and foremost national liberation movements. None were inspired by the ideas that drive al Qaeda. Mr. Bush's generalization can only be made by religionist whose simplified worldview reduces reality to us against them, with us or against us, Christian vs. Islam.

Jeff said...

scud, our guests are about to arrive but I wanted to take a moment to help you celebrate American labor. Here's a song by Miss Molly Jackson:

I am a union woman,
Just as brave as I can be,
I do not like the bosses,
And the bosses don't like me.

Join the CIO, come join the CIO.

I was raised in old Kentucky,
In Kentucky borned and bred.
But when I joined the union,
They called me Rooshian Red.

Anonymous said...

Economics 101 by Jeff the Tennis Pro. Go back to quoting CNN presidential approval ratings and stop embarrassing yourself. You're in way over your head and it shows. I know how desperately you want to appear intelligent but you're trying too hard.

rightard said...

Hey now, go easy on the Leftist Intelligentsia. We should feel honored to be continuously inundated with so much brilliant insight. There's the omnipresent Jeff: tennis pro, IS geek, political scientist, economist, socialogist, expert on world religion, statistician, aethiest, and, for all I know or care, an underwater basket weaver, breakdancer, drunk, and porn addict. Indeed, he does it all and knows it all. Why his works are not being published in The Journal, The Times, or Law Review I have no idea. He has it ALL figured out. So much brilliance being wasted in the World of Blog.

Scooterlib is another brilliant social commentator and resident expert on world religion, politics, and economics.

What I find most amusing is how liberals spew their stuff and then immediately congratulate themselves on "discrediting" whomever they're in disagreement with, which, for the most part, is the entire world. Hilarious.

Liberals. They're sort of like monkeys at the local zoo; swinging to and fro, chasing around endlessly, but never accomplishing anything substantive. Just a source of cheap entertainment.

Jeff said...

Rightard: Welcome to the Monkeyhouse. Think of us as your fact checkers. As we've seen above, scud never bothers to look things up.

To set the record straight, I'm a tennis enthusiast, not a pro. I'm hardly an expert on world religion. When you pray to Jesus, I can't imagine what you hope to achieve. But as long as it makes you feel better, then knock yourself out.

As for your other charges: I'm neither a basketweaver nor a breakdancer. I rarely have more than three beers but if that makes me a drunk by Bible Belt standards, then I'm guilty as charged. While I'm certainly no prude, I don't consume pr0n. I bought Playboy once and it really was for the articles. They had an interview with Kurt Vonnegut. He's a humanist. I prefer that label to "atheist." The latter makes no sense.

My work is regularly published, but unless you're a technologist, you wouldn't recognize the publications. The Times prints light tech pieces, my audience are complete and total nerds.

Tell us about yourself: I imagine an overweight, rural livin', pancakce eatin', SUV drivin', bible thumpin', puritan with all kinds of skeletons in the closet but your wife doesn't mind because she's overweight, too.

Monz said...

Rightard ain't got no wife. Dude jerks off so much he ain't got no fingerprints left on his right hand.

rightard said...

Whoa, touch a nerve did I Jeff? Fact checkers, yeah right. You are so full of crap it's amazing. The saddest part is that you actually believe the garbage you write. But look on the bright side, you do have the support of class acts like "monz" so you got that going for you. Fantasy breeds more fantasy, indulge yourself.

Jeff said...

Now I didn't get upset when you made up stories about me. I don't know you, rightard. You could have rebutted by saying you were a superhero or something - just like Peter Parker.

Scud: the Jets play Minnesota this year. I thought about coming out there to harass you in person but we chose the Miami game instead (Christmas Day - we'll be on Monday Night Football while you're in church with Jesus.)

scooterlib said...

Nice try Righturd, but role of Dr. Phil is already taken. So you'll just have to settle for being this blog's male version of Ann Coulter. Course..male version.. might be technically incorrect. Since there is quite a bit of doubt out there about Ann's true gender. But then again, that just might be something else you and Ann have in common.

Scud, it's looks like you've picked up another ally in your efforts to cleanse the world of liberalism and secularism. Mahmound Abmadinejad.

Liberals are causing all my problems too

rightard said...

Oh yes, we got Team Lib: Jeff the Fact Checker, Scooterslut the Town Idiot, and Monz, the resident sex offender and team mascot. Quite the grouping of accomplished and brilliant individuals. Liberals, always the lowest common denominator in any setting. And there's Jeff, not only an connoisseur of tennis but guess what? The little dork likes football too...now that did throw me for a loop, him being a technogeek and all (published as well, in fine magazines everywhere). Evidently, we're all supposed to care for some reason.

Jeff said...

Rightard: Certainly you couldn't have thought I liked to watch advertisements turning left....

No ties to al-Qaeda, no WMD, a failed experiment in Middle Eastern nation building, two mishandled wars, a prescription drug debacle, one "heckuva" response to hurricane disasters and a botched effort to "fix" social security have left you with little more than ad hominem attacks. Congradulations. You've discovered what we've know all along. Worst. President. Ever.

BTW: If it was a war for oil, then he fscked that up, too.

Tim said...

Name calling aside, allow me to enter the discussion. I am a Pub and I did vote for W but I must admit my level of resistance for all things political is crumbling. There are numerous issues but my two hot button items are the lack of a coherent immigration policy and, most galling of all, the level of federal spend. We are $8.5 trillion in debt and are increasing it by $1.75 billion per day last I checked. I am now working a minimum of 3 months per year for the government, with no relief in sight. I'm no economic genius, I had macro and micro econ in college and got C's in both but I have to ask: where and when does this get turned around? It's completely insane. If we all ran our businesses and/or personal lives like this, we'd be in the gutter, jail, or dead.

scooterlib said...

"Scooterslut the Town Idiot" Gosh, Righturd, I hardly know how to respond to your rapier like wit. You really cut me to the quick with that clever barb.

Looks like I'm left with no recourse but to quote the blogs foremost 'anal poster. "Wow, snappy come-back there", "Bet you worked on that one for hours."

rightard said...

Take it easy Scooterslut, don't give yourself a nosebleed. You're just such an easy target I simply can't help myself.

Jeff said...

Tim: what about the Iraq War? Since you voted for Bush, I assume you agreed with that policy. They administration is engaged in some Enron-style maneouvering in order to decrease public outcry when its budget goes to Congress. The war is financed on credit cards, i.e., supplemental appropriations bills or "emergency" funding.

Personally, I'm glad Republicans have made immigration a hot button item. The GOP made huge inroads into the hispanic community in 2004 (40%). This issue will certainly reverse that trend. The only way to deal with the economics of immigration is to bring it within the law. Give workers a path to citizenship and immigrant-dependent industries, such as agriculture, meat-packing and hotels, a realistic framework for employing immigrants legally.

tim said...

Yes, Iraq is at the top of my list as well. I support the WOT and am not sorry Saddam is history but after almost 4 years and over $300 billion dollars (and counting), one has to ask, what is the exit strategy. At some point, someone has to say "game over". I recently read that some are predicting this war could hit a trillion dollars.....enough already.

rightard said...

While Scooterlib is sitting at his PC with a crimson face, neck bulging, and brain gears slowly grinding, trying to think of his next vicious salvo to launch at me and blow me to bits, I'd like to offer up a theory I've been working on regarding liberalism. So, gather 'round libbies, take a knee, and listen up. Consider if you will the modern day, garden-variety American Liberal. In general, liberals despise most of the great principles in which our nation was founded. They hate God and embrace every sort of securalism known. They are humanistic, amoral, embracing any new age philosophy regardless of how absurd it is. But, they live in America and enjoy all the freedoms, opportunities, and endless wealth that this country has. Ergo, a conflict is born. How can one exist in such a prosperous, rich environment, yet despise it at every turn? This, then, is the cross the average liberal must bear and somehow reconcile with. Liberalism is a form of self-loathing. This in turn causes liberals to be filled with rage and anger at the world, America, and sadly, themselves. There is no question that generally speaking, liberals are the most miserable, joyless, angry human beings on the planet.

Also consider the breed of Limousine Liberals we are blessed with. For example, Barbra Streisand. There's Babs, standing on her balcony in her 20,000 square foot Malibu Mansion, staring vacantly over her vast kingdom, net worth in the nine digits, wringing her hands and fretting over all the social injustice in America, those nasty Republicans, and worst of all, Satan himself, Dubya. What an internal conflict that must be brewing in her fat, pendulous belly.

In conclusion, when one considers the hypocrisy that liberals live in, the subsequent hate and rage they exuberate is a natural extension of the internal conflict and miserable lives they live.

Thank you and good night.

scooterlib said...

Impressive copy and paste rightard.

Jeff said...

Rightard, the founders were characterized by a varied set of religious beliefs but they embraced legal secularism. Do you realize the U.S. Constitution was the first document of its kind with no mention of god?

You seem to be pulling some sort of Ann Coulter - making up sh!t then arguing against it. Let me help you out.

Liberals think the primary purpose of government is the defense of individual liberty. We favor the right to peaceful dissent from orthodoxy in political, religious and social matters. We recognize your right to disagree with that philosophy. Some folks prefer imposed uniformity.

BTW: Last I checked Barbara Streisand did not hold a political office. In other words, who cares what she thinks?

Anonymous said...

Jeff, the problem with defining liberalism to stupid fuks like Retard is that you have to use polysyllabic words to do it. Thus rendering him incapable of understanding what you are talking about. I have no doubt that Retard's future comments will bear this out.

Jeff said...

Scud needs a new Thesaurus. Given the time between recent posts, it's obvious he's run out of ways to say, "I LOVE PRESIDENT BUSH!"