Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Barbara, America Thanks You

I want to personally thank the fine intellectually advanced demoncrats of California for their gift to Washington DC, Senator Barbara Boxer. Because of you, Republicans will control the National political scene for as long as they want to. All that is necessary is for Botox Barbie to continue to open her mouth in front of a microphone. Thank you Mr. Marconi! All that can be said of the Demoncrats performance this week in the Senate confirmation committee hearings of Condoleezza Rice is "breathtaking"! With continued public display of their complete disregard of all things that matter to the vast majority of Americans, like National Security, Social Security reform, Tax reform, serious constitutional judges, and a basic respect for life, marriage, the military, and Religion, they will never be able to rise to national prominence again! How can anyone with a minimal amount of common sense take them seriously? Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Boxer, Kennedy, Dean, etc, etc has moved their party so far left that it truly is hard to differentiate the Demoncrats from the hard line Marxists of 40 years ago.
Thanks again Barbie. I will be replaying your buffoonery in my head for a long time. Keep it up, the country is much better off with the grown ups in charge anyway!


Heaven7734 said...

"Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Boxer, Kennedy, Dean, etc, etc has moved their party so far left that it truly is hard to differentiate the Demoncrats from the hard line Marxists of 40 years ago."

Hey flyoverguy, did you notice today at the inauguration that the Clitons are trying to look as moderate as possible. I believe that Hilary will be a complete centrist for the next two years. This is the only way she has a chance to get elected in 2008. Also, her latest speech had "God" mentioned about 15 time, I think she is trying to appeal to the moderate moms. Your thoughts?

scud said...

Roger that! She can run, but she can never hide! She's a man hating, pantsuit wearing, caniving, carpet munching, commie loving, abortion promoting, industry hating, Pinko, lefty Marxist! And it's our job to not let her get away with it!

Heaven7734 said...

Here is a little more about Hilary playing to the center. I'm convinced that we may be overwhelmed by this for the next couple years. She WILL make a run in 2008. first she must redefine herself.

Mon Jan 24 2005 20:54:55 ET

Proposing new political language about abortion rights for an increasingly skittish Democratic Party, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday that friends and foes on the issue should come together on "common ground" to reduce the number of "unwanted pregnancies" and ultimately abortions, which she called a "sad, even tragic choice to many, many women."

Clinton, in a speech to about 1,000 abortion rights supporters at the state Capitol, firmly restated her support for Roe v. Wade.

But then she offered warm words to opponents of abortion and said that faith and organized religion were the "primary" reasons teenagers abstained from sexual relations.

The NEW YORK TIMES is set to splash the Hillary speech.

Heaven7734 said...

Hi Skud,
My previous posting mentioned Hillary's move to the center. Ben Shapiro I think does a much better job articulating this message. Please see below.

Look out, Hillary's morphing into Bill
Ben Shapiro
January 26, 2005

If you’ve listened to Hillary Clinton lately, you could be forgiven for thinking you were hearing her husband Bill. In the last week in particular, she’s been positioning herself for a presidential run in 2008, modifying or even lying about her positions in an effort to obscure her hard-left record. Hillary a centrist? That’s the plan... (read on)