Monday, July 18, 2005

Leftie Fodder

Begala clinton
OK, look; this is a message specifically aimed at the evil lefties out there who seem hell bent on living in a fantasy land and insisting that we need to be killed at the hands of Islamo-fascist zombies who live only to kill us! You are dangerous morons! I couldn't believe what Clintonista, Paul Begalla said this past weekend to a bunch of brainwashed college children, that "Republicans want to kill me and my children". What a despicable human. All these former Clinton apologists have done nothing of value except continue to spin the big lie that "D" means good, and "R" means bad.

I love all the whaling and gnashing of teeth over the Rove situation. It is once again, the perfect example of the looney left completely losing it over absolutely nothing. Talk about making mountains out of molehills! This will prove to be nothing. Except that maybe Joe Wilson should go to prison for perjury. What a shameless partisan hack! Nice ambassador. It's no wonder we never had a chance to work anything out with Iraq.

Where was the lefties' outrage when Sandy Berger was literally caught with his pants down (now there's a Clintonism), stealing documents? Sandy Berger, former Clinton National Security Advisor goes into the National Archives and removes top secret memos, notes and documents, stuffs them in his underwear and socks, steals them and destroys them. All this right before he and drinkin' buddy Bill were to testify in front of the 9-11 commission on what their administration did in response to terrorism. Oops. Nothing. Quick, cover our butts and plead ignorance. That always works. And on matters like this, we never hear boo from the left. That's OK I guess, sure no problem, look the other way. And this is one place where I strongly disagree with the Bush Whitehouse and the Justice department. Go after Traitors like Berger, They are too soft on the illegal actions of the former regime. But I guess they still think they can win party points with these people if they just treat them nice. Note to President Bush, not that unlike the insane Islamists, the left hates you and I because we exist, not because we haven't been nice enough to them! They will always hate conservatives! They live only to try to win back power and to eliminate conservatism. There will be no compromising with these hate filled lunatics! So quit trying so hard to be nice, it won't work.

Then on a final note, on my previous post, a gutless, hate filled lib commented the following,

"Hey Scud, you have five children who are of military service age. Why don't your children "take it from here", and go act as IED bait in Iraq?"

This is a perfect example of the hate and disdain that the left has for this country and the military. First of all gutless, my children are all honest, patriotic Americans and yes, they have and are considering service. Which is more, I assume, than you would ever do. And no matter what they choose to do, I will be incredibly proud of them. Unlike you, I don't actually hate you or the other pathetic misinformed sheeple like you. I just pity your demonstrated ignorance and realize that you, like a cancer, have metastasized to the point that you will not go away. So we, the healthy side of this country, just have to keep winning and continue to deal with the illness of liberalism. Have a nice day!


Jeff said...

The Battle Hymn of the
101st Fighting Keyboarders

'tween the walls of mommy's basement
On the floors our spunk has stained
We fight our fights through proxy
With a mouse, keyboard, and brain
First to call for wars of freedom
Policies that kill the poor
We'll do the least that we can do
And fight with our keyboard.

Our George was safe - he made the Guard
And Rush had a sore ass;
Deferments saved Dick's butt five times
But not the working class;
In the dorms of far-off college quads
A light year from the war
You will find us cursin' Democrats
One Hundred-One Keyboards.

There's beer for us and guns for them
And each one has a role;
We're many so glib, we'll flame a Lib,
As warfare takes its toll;
If the Army and the Navy
Are understaffed in war;
Go find another place to turn
We're the One Oh One Keyboards.

EVH said...

Good poem Jeff. I'll bet you stayed up all night writing that one. What a dick. True testimony to what crystal meth does to one's brain.

The moonbats of the Left, so filled with rage and hate for America, so pathetic in their mindless jibberish.....

Jeff said...

I could write a poem or advocate a war that I had no intention to fight. Conversely, your path is obvious.

Will is White said...

I must say Scud that I am more than a little disapointed in you. I thought you were a true American patriot like myself, and now I find out that you and your children are Klintonian cowards. Taking the nom de guerre (sorry for the French) of a military weapon system threw me off. Perhaps you mean to type in "Scum" instead of "Scud", and you just keep misspelling it. Either way, we don't need more limp-wristed, rhetoric driven, pussies on our side. We need heroes who will blindly and unquestioningly follow the devinely inspired leadership of our annointed President no matter what. We need people who are willing to sacrifice their lives, or the lives of their children, in order find nonexistant weapons of mass destruction, or for whatever the reason may be this week.

On a positive note. I couldn't agree more on your take of the Rove story. After all, what's wrong with risking the lives of under cover operatives in order to smear a democrat like Wilson. Sure, there's a war going on against terrorism, but that's nothing compared to the cultural war between us and the pinko libs.

scud said...

Jeff, you're consistent, I'll give you that. Consistently wrong, but consistent. but hey, if you're a keyboard guy, that's cool. I love good music. Maybe you can be like those guys on the Titanic, just keep playing while the ship is sinking. Maybe if we sust forget about the scum that want to kill us, they will just go away and we won't have to deal with it. (Clinton Policy).

Will, buddy, you're attempts at sarcasm are really lame. You're not funny. And you're not informed. But that's OK, keep trying. I enjoy the attempts.

Will is White said...

Sarcasm!? Maybe you don't appreciate the seriousness of the situation like I do. Saddam Hussein flew airplanes into the twin towers, and you think I'm being sacastic. Shame on you.

scud said...

Ahhh, duhhh... yup. Yer funee.

It's OK though, everytime you write you prove my point about the left: over the top, delusional, and insanely wrong. thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that your children are gutless cowards. It could be that they are wise, and simply don't want to serve in our Presidents ill concieved, incompitantly waged war against "evil". Unlike their dim-wit of a father.

scud said...

Ouch. The names hurt. But I guess it's only fair. No, I don't think you understood. My kids are considering serving. I am not pushing them either way. It will be their decision. If they do it won't be for college money or career training. It will be because they love their country and believe that we are safer because of what we are doing in the middle east.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope it remains their choice, and they don't end up gettin' drafted into Chimpy's war. I see the Pentagon quietly raised their maximum enlistment age to 42. The DoD is so desperate for bodies. I guess it's because all the conservatives who are for this war are just "considering" serving as well.

scud said...

I guess I should expect that from a person of your obvious diminutive character and moral depravity, but it still shocks me as to how important it must be, as a hardcore lefty, to be a jerk. Go ahead and disagree, fine, but to intentionally be rude is blatantly immature and unnecessary. Tell you what, why don't you get yourself a Blog of your own where you can rant as much as you want, then when you come over here and demonstrate your ignorance you can sign your blog name and I can come and visit your blog once in a while? Fair enough? Or is that a little too scary?

Anonymous said...

A jerk is someone like yourself who intentionally tries to pass off false information on their blog, and then pretends to be outraged about it. The Paul Bagala statement from above is just one example. Though all of your posts are rife with this kind of misinformation. Why don't you try doin' some freakin' research, instead of just reading The Drudge Report. Perhaps then you'd look like less of an idiot. Then maybe I could take the time to have my own blog, and wouldn't have to spend so much time pointing out what are either your mental deficiencies, or outright lies. In other words, try being truthful, if that's not to scary for you.

evh said...

Scud, do yourself a favor and refrain from engaging in dialogue with this Lefty Filth. I can picture them now: a Volvo in their garage, a useless art history diploma from some stupid liberal arts college on the wall, a McDonalds or Wallmart uniform hanging in their closet, a little dope in the pantry, copies of Newsweek magazine strewn all over their crappy livingrooms, a book on Scientology in their bathrooms, a TV Digest in their bedrooms so they don't miss a single reality show, etc., etc., etc. Why waste time arguing with amoral, mindless idiots? You can't change their minds. Their utopian society is one without God, a world of metrosexuals and homosexuals, endless drugs, complete secularism, on-demand baby slaughter, a one-world government, and on and on it goes. They hate Bush and always will hate him, no matter what happens. They want another Klintoon in the Oval office. You know, someone like them: no values or morals, a pathological liar, a rapist, extortionist, accomplice to murder and espionage, a true pig.

Anonymous said...

I find it simply hysterical that evh could type in such a comprehensive description of me, and not get one thing correct. Not one. What an incompitant boob you are. You should get a job in the Bush administration.

scud said...

Thanks for your comment. You are right on - Excellent description of the typical "anonymous" liberal. I don't really concern myself with the small-minded buffoonery of our anonymous friend. It's pretty humorous actually because every time he/she sits down at their keyboard and sends a little love note, he/she perfectly demonstrates everything I've ever known about liberals; angry, hateful, narrow minded, thin skinned, fearful, rude, insulting, selfish and arrogant. I feel sorry for him/her actually, because whatever happens in his/her little life, he/she will still be the same little pathetic soul, with nothing else to do but be angry and try to feel better by trying to pick fights with others. Weak.

Jeff said...

Yep, evh wasn't even close to my profile, either. Of course these guys invent new definitions of liberalism then argue with themselves as they tear down their own house of straw so why should a profile be any different? And for the record: my utopia would be characterized by several feet of white powder and thousands of feet of vertical drop.

scud said...

OK Jeff, Got to agree with you there. I had 3 days of that in Steamboat last winter and it was awesome! Best in years. My good friend Jerry Folwell told me it was God's reward to us for invading Iraq and voting for His servant, George! If you turn away from the dark side, you too can experience the rewards of the good side of the force.