Sunday, July 03, 2005

Michael Schiavo's Lawyer: An Oddball

legalized murderers
This is lifted from News Max and I found interesting enough to post in it's entirety. It confirms what I and most other Americans thought, that Schiavo and his attorney, Felos were sick money grubbing criminals endorsed by the left, the mainstream media, and the immoral courts. Ultimately, it is an example of why we need constitutionally based judges brought back into the courts.

In a stunning profile of George Felos -- the attorney who helped Michael Schiavo put his wife Terri to death -- an author and famed theologian shows the weird side of the crusading right-to-die lawyer.

This is certainly a story the mainstream media ignored.

Writing in Crisis magazine, Benjamin Wiker, co-author of "Architects of the Culture of Death" and a senior fellow at the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, uses Felos' own words to expose his oddball views.

Wiker is no friend of Felos' views. He writes of Terri's Shiavo's death: "Cold blooded murder, sanctioned by the state of Florida, watched by millions. Horrible, but again quite transparent. Michael wanted the money. His wife Terri, had to die for him to get it. And so he hired a 'right-to-die' expert, lawyer George Felos.

"Felos exudes a different moral odor than his client, and I wasn't the only one who noticed. He wasn't just morally wrong; he was creepy. One has the nagging feeling that he represents a more hidden and poisonous evil."

Drawing on Felos' 2002 autobiography "Litigation as Spiritual Practice," Wiker quotes Felos extensively, showing his motivation for fighting to help the sick engage in euthanasia.

Writes Wiker: "I bought the book ... [In] reading it, I am convinced that he represents an entirely new and even more dangerous aspect of the euthanasia movement - the spiritual killer."

In the book he writes about "speaking through his stomach to Mrs. Browning, a seemingly unresponsive woman in a nursing home. This noiseless communication - quite noisy on a 'spiritual' level, as Felos reports her screaming at the top of her spiritual lungs - convinced him that Mrs. Browning wanted to escape from her body. He happily took on the case, thereby launching his right-to-die career."

Felos is a devotee of yoga. Wiker explains that Felos believes that if a person clings to the earthly realm instead of entering a higher state of blissful consciousness his soul is condemned to re-enter another body after death. Wiker writes: "In many of his visions he "saw our souls -[his and his wife's] prior to this incarnation discus! sing what each needed to learn in this birth and in compassion and love for each other agree to take this journey."

In this "journey" however, their marriage is a disaster. At one point he writes about being angry at his wife: "I was on fire, fueled by thoughts of bludgeoning and tearing her apart. If she were there at that moment I thought I would kill her - happily destroy her."

In that failing marriage, however, he and his wife were thinking about having a child.

Says Felos: He "heard the soul of my yet-to-be conceived child emphatically shout รข€˜I'm ready to be born ... will you stop fooling around?'"

During a plane ride he wondered "what it would be like to die right now." This aroused his Kharmic, cosmic powers and this actually caused the plane's automatic pilot to go haywire and turn the plane into a nosedive. He stops wondering just in time. "'Be careful what you think,'" an inner voice then warns him. 'You are more powerful than you realize.'"

Finally, Wiker reveals this amazing fact: Four hours after Terri died Michael filed a petition for administration of her estate. On Larry King's show he said the money from his lawsuit on behalf of Terri had dried up, leaving only about $25,000.

"As it turns out, that given the behind the scenes financial shenanigans with Felos, there was about $1 million in the account, perhaps $2 million depending on how well investments did since 1993. Felos received a little over $500,000 for his efforts."

The taxpayers paid for Terri's hospice bill through Medicaid, thereby saving Michael's jury-award money.

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