Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's Black and White

After President Bush spoke this evening about the war in Iraq, it couldn't be more clear. Liberals, I guess that would have to include 95% of elected Democrats, Socialists, Communists, Anarchists and college professors and most of Hollywood which are to the left of the first groups, have now painted themselves into a corner from which escape will be unlikely if not impossible. For them to now come out and gather mainstream support, they will have to side with the president to a much greater degree and humbly admit that they were wrong in their anti-war rhetoric. John Kerry once again today, made a complete fool of himself in the NYT by writing what he thought President Bush should say in his address, by simplistically stating the obvious as if it were an epiphany, that "we need a plan to win the peace". Duhh!! It truly makes me shutter to think that this guy was actually the left's idea of a presidential candidate. What an idiot! Another fine example of the wheels coming off of the liberal's wagon was the public lunacy displayed by Teddy "drink 'n' drive" Kennedy. His announcements from committee meetings, belittling Rumsfeld, and on the Senate floor, declaring that Iraq is a "quagmire", would have been hilarious if it wasn't so scary! As stated before in previous posts, Kennedy has no right to be a free man, much less a lifetime Senator. Seriously, what is wrong with Massachusetts?

The left has truly set itself apart from mainstream America. There is no room for misunderstanding now as to which party is best suited to handling serious governmental matters. The President's speech tonight was perfect, and 100% George Bush. He was straight forward, and sincere. And that is why he was re-elected and why he is the right man for the job. He correctly set the tone for the rest of the conflict, which will be years not months, explained why it would be stupid to try to attempt to set a deadline, and made it clear that the only people truly deserving of respect are our military personnel and their families, not a bunch of whiney liberal Senators in Washington.

There is no doubt in my mind as to who the good guys are in this country, and who the subversives are. The left has lost it completely. It has become a contest of good vs. evil. Thanks to the continuous ranting of the looney left, the good guys will continue to win, at least at the ballot box, for years to come, or at least until the next crop of brainwashed morons stumble away from their bongs in their dorm rooms in time to vote. But who knows, maybe when they sober up, they'll realize that they've been tricked and start to see black and white as well. We can only hope.


Cynthia said...


I still have one eye on you man. I'm speechless. Although I didn't listen to the speech, from what I've read, King Georgie Porgy did nothing but lie. Scud, you seem like you are an intelligent man, why do you believe the lies. Come to the left side. Come to the left side, the true right side.

Anonymous said...

You bought that nonesense? By all means like Bush if you like Bush but he is an elected official and I didn't find his speach acceptable.

Personally I'm sick of the hot air. That guy can't give a straight answer to save his life. He/they ARE elected officials and should be held accountable for how they spend American lives and money. It seems like they are either winging it or if they do have a plan they have just become so arrogant that they don't believe they HAVE to answer to us. I mean the guy is essentially saying that he will do what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants. Sorry, the constitution was never supposed to give the president such power (our forefaterhs feared to much presidential power might be abused...imagine that.)

I thought this invasion of Iraq was a load of crap when he first started floating the possibility...but like an idiot I gave him the benefit of the doubt as it came on the heels of the very justified invasion of Afganistan. I am sure you NEVER would have given Clinton the same benefit of the doubt...but what can I say, I'm an even handed fellow.

The case for invading Iraq WAS a load of crap (I hate being right). There's noWMD's, reconstituted nuke programe, or 9/11 connection as he continually implied last night and it's insulting to keep hearing this guy say there was a9/11 connection to justify his invasion.

Bush could have answered when, where, and how we are going to wrap this thing up...but no just a bunch of fluff as if people aren't dying and we arn't getting bankrupted.

300 Billion dollars and I'm contributing to bake sales so people can get their kids body armor?!!! This is crazy...I've put out about 60 bucks this last year for charities run to buy their kids in Iraq body armor.

Unbelievable considering the vast sums Bush and Channey cronies are collecting off of this war. War profiteering used to be a crime. We used to hold our elected officials and corporations accountable.

Here's a new one that I really hope isn't true...it is claimed that the body count in Iraq is way off because we are only counting those that die on the ground in Iraq. Those that die of thier injuries enroute to the hospital or out of the country are not being counted...or so it is claimed. I'll rage on that one later if it's true but right now I need an "exit stratagy" from this post.

Let me wrap up by re-framming something thing...the manly thing to do isn't to blindly cheer el-presidente.

If you are a grown man with a family you have to look out for them and do your duty as an American by holding your public officials accountable. From your township right up to the president...don't let them lie about how they exercise the trust the public has placed in them and NEVER let them steal from you and your family.

Sadly many repubicans and conservatives have been seduced by this neo-conservative and have decided that politics isn't life and death it's really FOOTBALL. And they root for their team through all weather.

Grow up...this is life and death, politicians are not to be blindly trusted no matter what letter you put by their name. Bush and the neo-cons have really been abusing the blind trust many have put in them (trust placed in good faith I might add) and those people are going to have a lot of egg to wipe off of their faces in the coming years.

It's left to me and others of good sense to try and hold our elected officials accountable. I don't care if it's the local supervisor or the president...I'm their equal and I WILL get in their face and ask them to explain themselves regarding x, y, or z.

Try acting like a man and not a teen boy with an infatuation with a sports team.

scud said...

Whoa! That ws a mouth full! I appreciate your passion. I agree, in that elected officials should always be scrutinized in everything they do, and in fact not given the bennefit of the doubt. their actions should always be looked at through the prism of skeptisism. The fact is that anyone who aspires to high office probably has a much different mindset than you and I. I've always contended that if regular folks were in charge of governments, common sense would be allowed to resolve most conflicts in stead of huge egos and greed for power. that being said, I think that some people have an irrational disdain for this president because of his openness about his faith, and his belief in conservative ideology. I am critical of President Bush on several issues like Border security and pork spending, but I like him for a lot of other reasons, primarily his willingness to not sweep important issues under the rug, like Terrorism, securing the middle East, Social Security reform, Constitutional judges, Tax cuts and reform, and tort reform. There are others of course, but the other reason I like him is that when he speaks -and yes he's not the smoothest speaker ever- but he believes in what he's saying. there is a sincerity to him that is infectuous and real. It's ok though, you guys on the left will always hate him. I believe history will prove him right. Just like it did with Reagan. He was hated as well.

Anonymous said...

You project much to much on the rest of us...you HATED Clinton so others must HATE Bush. Not so. After 2000 I was apathetic toward Bush didn't really like or dislike him.

I even rationalized that it would be a smooth 4yrs because Bush had his father and an experienced bunch of people around him...what could go wrong!

Invading Iraq was a bad idea. I don't like being lied to by my elected officials...do you? Because we were lied to.

Review a media clip...you won't like what she says and how she says it but it's only 8mins long and at least you will have some eye opening idea of how I and others feel about the Iraq diversion.

Setting the Record Straight
The Randi Rhodes Show (6-29-2005)


I have never been a Democrat...I have voted for many Republicans since I started voting in 1980...and now (since last year) I feel that I absolutly HAVE to throw in with the Democratic party for the sake of my kids!

scud said...

You're drinking the Kool-Aid again. Randi Rhodes, while entertaining and passionate, does not have a monopoly on actual facts. She is part of the conservative hating media types that select the information that is convenient to their idiology and nothing more. I think we're about the same age. I voted for Jimmy Carter in my first election. And found out the hard way, as did many Americans, that Democrats, while talking a good game, really don't have any ideas especially in the face of a complicated and dangerous global arena. I became a Reagan conservative and haven't looked back since. Clinton was elected because of Ross Perot, twice, nothing more. He was an abomination and disgrace. Although he did capitulate on conservative ideas when the poll numbers favored it, which saved his presidency from complete failure.

Your insistance the Bush lied is sad, paranoid and delusional. Bush, and the leaders of 33 countries finally acted on the intellegence that the entire world had and believed, including the French, Germans, Russians, the UN, the US Congress and Bill Clinton! Michael Moore is a nut and it sounds like you have swallowed some of the insanity that he, and his nutty friends have been serving. News flash: you and I and our kids will not be better off with the sophmoric Dems in control. I dissagree with plenty of Republicans on a number of issues, but on the big one, they're way better than the alternative.

Turn off "Error America" once in a while and listen to Medved, Prager or Ingraham. It will help you.

Anonymous said...

None of us can judge another person's heart, but we can certainly judge their actions. And Bush keeps trying to conflate the Iraq quagmire with the war on terror; before, he tried his best to imply without actually saying it in so many words that Iraq was involved with the 9/11 attack. He conveniently forgets that the IEDs that keep killing our troops and Iraqi police and civilians are built from high explosives from ammo dumps that we didn't bother to secure on the way to Baghdad. And all because Junior was too used to having his daddy's friends help him out when he screws things up - he puts on a halfway decent show, but you can tell that he's faking it.

I don't know whether his faith is real or not; it may be, for all I know. But he treats it like too many "Christians" in my acquaintance do - as a crutch and a "Get out of jail free FOREVER" card. He doesn't seem like he's all that humble; he smirks too much, and you can tell that he thinks he's fooling us. Hell, he did fool enough of us to barely win a second term. He acts like he's got an excuse for almost anything he wants to do, and that he's got a hole card with a cross on it in case he gets caught.

If he were really sincere and humble, it might be different. Billy Graham is a man like that; many of the smaller church pastors I've met are like that too. I've seen politicians who are like that. Bill Nelson in Florida is one, as is (former Sen) John Danforth.

It isn't his faith that grinds people like me; it's the lust for domination that it hides. I like beer. I like porn, once in a while. I've been known (in the past) to smoke a joint once in a while. I've also been a happily married law-abiding taxpayer for almost twenty years, with two kids and a mortgage. I'm quite capable of handling my life and my family on my own, without any help from the assclowns that Bush and Rove take their social marching orders from.

As far as Bush's speech goes, it was weak. The fact that he had to give it at all is a testament to the monumental fuckup that postwar Iraq has become on his watch. Our military did the jobs they were trained to do, and they did it superbly. I was watching the soldiers' faces, and they did not like what they were hearing. They also didn't look like they really respected him; they could tell that he was a toy soldier, but he is their Commander in Chief and they'll do their jobs.

Bush is an embarrassment. Live with it. I voted for the _real_ soldier in '04.

scud said...

Wow, OK, I give. Uncle, already! You hate the guy. I get it. It's OK, I Hereby grant you the priveledge to live in fantasy land for all eternity. Billy Graham was the man primarily responsible for the turn around in Georges life, and yes, he did turn around. I think you spend way too much time trying to find evidence for your beliefs in facial expresions and meaningless physical nuances that are insignificant. But hey, it's OK. believe what you want, and keep voting for phonies like Kerry. Maybe you'll get to vote for Queen Hillary, the ice queen, next time. I've worked with injured soldiers at Walter Reed, and to a man, they love and respect this president. Also, everyone of them despised even the thought of John Kerry as president. Thanks for your interest and lively exchange. You're a good writer! All the best.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to try to find evidence in Bush's facial expressions; it's been there all along for everyone to see.

And asking an injured soldier (presumably still on active duty) at Walter Reed his or her opinion of the commander in chief is what, in the polling biz, they call "sampling error". It's like going into 1980's Iraq and asking peoples' opinions of Saddam Hussein; you're likely to get lopsided results that don't have anything to do with peoples' real opinions. If you really want to find out what the military thinks about the President, you have to go out and ask the ones who aren't in the military any more. Or ask their families. You'll find that some like him and some don't.

Anonymous said...

(From the first Anonymous poster)

SCUD, I posted a link for you to listen to...did you do it? Listen to it.

I didn't provide the link because it was a revalation to me...I read the papers and follow world events so Randi Rhoades spiel isn't news. I posted because you seem to be in a bubble and can't really grasp WHY I and others say Iraq is a bad idea.

The audio segment is factually correct and you should listen and understand several things.

ONE: WE supported a Jihad in Afganistan against the Soviets. Osama Bin Laden (a rich young Saudi fundamentalist) was trained by our CIA guys, raised tons of money from wealthy SAUDIS, and arranged for young Saudi men to fight in the holy war to drive the infidels from Afganistan.

TWO: After the Afgan war Osama was a threat to the Saudi rulers as he didn't like their western ways. He became violent toward the Saudi Rulers and America because the Saudi's allowed an American base on Saudi soil in the first Gulf war. He was banned from Saudi Arabia because he had such money and power with the fundamentalist in Saudi Arabia he might have over thrown the Saudi Rulers.

THREE: He paid for and drove terrorism around the world against America through the nineties. Finally attacking America.

FOUR: Sadam was a secular leader and would have no parts of any Islamic fundamentalist... especially such a threat to him as Osama Bin Laden.

FIVE: We attack Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban...hurray. Then we stop before we get Osama and invade Iraq. WTF??? Osama isn't in Iraq...Iraq didn't attack us, no one is buying the WMD excuse...and Sadam is cooperating, Sadam is letting our inspectors in...why are we rushing into this war?

SIX: The Administration focus switches completly from the terrorist prick that declared war on us and people like you are easily fooled by the sound and fury of Iraq forgeting about Osama Bin Laden.

NOW: Osama Bin Laden is most likely in Pakistan. Musharraf is our man but the people of that NUCLEAR nation hate America. You better pray everyday that Musharraf will reamain as strong as he can be.

If Musharraf he is killed or overthrown we are in serious danger of looking at a radical muslim nation with nuclear bombs...a nation of people that love and cheer Osama Bin Laden.

Nice work invading Iraq.

scud said...

Yes I listened to Ms Rhodes, and I listen to Error America quite often. I also read The Nation, and Move on, etc. I don't live in a bubble! I just find the information they tend to hang their collective hats on to be either incomplete and out of context, narrow focussed, not wanting to see contraticting information, or outright deception and lies. For the most part, you're right about Osama. We also were allied with Stallin in WWII. Big deal! That's what happens in the big boy world of global conflict. That's why the Dems cannot have power again, because their infantile and pollyanic views of conflict and security will get us killed. No one has ever said there was a direct link from Iraq to 9-11, What has been rightly said, is that unlike the 8 year Clinton disaster, we can no longer sit back and wait for stuff to happen. Saddam was an eventual threat, had violated UN sanctions and thumbed his nose at the civilized world for decades. He was financing homiced bombers in Israel. The world had intel that acknowledged WMD, It had to be done! Get over it already! Unlike your hero Ms Rhodes said, Bush has done more to try to rid the world of terrorism than Clinton ever dreamed of doing. I love that she thinks we're not pursuing Osama. But she praises Clinton for inticting him as if that was better than what Bush is doing. Yeah, typical Clintonism, treat everything as a law enforcement issue. that's what got 3000 of us killed! I never hear the left scream about Clinton sending troops into Bosnia - Unauthorized, no UN support, no coalition, said we'd be out - We're still there! Or lying about the asprin factory he bombed. That's OK though right? Oh well, it's all good. It's the fourth of July, my tummy's full and there are fireworks outside. You guys are fun to read though. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

(First Anonymous - last post)

I think the London bombing made my point.

Aren't those terrorists supposed to stay in Iraq? Right?

Fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here?

It couldn't possibly be the case that the bulk of the people fighting in Iraq are NOT terrorists but people that violently want us to get out of Iraq. I'm sure they aren't people mad that we killed their mother, or father, or sister, or brother.

And terrorists couldn't possibly get into our country...unless they were Mexican of course, then they could enter daily by the truck load. Thank God there are no Mexican terrorists.

The war on terror is going well...Osama Bin Laden is free and since we couldn't find him or eliminate Al Quada we attacked a nation that we didn't have to attack and made a bunch of enemies that we can now kill and say we are fighting terror.

Too bad those London bombers didn't get the memo about staying put in Iraq where we know where they are.

You may now start apoligizing for the administration and patting yourself on the back for the clever way agree with everything the administration tells you.

Just pray no Mexicans find radical Islam.

scud said...

I'm sorry for your pathetic ignorance. But don't worry, there are enough of us out here that recognize and understand evil that will carry the load and save your sorry butt. Sorry for the hostile tone, you caught me on a bad day. The sub humans need to be caught and killed. End of story. Oh, and apparently your friends on error America didn't inform you, but the scum we're sending to their 72 virgins with Allah, are not Iraqis. Even Binladen said that. There might be a few, but the vast majority of them are crossing into Iraq. Gosh, the truth must really give you a headache.