Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Freak Show in St. Paul

I just got back from viewing the freak show in down town St. Paul at the site of the Republican National Convention. It really is entertaining to watch the anti-everything nuts wondering the streets with nothing to do but break stuff, smell bad and look horrible. The security is unbelievable down by the Excel Center. I've never seen so many guys in riot gear. Unfortunately, there is still the inevitable wackos that feel the need to destroy. I know these sub-humans don't necessarily claim any party affiliation, but they definately are more inline with the Demoncrats than with the Republicans. Anyway, it's a fantastic opportunity to feel a part of an amazing and historical event, just to be there.

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Jeff said...

Scud: this is probably your finest blog post. Keep up the good work.

Tonight St. Barry of Obama will be in my neighborhood park which is a couple hundred yards down the street. I'll make sure I give you a play by play as he heals the sick and feeds us all with a minnow and a grape. The event begins at 5:00, but when I drove by at lunch it was already packed with libtards. I'll probably be forced to park fifty miles from my house and take a bus into my own neighborhood.