Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Liberal Art Shows Stunning Genius!

Typical Lib
Another brilliant creative genius displayed his talent recently at the California State Department at the request of Democrats. It's truly amazing to witness the depth of talent and intellect within the rank and file liberals that make up the bulk of the Democratic Party. There seems to be an infinite reserve of creativity and exquisite artistic technique within liberals that apparently cannot be matched by bottled up, stuffy Republicans. In this artistic epiphany by Lawyer/Artist Stephen Pearcy, the use of line, form and color literally floats through the viewers’ eyes, touching and pacifying the soul. Even the thought given to the placement, color and weight of the custom typography used is perfectly in balance with the unity of the whole. The artist's use of brush technique accentuates the energy and movement carried throughout the piece.

In describing his work, Pearcy said he had made the painting on July 4, 2003, to "show the direction this country was (and still is) headed under the Bush administration." The painting also "confronted the absurd display of 'fanatical patriotism' following 9/11." It truly is a beautiful thing when creativity at this level, and patriotism come together so cohesively in a work such as this. Liberals must be very proud!

Sacramento is truly blessed to have a work of this caliber hanging within its walls. Californians can only hope that the state department will see fit to use some ill-targeted tax money, probably slated for something excessive like new fire trucks or roads, and find a way to make this wonderful display of liberal genius a permanent fixture in the state capitol. Bravo Stephen Pearcy, your art has touched all of us! Liberals everywhere should stand up and salute. Liberal superiority has been proven once again!


James said...

When did cowboys become the bad guys? What is this liberal fascination with bastardizing the south?

Anonymous said...

I think since the ring is up that the boots should be facing the other way......

Dick Guzinya said...


I always thought cowboys were from the West not the South. Oh I forgot, your a Conservative. That means Up is Down, Lose is Gain, and I guess South is West.

Jeff said...

This piece is one of many in a series of art by law professionals. The exhibition is on display in the cafeteria. It seems rather disengenuos to assert - as you did - that it was specifically requested by Democrats. But don't worry, a nice patriotic Christian expressed his view that Mr. Pearcy should be blindfolded and shot in the head for arranging oil on convas in a manner that offended his taste. It never occured to me to issue death threats to bad artists. Not once did I tell Thomas Kincaid that he should be shot...

Jeff said...

James -

The south doesn't need help bastardizing itself:
Teenage births? Again, the contrast is striking. In a state such as Texas where the religious right is strong and the rhetoric against teenage sex is gale-force strong, teenage births as a percentage of all births are 16.1%. In liberal, secular Massachusetts they are 7.4%, less than half.
Massachusetts has a slightly higher abortion rate, but not nearly high enough to undermine the trend. There are a lot more bastards down in Texas.

Jeff said...

Dick -

I think James includes western slave states in the south. Think Confederacy, not geography.

scud said...

James, You're getting picked on by the usual suspects. Of course you and I both know the folly of their efforts and the confusion of their ideology. Jeff are you advocating for teen sex? Is that one of those sacred elements of liberalism? Since you're such a wiz with the stats, maybe you'd like to break that 16.1% down into ethnic demographics for us. It may lead you to an unpleasant epiphany. then you can write back and appologize for your ignorance. Yes, I know all about the "art exibit", and the piece in the spot light was requested and placed by a patriotic, fun loving Democrat. Also, I think before you accuse some "patriotic Christian" of wanting to shoot the "artist" in the head, you might want to tell us who that is and where he said it. Garbage like this generally is intended to illicit rage, or applause. It is produced for impact. I obviously think calling for execusion is an exagerated and heat of the moment response, but it definately is not what Christians do; Muslims on the other hand, would be all over that line of action, although a slower and more painful technique would be employed.

Jeff said...

I'm glad to see you're living up to your new site name: disengenuosguy. As a teen I had sex and it would be hypocritical to denounce others for doing the same but I have no idea how you can conclude that by pointing out the high number of bastards in Texas I'm somehow "advocating for" teen sex. Massachusetts doesn't track teen pregnancies by race so we can't compare the two. The more relevent categorization is socio-economic.

The prescription for Mr. Pearcy is found in the link I posted. I painted him a "patriotic Christian" for fun and games. Now could you cite the source in which we learn that a Democrat requested a painting of the United States being flushed down the toilet? Everything thing I've seen seems to indicate that this painting was one of many submitted by legal professionals for an exhibit in the cafeteria. My company has a similar exhibition every year. In response to the Pearcy piece, a spokesman for the Attorney General's office said "it would be censorship" to pull it down. That hardly seems like it was "requested" by the Attorney General's office.

James said...

Setting aside the nitpicking what I got was that the south is bad because of teen pregnancy? ! ?

Really thats it.
And about that statistic...cmon would you want to bang a chick from Mass.? The accent alone is birth control.

I would think that the pregnancy issue would have a lot more to do with socio economic issues here. Hell maybe even that we have a large hispanic population here that is Catholic(no birth control) as well as poor.

But youre right it is probably because they are christians. And thats why boots is bad cuz theyz bastards!
I got it.

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