Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obamassiah Throws Himself Under the Bus

September has not been very nice to the anointed one, Barrack Hussein Obamassiah. Since his word salad demonstration at the Saddleback forum, America has seen the real Obama revealed by his own inability to self edit his thoughts before they come spewing forth from his nicotine stained choppers. The most recent and obvious example of this phenomenon is his recent comment about "...putting lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig". Of course he claims that he wasn't making a direct comment towards Governor Palin, but as he has chided us to understand, "words matter". Obama and his cheerleaders in the MSM have spent the last 2 years selling us on the idea that he is so intelligent and such a great communicator, yet every time he has opened his mouth in recent weeks he finds a way to insert both of his overpriced shoe covered feet up to his ankles. He continues to demonstrate that either he is not very smart, or that he is a vile and dirty politician and a crass and demeaning man who has problems with women that don't kowtow to him. Personally I question his intelligence as evidenced both by his inability to communicate clearly, and in his ridiculous policies - energy, economy, war, etc. Granted he is more book smart than most of the people that I know, including me, but knowledge does not always lead to wisdom. As far as presidential qualities go, I would much rather have a sub par student who is brave, experienced, and wise than an ivy league punk lawyer any day. So go ahead Barry, keep on showing the country how much of a whiny wimp you are and speak up. More people need to hear your vitriolic BS as you continue to get further and further under your own bus. And thank you again for picking the worst possible VP candidate to assist you in your quest for flatness. Biden is the gift that keeps on giving!


Scooterlib said...

As much as it grieves me, I have to give credit where credit is do. You right wingers do have that special knack for getting down and dirty when it comes to running a campaign. It has to be something in your DNA, since the Dems sure have a problem trying to duplicate it. Campaigning against the GOP is kind of like wrestling a pig, one with or without lipstick. I picked up that "wrestling a pig" jewel from John McSame during the GOP Primary.

Now since you folks are jumping for joy over Obama's use of the metaphor putting lipstick on a pig. And though some of you sheeple may even feel it's the poison pill that will do in his campaign. Let me assure you, that dog won't hunt, reality based people consider it a tempest in a teapot. In spite of the fact that you've embarked on yet another futile witch hunt to discredit Obama. And since it's common knowledge most of you don't like him because he's a dark horse. He's still the apple of my eye. In the end, all your sleazy efforts will fail to make the public forget the utterly dismal record of your very own lame duck president.

I tried to steer clear of using too many metaphors, cause I know now how much they piss off you folks on the fringe. Have a Nice Day

scud said...

Hahaha! Good one Scooter. You get a gold star for the day. I'd like to respond in kind, but it would take me all day to think that hard. You know, being a right wing simpleton and all. Cheers.