Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Lefty Hysteria

It's official; with the exception of actual blood being spilled during the Civil War, we have now entered the darkest time in US governmental history. I've been flipping over to watch as much C-span as I can stomach before losing my supper, and I have realized that the wheels have completely come off the Demoncrats wagon and they are crashing and burning. The sad thing is that they are too stupid or stubborn to even notice. The out of touch hysteria over this pathetic Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame thing is unbelievable! When a level minded person examines the facts in the case, it is Wilson and Plame that should be in trouble, actually more appropriately, tried for treason. There is a difference between free speech and intentionally traveling to another country on a mission to discredit and work subversively against your own government. This is unbelievable! And now on C-span, the hysterical and anti-American leftists in our legislature are seriously trying to talk the American people into thinking that Iraq, Afghanistan, and the entire war on terror has been a huge conspiracy orchestrated by evil conservatives for selfish and diabolical reasons. Of course, they are speaking to an empty chamber but they're counting on the liberal media picking out choice sound bites to run on primetime for the next few days, hoping to sway some of the mental midgets who don't really pay attention. It is a sad day.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at the timing of their tantrum. The indictments they were hanging their hopes on didn't really materialize. Sure Libby got himself into trouble with the grand jury, but that may blow over too. After all, the left's hero, Bill "no means yes" Clinton, set the precedent that lying to a grand jury isn't a big deal. The biggie they were praying for (oops I forgot, lefties don't believe in God, they don't pray) hoping for, that Plame was purposely outed as payback for her and her husbands intentional smear of the administration, didn't happen. There was nothing there. Plame and Wilson are no more than mid-level bureaucrats seeking to improve their society stock with "the in crowd". They are despicable and as I stated before, should be investigated for treason. The lefties also are losing it because just when they thought they saw a riff growing within the ranks of conservatives because of the Miers nomination to the Supreme Court, Miers withdraws and Bush re-unifies the base by appointing another impeccable jurist, Samuel Alito, who will be fabulous on the court and will be, as Bush promised durring his campaign, a strict constructionist not an activist. This has demoralized the left. They have realized that all they can do is try to create a feeding frenzy within their ever shrinking base of wackos, it's over. This month's economic news was fabulous, even in the wake of unprecedented natural disasters. And despite over 2000 military casualties in Iraq, progress is being made in the war, and success is inevitable.

The left has nothing more to lose. They are like a wounded and cornered, rabid dog, surrounded by its enemies who are cool, calculated and controlled. No matter how much snarling, growling and barking the cornered animal makes, the outcome is not in doubt. Good will triumph, and the diseased and evil beast will be eliminated. The one thing that is evident of a sick and wounded animal just like the demoncrats, is that they don't know when to shut up and slink off into their den to lick their wounds, heal and get healthy. They just bark louder, drawing attention to their illness and ultimately expediting their own demise. So go ahead lefties, bark as loud as you want. Keep sending your champions like Kennedy, Schumer, Clinton, Durbin, etc out to bark and growl. The more they speak, the more the uninfected see, and the sooner their insanity can be crushed.

I will always believe in the power of good and truth and that those things will triumph over the lies and evil of the left.


tim said...

You are correct sir. I do so enjoy the continuous and relentless meltdown of the Left and their sad, dying Dumpocratic Party. November 2008 will be here soon, can't wait. What a line-up of pathetic losers: Gore, Kerry, and here comes Hitlery. Good Lord, can it possibly get any worse?

tighty righty said...

Hey, great news!!! My neighbor's nephew is going back to Iraq for a third tour. Says he can't wait to get back over there and dish out some more payback for 9/11. Mega dittos!!!!!

Jeff said...

If you really want to see some competent governance, then please check out the FEMA email threads. It's fascinating to read as Michael "Fashion God" Drownie takes charge and disseminates information to the troops, "Can I quit now? Can I go home?" and heeds the advice of his underlings. "Please roll up the sleeves of your shirt, all shirts. Even the president rolled his sleeves to just below the elbow. In this crisis and on TV you just need to look more hard-working."

With regard to the truth, we've seen little from Washington in regard to a particular Bush family vendetta. I'm not sure if you're aware of this but there were no WMD or ties to al Qaeda. In fact the detailed inventory of nasty weapons that Bush itemized during his 2003 State of the Union address turned out to be non-existent. That uncomfortable reality was glossed over as "flawed intelligence," a characterization that might carry weight if not for the fact that its chief distributor receieved the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Where I come from, people generally aren't rewarded for screwing up. Bush is not noted for his grey matter - or his grasp of English for that matter - but I suspect he knew exactly what he was doing when he pinned that medal on George Tenet.

The Democrats might be incompetent but with Bush's approval rating at 35%, I wouldn't choose this moment to characterize them as "crashing and burning." Bush is still above the Nixonian low but if he *really* applies himself, I think he can hit 27%. It's funny that you should make an exception only to the Civil War in your classification of the current political climate. I hear the President is a "uniter, not a divider." Of course, he's the only person to make that claim. And so it goes.

waldo said...

"And despite over 2000 military casualties in Iraq, progress is being made in the war, and success is inevitable."

Wrong, jerk. Remember Vietnam?
Of course you don't. You don't recognise anything that doesn't fit in your childish world view.

Libby's on charges, Delay's been charged, Limbaugh's will be charged, Frist will be charged, Rove will be charged, but the Democrats are imploding.
You have to be typing that crap with one hand. And you must have two dicks, 'cause you couldn't get that stupid pulling one.

scud said...

Waldo, buddy, take another hit off your magical enlightenment stick and relax. Yeah, I remember Vietnam. I also remember that because of liberals in congress that voted to turn their backs on the agreemnent that we signed, that 1.6 million innocent people were slaughtered at the hands of communists. Way to go, Demoncrats win again. And if you deny that progress is being made in Iraq, then your a pathetic ideolog who can't see truth because of a pathological hatred for this administration and this country. Please move to Canada, you'll be welcome there, eh?

Jeff, Do you remember that uncomfortable fact that the Clinton administration said the same thing, and that almost every Demoncrat in congress looked at the same intel and voted to use force for the same reasons Bush outlined? Why is it so easy for lefties to lie, twist and hate? It truly is pathological. Look in the mirror man.

scud said...

Hmm, Uniter....it's a nice concept if there are 2 sides willing to unite. However when one of those sides has as it's only agenda item to hate, complain, belittle, and destroy the other, unity will be difficult at best. Maybe you should talk to your lefty friends in the demoncrat party about the concept of unity. Seems like their vision is similar to the Islamo-fascist's view of unity; "Believe and do what we want you to or we will destroy you". Yeah, that's unity.

liberalsblow said...

Liberating a country of 50 million people, ousting a pathological dictator, setting up a democracy in the most volatile and explosive region in the world, and throwing aside the Taliban...another terrorist-aiding regime from Hell. Yes, it has cost 2000 lives and 15,000 wounded of the bravest, best trained soldiers in the world but the accomplishments are unparalleled in military history. No WMD's? Whatever, who in their right mind really believes that leaving Saddam in power would be the sane choice? Fat, bloated, alcoholic, murderous Ted "I can't swim" Kennedy continues to rage about how Iraq has made America less secure. Oh really? How many terrorist attacks have occurred on U.S. soil since 9/11, Teddy-fatboy? It's amazing how libs spin their own universe...the lies, half-truths, twisting everything in their venemous rage against GW. Losing election after election is tough but the fact is, the Dumpocrats have no solutions, no answers, just blind rage and hate-speech.

Anonymous said...

Hey Waldo: "recognise"??? You gotta be Eurotrash, right?

Jeff said...

The guy who blows liberals convolutes a war in Afghanistan with another in Iraq. The Bush administration deftly intertwined Hussein and bin Laden by dropping their names in concurrent sentences but the 9-11 Commission found NO credible evidence to link the two. Thanks for sipping the Kool-Aid.

By waving aside the absense of WMDs, you toss the very rational the Bush administration used to build its case for war. Our representatives didn't agree to make the Middle East safe for democracy, they agreed to disarm a perceived threat. Nobody is belittling the accomplishments of the United States army. They've been handed an assignment with ill-defined goals. "Disarm and dismantle the Baathist regime" is a defined mission. "Police Iraq" is not.

While "liberalsblow" is quick to rail against all hate-speech but his own, I'm at least pleased that he was able to get internet access at his forward U.S. army base in order to post opinions on this blog.

scud said...

Maybe if you read some of the blogs coming out of those forward military bases by the guys who are there, who really know what's going on instead of the crap you're reading in the Times, or hearing on CNN, CBS, MSNBC, Moveon.org, etc, Maybe then you might be more informed as to the truth. Just because Al Franken, Michael Moore or Barbara Streisand say something, doesn't mean it is true. Dig a little bit in the other sand box, who knows, you might edjamucate yerseff.

Jeff said...

flyover: I've had direct correspondence with three soldiers as they served in Bush's War. (Technically, I was cc'd on one of those threads; the soldier was a friend of a friend.) While their perspectives varied, each of those guys will quickly tell you that their view of the war was limited. Of course, this has nothing to do with my comments above. Their view is relevent in a discussion of tactics.

I was a frequent reader of Steven Vincent before he was killed by the Basra theocracy. He critical of British policy and condemned them for allowing that city to slide into theocracy. British response was consistently akin to "Not our job, mate." They did not think it fell within scope of the mission to interfere in local politics. This returns us to my point before your red herring. The mission is ill-defined.

Boots on the ground offer one perspective, but the problem has little to do with tactics and everything to do with policy. No matter how much you may loathe them, it is necessary to rely on the popular press for information about the civilian policies that guide this war. I have no doubt that if you give the American military a clearly defined assignment with precise objectives, they will accomplish the mission. The civilian leadership failed in this endeavor as far back as 2003 when it "sexied" its case for war. I'd like to see non-military defenders of this poor policy go execute it in Iraq. Only then will the record stop skipping.

Nam Vet - Alabama Theatre said...

I've read a lot of Blogs, from both the right and left and I really don't want to be critical, Scud. But there's something someone needs to tell you. This is something I'm sure your friends won't do. Being friends, they'll feel the need to spare your feelings. You know how friends are, we've all been there. They show you a picture of their kid, it's butt ugly, still we lie and tell them how cute it is. Since the two of us are not friends, actually not even acquaintances and though I do share your love for the Blues. I'll bite the bullet and do what those close to you should do, but won't

If this post " Lefty Hysteria" is an example of your writing ability. Do yourself a favor, forget the upcoming book and stick to photography. I'm not saying I can write myself, but I can read. This..reading ability..allows me to distinguish between good and bad writing, and yours ain't good. It will probably anger you to read this constructive criticsm but if you take it the way was meant. You will surely save yourself future embarrassment.

Jeff said...

I haven't paid much attention to Klinton's position on Iraqi weapons systems since he never framed a case for war. Congressional representatives on both sides of the aisle based their opinions on filtered evidence and disengenous arguments. Unfortunately, Congress provided a blank check prior to Hans Blix's fruitless endeavor to locate evidence to support the original contention. The winter and spring of 2003 were not Congress's finest moments.

scud said...

Jeff, you started out correctly,"I haven't paid much attention...", then you went the wrong direction again. Clinton didn't have the stones or political capitol to actually do what was required - Take out the Iraqi regime. If you want to blame someone, blame all the intelligence groups in the world.

Jeff said...

If taking out the Iraqi regime was "required," then why didn't Bush build a case on that necessity? The war was sold as a form of self-preservation. Iraq had WMD and ties to terrorists with the will to use them. Even if we believe your contention that "all the intelligence groups in the world" supported those claims, it didn't matter by the spring of 2003. Hans Blix went to Iraq and chased lead after lead supplied by American intelligence. In each case he came up empty. It was one thing to believe the President in January 2003. It was quite another to hold that view by April.

BTW: As the Downing Street memos demonstrate, British intelligence was less than convinced; at best you can claim all the agencies in the world minus one.

Mr. Ithurtswhenipee said...

Hey Scud. What the fuck do you mean "required"? Using your idiotic logic, I suppose we are "required" to invade Syria, Iran, N. Korea, and about a dozen other sovereign nations. I guess your hero doesn't have the balls to do it though. Perhaps he's just shirking his responsibilities like he has done his entire life.

Nate said...

I thought this was parody until I saw the blogger arguing his "points" in the comment section. I wish I wouldn't have read them because I really enjoyed it. I pictured a real out of touch whacko railing against his collapsing world. The evil minority party with NO power at all is ruining the country and discrediting the righteous conservatives who control all branches of government. It was not hubris that brought their demise, but the wounded, cornered lefties. Oh well. Now I know why I fly over these states....

Atilla the Hun-ny said...

Nate said: "It's official; with the exception of actual blood being spilled during the Civil War, we have now entered the darkest time in US governmental history."

That's a pretty harsh thing to say about Bush. But it's nice to see the truth from a Rushpublican every so often.

TheDevilIsInTheDetails said...

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David Rahlves said...

I can't agree more. The Bush years have been the worst years since the Civil War.

Bush Hates Phags said...

Will the last supporter of George W. Bush please turn out the lights? The National Council on Family Relations agreed to build a 5 million dollar "National Healthy Marriage Resource Center" for the White House. (Essential message: God hates gays)

The website was cancelled when the board cited a "lack of a broad member consensus for this policy activity." In an email to its members, the NCFR said this: A more recent development and a significant factor in the Board’s decision to exit the cooperative agreement is the government’s request that the NHMRC Website include a statement by President Bush and a picture of President and Mrs. Bush on the home page.

In other words, the NCFR turned down 5 million phag bashing dollars because they'd have to show the president's face. Once you lose these guys, who's left? ... oh, that's right, scud.

Jeff said...

Q: How many Bush Admin. officials does it take to replace a faulty light bulb?

A: None. There is nothing wrong with the light bulb; its conditions are improving every day. Any reports of its lack of incandescence are a delusional spin from the liberal media. That light bulb has served honorably, and anything you say undermines the lighting effect. Why do you hate freedom?

Anonymous said...

Hey Scud,

Take a moment to review the comments of a top GOP man Michael Scanlon.

Consider one memo highlighted in a Capitol Hill hearing Wednesday that Scanlon, a former aide to Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas, sent the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana to describe his strategy for protecting the tribe's gambling business.


"The wackos get their information through the Christian right, Christian radio, mail, the internet and telephone trees," Scanlon wrote in the memo, which was read into the public record at a hearing of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee. "Simply put, we want to bring out the wackos to vote against something and make sure the rest of the public lets the whole thing slip past them."

Just so you understand...according to YOUR party YOU are the Wacko...and people like me are the "rest of the public:.

Well we the "rest of the public" have had it with the wacko right. You have given over our country and political process to corrupt criminals that exploit your gullability for power and profit.

Wise up and stop carrying on like a teenage boy supporting his football team. We are all on the same socio-economic team and the rich and powerful and corporations have hijacked YOUR party and corrupted the political party to the detriment of ALL of us.

It's only going to get worse for you and yours as you try and maintain your fantasy world.

~Foo Fighter~

~Foo Fighter~

scud said...

Top GOP man? Scanlon is a PR weasel, lobbyist and former aide. He seems to be a snake that exemplifies everything that is wrong with politics. Unfortunately for the hate filled left, he does not exemplify the right. He is an anomaly. I know that all you lefties see what you want to see, but those of us who haven't had our minds polluted with the Kool-Aid of the radical left, understand that no matter how much noise the nuts like Clinton, Reid, Schumer, Boxer and Kennedy make, truth always drowns out that noise.

Jeff said...

I'm sorry, I would have chimed in sooner, but it was impossible to see the keyboard and monitor throught the smoke of the Democrats crashing and burning last night....

scud said...

Haha. Wow, big deal, you're listenning to the talking points from the left. NJ is a huge demoncrat stronghold, and the Virginia situation was pretty much a lock in that the outgoing dem Governor was popular. The lefty special interest groups in CA spent millions of dollars in a missinformation campaign that wasn't answered effectively by conservatives. Also, Arnold probably alienated some of the conservative base by some of his soft stance on social issues. Hopefully lesson learned- don't run to the middle. Don't get your hopes up too high, '06 will be another schooling for the hate filled lefties.

David Rahlves said...

Actually, scud's reply matches exactly the reflections I saw on on the right. They have all the answers except nobody can spin a response to this:

"According to the poll, Bush’s approval rating stands at an all-time low of 38 percent, a one-point decline since October; in fact, this is the third consecutive NBC/Journal survey showing Bush at an all-time low on his job approval. And it doesn’t stop there: Approval for his handling of the economy (34 percent), foreign policy (35 percent), terrorism (39 percent), and Iraq (32 percent) have all hit rock bottom."

I don't know how to make links. Here is the url: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9981177/

scud said...

They ae best made in a frying pan and served with eggs.

Don't worry, it will get better. But for that to happen, Bush needs to toughen up and go to the people with a clear message and agenda of the things that got him elected: National security, progress in the war on terror, constructionist judges, etc. Then he needs to fix the stuff that isn't going his way and be effectively vocal about those things directly with the people. You have to admit, when 80 - 90% of the media are continuously hammering you and you don't effectively respond, your numbers are going to be affected. The Whitehouse seriously needs to hire a good PR group to help them fight back the lies and negative spin coming from the haters of the left. And by the way, traditionally, second term presidents, at this point in their second term often suffer low numbers. eg. Reagan. His numbers were lower because of Iran/contra and he pulled through it and history has shown himn to be one of our greatest leaders. Bush can do the same, but he needs to step off the sidelines and go on offense.

Jeff said...

This blog reported democrats were "crashing and burning." If that was true, then I'd expect them to lose ground. That doesn't seem to be the case.

The media long gave Bush the benefit of the doubt. When Hans Blix turned up nothing in Iraq, the New York Times continued to support the President's case for war. There is a reason it is "pounding him" now. Here's the latest example:

The lobbyist Jack Abramoff asked for $9 million in 2003 from the president of a West African nation to arrange a meeting with President Bush and directed his fees to a Maryland company now under federal scrutiny, according to newly disclosed documents.

The African leader, President Omar Bongo of Gabon, met with President Bush in the Oval Office on May 26, 2004, 10 months after Mr. Abramoff made the offer.

I'm not sure why you think a stumpin' Bush will change the tide. Did you see those numbers? The economy (34 percent), foreign policy (35 percent), terrorism (39 percent), and Iraq (32 percent) have all hit rock bottom.

This economy is strong for cronies, but weak for labor. American prestige is at an all time low. The president's foreign visits inspire riots. The representatives of 90% of Americans rejected the White House's requested method for combatting terrorism - torture - and the Green Zone in Baghdad stands as testimony to the administration's inability to execute a war they sold us as a cake walk. Stump speeches will NOT change any of this.

If a Hollywood actor who amassed unprecedented national debt then sold arms to his country's sworn enemy and used the funds to conduct an illegal covert war - expressly forbidden by the Boland amendment - is one of our greatest leaders, then that only attests to generally poor quality at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

scud said...

Wow! where to start? First, if the libs want to call no change, a victory, then go ahead. Personally, I wouldn't be that glib. Abramoff is rightly being investigated. Meeting with the president doesn't mean instant conspiracy. the economy? come on, you must read more than move on's propoganda or democrat talking points. The economy is doing well, especially in light of unprecidented natural disasters. Poll numbers reflect gas prices, duhh. your other stats are a reflection of typical news fatigue and a lack of a good PR campaign on the part of the Whitehouse. This is a problem. Yes, there are certainly mistakes. There never will be a perfect administration. Politicians are fallible human beings. Fortunately we have the best form of government in the history of the world that tends to minimize the effects of this imperfection.

Unlike the misguided goals of the left, conservatives don't really worry about the feelings of other countries who are morally bankrupt. What's wrong with trying to hold the line on common sense, security, and values that help a society flurish and not those that perpetuate a spiral downward like much of the rest of the world? If that lowers our stock with cesspools like France, etc, then, good!

Where is your info that the Whitehouse's requested method of fighting terrorism is torture? What kind of insane crap is that? This ticks me off. You're nuts if you believe that garbage being thrown out by the sociopaths of the left. Yeah, soldiers are human too and a small minority may certainly cross the line under stress but obviously there is no policy of torture! Get the facts, don't recite the lies!

And of course, I would expect that committed leftists still won't acknowledge the accomplishments of Reagan. Whatever. The dark side of the force has blinded you. good luck. Thanks for giving us a snapshot into the twisted mind of the left.

Jeff said...

I've already mentioned the economy is strong for cronies. If your income is derived from capital or if you're under contract with bonuses tied to profits, then your toes are probably tapping. Most Americans measure their economic standing by the labor market and consumer prices. A labor demand deficiency coupled with high fuel prices is reflected in those polls. Economic angst promises to increase as inflation chews up more of our paychecks. I'd love to see Bush turn it around but talking points aren't the answer.

The low opinion we've generated for ourselves is not limited to France. Consider the President's trip in South America. There was an incredible out-pouring toward the United States in wake of the al Qaeda attacks. A smarter man would have leveraged it but we don't have a smarter man. Bush squandered it in less than two years.

Do try to keep up: Cheney: Don't Ban Prisoner Torture

I maybe blinded but not by the dark side. It's a sad day when people overlook the unauthorized sale of public property and illegal covert wars conducted in their name but without their knowledge or their consent.

Nam Vet - Alabama Theatre said...

No fair Jeff, You're just trying to confuse our host by posting actual facts on here. Please stick to Scud's tried and proven formula of using Buzz words and Talking points only.

Scud's Buzz Word for Today: Hate, or any derivative thereof.

Anonymous said...

Gee I'm glad you're so cavalier about the corruption...I'm not.

Zealots like you create their own self insulating logic that says that if there are charges against republicans then they must be trumpted up and politically motivated. Nonesense. Stealing is stealing.

Scanlon is tied at the hip with Delay. He turned his former position with Delay into a money making proposition by selling access to Delay. Delay allows access as long as the parties make contributions to his pac and so on. It's pay to play just like an corrupt city councilman.

Delay sets the legislative agenda and forces bills through the house via the distribution of re-election funds (money he extorted to handle the legislation) and other incentives or by withholding funds and funding the election of another Rupblican that will be compliant and vote the way he is told.

Do a little googling and look into Scanlon, Abermoff, Noe, Delay, Ney, etc. etc. etc.

Instead of shouting libral, all the time why don't you be a man and take some responsibility for the most corrupt congress in history.

The republicans in Washington have systematicaly stifled any self oversight or any other oversight they were supposed to be doing.

So, truth will out and it will only get worse for you wacko's from here. Might as well start redeeming yourselves now by getting on the horn to your party and asking the WTF?

~Foo Fighter~

Jeff said...

He's cavalier about Republican corruption. Consider a person with whom he disagrees politically, that's anyone a certain OxyContin addict dislikes. Let that person miss a 100.00 check for a speaking event as part of their reported income and see how fast he foams like a rabid dog.

Red State Hell said...

With Pat Buchanan ripping his Chimpiness, Flyover Guy is the only one left on the bus:
True to the neoconservative creed, Bush launched a global crusade for democracy that is now bringing ever closer to power Hamas in Gaza and the West Bank, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria, and Shia fundamentalists in Baghdad and Basra.


mr. Ithurtswhenipee said...

It appears that The Moonie Times and Drudge are both "reporting" that the asshole in the White House is completely losing it. In an attempt to further isolate (or insulate) himself from reality, he only talks to 4 women now (Mommie, Laura, Condi, and Karen H.). No Chief of Staff, no Sec. Def (during a war), not even Turdblossum. Maybe he'd make an exception for Scud, seeing how he's such a loyal lap dog.

Jeff said...

Pee's article is pretty painful, but this is worse. The Pentagon was caught in an outright lie. They claimed white phosphorus was used for "illumination purposes" in Fallujah until Italian RAI televison demonstrated that wasn't true. Today the US government was forced to 'fess up: "It was used as an incendiary weapon against enemy combatants," spokesman Lt Col Barry Venable told the BBC - though not against civilians, he said. I'd like to believe his qualifier, but I saw the video. A couple weeks ago, scud wanted to know what happened to his football team. I'd like to know the same about my country.