Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hiding in Happiness

I'm a naughty blogger. I have to admit it and face the reality that I just can't physically, mentally or emotionally maintain any consistency in being immersed into those things that irritate me in the world. I think it is healthy, for me anyway, to step back, listen to some good music, look at some beautiful art or nature, hug my wife and kids, eat a good meal and enjoy the many blessings I have in my life. There is a limit on how much liberal insanity I can absorb without shutting down in some way to numb myself from the nasty reality that they inflict. Since I don't drink, take drugs or medicate myself with any other destructive diversion, I just have to shut off the chaos and revel in the experience of being alive and well, and to realize that no matter how evil the Democrats have become, no matter how much their vision of what America should be is wrong and destructive, and no matter how frustrating it is to see how wimpy some of the Republicans are, I can always come home, hug my family, mow my lawn, play a little golf and realize that I have it better than 99% of humanity throughout the ages. Political injustice, lying and tyranny used to be the norm throughout the world. Now it's only common in countries loved by liberals. Hopefully they will continue to openly hate America. If they ever start to embrace it, we know we've lost and America will cease to be the great country it has been. We will have then become another freedom hating, socialist utopia where the state decides what's best for the individual and collectivism and redistribution turns all of us into mindless drones living only to serve the elites. Ah yes, the liberals, gotta love 'em; they are entertaining. But until that happens, I'm going to occasionally bury my head in the sweet sand of happiness and enjoy the life I've been blessed with. The libs will always be there, barking like the dirty jackals that they are, pressing on in their relentless pursuit of the destruction of American tradition and culture. That fight will always be there. Today I'm gonna go play some golf, come home, have a big steak, and hug my wife. Aahhh....that's better.


Cynthia said...


The way you feel about the Dems, I feel the same way about the Repugs. But lately, the Dems have gotten on my last nerves too. I think you are right, sometimes you just have to get away from it all and enjoy what you have. No matter how the Dems and Repugs bicker in this country, it is still a lot better than many other places.

scud said...

Agreed! You know, I realize that there needs to be a ying and yang to life, it keeps us all honest. It should never be "one size fits all". As different as we all see things, and as frustrating as it all gets sometimes, the good in our cushy lives far out weighs the bad. Soak it in and enjoy the journey, right? Thanks for your contribution.

Anonymous said...

Republicans and Democrats are just two cheeks on the same ass.