Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hang in There!

Hang in there kids. I'll be back to attempt to deprogram you as soon as I can. Right now I'm off doing what most conservatives in this country are doing - working like crazy, contributing a disproportionate percentage of MY income to the government coffers to be redistributed to those more deserving than me and my family. Far be it from me to deny Pedro and his 10,000,000 friends, healthcare, edjamicashun, housing and food. - For those of you who missed class last year, here is the solution to this particular problem - It may give you something to foam at the mouth about until I'm back.

Until then, I will be out getting paid ridiculous sums of money doing something that I love, and probably would want to be doing anyway, employing and creating wealth for others, and living the American dream. I'm sure this probably drives the lefties nuts because according to them we should all be suffering and afraid for our very lives. After all, the most dangerous, evil tyrant in U.S. history is at the helm, driving us to the point of extinction, right? Oh wait, that was the previous administration. Anyway libs, don't worry. Contrary to the claims of your leaders like Dean, Kerry, Clinton, Schumer, etc., the sky is NOT falling. Other than some spineless Moderate Republicans in congress that continue to act like their socialist counterparts, the President's agenda will move forward. That's why he was voted there.

I have 2 words to solve the corruption, pork spending and political poison that is destroying this country right now - and it applies equally to both sides: Term Limits. It's time. More on that later. Carry on, remember, "If you're not a liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative at 40, you have no brain."
Winston Churchill

And I would add that a true modern day conservative has both.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Scud is off exploiting other people's labor in order to further enrich himself again. What a great American.

Nam Vet - Alabama Theatre said...

While pondering yet another post from 'Scud the Confusing'. I couldn't help but reach the following conclusion. He displays enough personalties on here to carry on a debate all by himself.

After indulging in a disjointed tirade about "lefties", "libs", "spinless moderate Republicans" and insenstive use of the word "Pedro" applied to, I would guess. The folks South of the Border, Down Mexico Way. Notice that the use of benign sounding words like "Pedro" have replaced the use of the more inflammatory words such as; Spick, Greaser and WetBack in the lexicon of the enlightened American Right. Above quotes from Scud's Personality Numero Uno. Numero Uno is "Pedro" for number 1.

Check out the following examples of other Conseverative New Age bigotry.

Trent Lott.. "There are a lot more people -- men, women and minorities " In Trents mind, minorities have almost worked themselves into the ranks of men and women.

John Tanner Republican candidate in the 8th Congressional District in the state of Tennessee. The poverty genes of less 'favored races'*, which are spread by welfare and immigration, are destroying our cities no less than if they were hit by a nuclear bomb." Less "favored races". Great way to get your point across and not even have to use the N word.

The following from Scud's Personality Numero Dos.. more "Pedro" words, this time for number 2. "I have 2 words to solve the corruption, pork spending and political poison that is destroying this country right now - and it applies equally to both sides: Term Limits."

Upon reading Scud's commentary, it becomes readily apparent that Scud's Personality DOS(2), is very concerned about the "political poison" that Scud's Personality UNO(1) is promoting.

scud said...

Umm, Anonymous apparently has a typical leftist view of economics and success: simplistic and ignorant. Most of us are successful when we use whatever God given talent that we have to it's utmost potential through training, hardwork and personal risk and responsibility. I know these are somewhat foreign concepts to many liberals but trust me, they work, and don't exploit anybody.

Nam vet - I've tried to follow your thought process but I just can't quite get what your beef is. Yeah my post was a bit random, but it was so intentionally. And by the way, I actually have no problem with mexicans, ar any other race for that matter. I know that doesn't fit into your preconceived stereotype of what a conservative is, but it's true. I don't think that being concerned with an out of control illegal infiltration of mexicans and the subsequent drain on our welfare system is a racist issue. Maybe you're one of those people that agrees with the concept of the US being the workers, producers, protectors, rescuers and givers, and that the rest of the world are the receivers. There is a limit. And hopefully some day the pollyanic, utopian marxists in this country will understand that looking out for our interests first, especially in the area of national security, is our government's primary responsibility.

Term Limits. Let's agree on something. Can you not agree that the poster image for term limits should be Ted Kennedy and Trent Lott? Get rid of 'em! No more professional politicians! They are the problem.

Nam Vet - Alabama Theatre said...

Yeah Scud, I can agree with you on Term limits.

You seem to have been able to follow at least part of my thought process. Since you addressed one of my subjects, when you went on to explain that you had nothing against Mexicans. I'm more than willing to accept your personal assertion that you have no problem with other races. But, common-sense dictates that I pass on your blanket disclaimer for all conservatives. It's not a preconceived concept about how most conservative feel about race. It's a reputation they've earned over the years.

Out of control illegal infiltration is another area that it seems we may agree. Where we might part company on this issue, is that I feel extreme pressure should be placed on the American firms that hire undocumented workers. Irresponsible actions like this on the part of our corporate citizens, Wal-Mart and Tyson Foods to name a couple, undeniably contributes greatly to the illegal immigration problem. I think even you will admit that these folks aren't exactly Bastions of Liberalism.

I would be thrilled to agree with your concept of the US being the worlds workers and producers. But with outsourcing we'll soon be able to strike those categories from the list. World's policeman, no I don't agree with that, neither did most conservatives until Bush became President.

By the way, like you, my posts are also intentionally random.

Really said...

I believe that term limits would answer many of the problems that exist in the world of politics. Career Politicians end up being a kind of aristocracy. People say,"Just vote them out," but it isn't that easy. In the case of Orrin Hatch for example, I want a different Republican to choose from, not throw my vote away on a democrat or not vote.

Bob said...

Hey, I'm intentionally random too. And I thought I was the only one!!! Thank you for being truthful and admitting that there are others out there that are intentionally random like me. Intentional Randomizers like us no longer have to hide in the closet and be ashamed of our intentional randomness. We can now wear our Intentional Randomness with pride and shout to the world: "We're Intentional Randomizers and we're proud of it!"

nate said...

no wonder this country is so messed up. The republicans want yet another law to force them to do want they can't bring themselves to do: vote for somebody else. If nothing else, that helps explain the dip shit in the White house.

nate said...

One other thing, I'm as gay as the day is long and totally enjoy a long, blistering session of dry, anal sex.

nate said...

Um, that nate is not this nate. He's just another republican who can't bring himself to come out of the closet. i'm looking at you, ken mehlman.

Jeff said...

I just returned from Jesusland and let me tell you it's a flyover guy paradise. The prevelent businesses are Pawn Shops (social safety nets for the free market losers), Gun Shops (enable freemarket losers a chance to reclaim their property), Titty Bars (a place to spend ill-gotten booty) and Churches (cleanse your post-titty soul). Most communities are gated to ease Republican nervousness over ramifications caused by backlash to their policies.

Jeff said...

Surprise, surprise. Bush was informed September 21st, 2001, that there were no Iraq-Al Qaeda ties. In fact, Saddam considered AQ a threat to his secular regime and had them under watch.

In other news, only Utah and Idaho remain as red as flyober guy

Will is White said...

Hey Scud, watch out for them gooks up there in Minnesota when you're huntin'. They'll pearl harbor you if you ain't careful. Remember the lessons of 9/11, and strike first. God bless.