Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Party of Diversity?

Senator Robert Byrd, Democrat, West Virginia, made a speech today from the Senate floor, flanked by some of his most loyal constituents. In his fiery speech, Byrd called for the delay, if not the denial, of confirmation for President Bush’s Secretary of State nomination, Condi Rice. Byrd, a former Klan member, frequently made reference to “those people”, “their kind”, or “stupid N#*+s”. During the speech, Republicans in attendance sat silent, mouths agape in disbelief of what they were hearing, while Democrats applauded and cheered throughout the 60 minute lecture. Particularly enthusiastic was Barbara Boxer, Democrat from California, and Joe Biden, Democrat from Delaware. Boxer and Biden both attacked Rice in committee confirmation hearings last week, Boxer calling Rice a liar, and Biden telling Rice to refer to her master, the President, as “Boss”. Senator Byrd, a popular Democrat, will be turning 116 this year, and reportedly still owns slaves on his West Virginia plantation. He has said in recent interviews that he is able to maintain his well-preserved and healthful condition by his daily workout regimen of slave beating. He stated that, “it is both good for the heart and the soul”. Oddly, the congressional black caucus or mainstream media has had nothing to say about this. At one point in Byrd’s speech Democrats rose for a thunderous ovation when Byrd eloquently recalled in his deep southern drawl, the days when “those people knew their place and weren’t trying to be Secretary of State, or Supreme Court Judges, or cabinet members, doctors or lawyers. They was jis’ property, that voted the way we tells ‘em ta’ vote. They wuz good Democrats!”
After the speech a prominent Democrat senator from New York, who wished to remain anonymous, was asked whether statements made by Byrd and those recently made by Boxer and Biden, were at all contrary to the popularly held belief that the Democratic Party is the party of inclusiveness and Diversity. The New York Senator stated only that, “the Democrats were in fact the party of diversity as long as you voted democrat, were liberal, weren’t a Christian, believed in a larger controlling government, thought the UN was the solution to global conflict, believed that the US was no better than any other country on Earth, that abortion was one of the greatest medical innovations in the history of man, that homosexuality was not only an approved alternative, but in fact preferred, and that the environment is being ruined by corporations and the evil conservatives who must run them. If that’s what you believe, then yes the Democrats are the party of diversity”.

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LOL... love the entry. I am working with Hiram Lewis to help take down Robert KKK Byrd.