Sunday, January 08, 2006

Welcome 2006!

Did you miss me? Nice job turning nothing into something! You guys are hilarious! Bob, that was a great story about our friend Jeff the lefty super skier. I'm sure he must cringe a little bit when he plops down his $60.00 for an opportunity to ski over hibernating creatures and contributing to the evils of capitalistic exploitation of Mother Nature while participating in a lifestyle of opulence and consumerism. Sounds like a conservative Republican to me! And all this time he's been pretending to be a member of the dark side.

Actually gang, I'm sure we probably have more in common than not. My brothers and I try to make an annual trek west to ski at least once a year. We've been doing this since high school. Steamboat is my favorite, although it's turned into another giant ski town over the years, it's still awesome. I also like to Nordic ski - a true domain of the hardcore left. My Suburban with a "Bush is Right" bumper sticker tends to stick out among the pathetic Kerry Edwards sticker clad Subaru’s. I intentionally park in the back, away from the over medicated, sensitive, loving and inclusive lefties for fear that they will put a pole tip through my door panel.

Anyway, it's good to be back. This will be a great year. We're about to witness the lefties in the senate go into another fit of hysterics over the Alito confirmation hearings. They will make fools of themselves, but won't know it because they are completely out of touch with reality. They will throw out their new catch phrase, "culture of corruption", and they'll try to make it stick through the next election cycle. Unfortunately for them, they will be preaching only to their choir of like-minded fanatics who will cheer them on into further dementia. They will be shellacked again. And please, let's hope Al "not funny" Franken decides to run for Senate in Minnesota against Norm Coleman. It'll be fun to see him get destroyed.

So happy 2006! It's all good.


Nam Vet - Alabama Theatre said...

Hi Scud, hope your holidays were enjoyable. And yeah, it is good to see you back. Note to Bill O'Lielly: I was refering to both holidays, no attack on Christmas intended.

Bob certainly did go all out on his little short story. A tad creepy, for my tastes, his devoting so much time to a story about another guy. But, whatever floats your boat. A Log Cabin republican is still a republican.

The new year does have a lot of potential and like you, I think 2006 is going to be a great one.

This one phrase kind of sums it up. "See ya down the road Jack" Abramoff.

bob said...

Hey, cut me some slack. I was bored one night, OK? Besides, I think it's hilarious. Jeff just presents an easy target to fire at.

Scud, welcome to 2006! I wish you a great year! I look forward to your blogs....I got your back. You take the high road and I'll take the low, never missing an opportunity to launch a personal, cheap shot at those who wallow in the slimy detritus of liberalism.

Anonymous said...

bob - your country was founded on the "slimy detritus" of liberalism. Why do you hate America?

scud said...

Anonymous needs correction. I believe our country was founded on "Classical Liberalism", not the leftist ideology of today, commonly referred to as liberalism. Bob is lamenting about the socialist leanings of contemporary liberalism. I don't think he hates America, you don't have to worry. By the way, "detritus", great word!

Jeff said...

My god, it doesn't take long for this blog to start revising history for the benefit of its agenda. Given that it wasn't coined until late in the 20th Century, we can say with confidence that Jeffereson never heard the phrase "Classical liberalism."

All liberals today, like liberals then, realize the people are the safest repository of power. This is why we fight the president as he attempts circumvent the law.

Socialism never found footing in America, I'm not sure why it scares you so. Care to tell us who's screaming for George Bush to sieze factories, set pricing and wages? Or are you just one of those nut jobs who thinks that by establishing a minimum wage and voting ourselves a pension system we've become happy little socialists?

BTW: I skied Snowbird this year. Nearly two feet of fresh powder each day I was there. If you like challenging terrain, then I recommend it. Snowbird inbounds is like most places out of bounds. There's just one drawback. When the lifts close your stuck in Utah surrounded by Utards. True to bob's story, I spent most of my time in the bumps...

scud said...

...and preaching to the choir in the chalet?

Jeff said...

Are you kidding me - in Utah? Interestingly enough. It's the polar opposite of Pennsylvania.