Thursday, January 06, 2005

In Perspective

Sorry, no picture this time. I haven't "blogged" for a while, I guess I kind of needed a time out after the election. I've even been listening to more music in the car instead of talk radio - rare for me. Also, when you see the devastation in Asia from the tsunami, and contemplate the horror of that event, politics seems pretty trivial. I had to laugh and shake my head in disbelief today when I saw that Barbara Boxer, Communist from California, and some other moron are pulling some stupid, unprecedented stunt to hold up the congressional certification of the presidential election results. What are they thinking!? Who cares! George Bush won the election! Shut up and quit making your irrelevance so obvious! This is why I haven't really felt the need to maintain my level of passion of late. The Democrats have become a joke. We now have a one party system, which actually isn't healthy in the long run, but it's too late for the Dems. They don't get it, and they aren't showing any signs of improvement. So I just shut them off. I can't watch Russert on Sunday morning, or certainly not Mathews on "PMS"NBC anymore (the guy is nuts), and Russert allows the loony lefties way too much slack in their B.S. answers. Since we go to Church on Saturday night, I've found that Charles Stanley is an excellent replacement for Russert.

I saw today that our favorite Thurston Howell the third impersonator, John F (as in Fake) Kerry found time in his important and busy schedule to miss the congressional certification vote, fly to Baghdad, and in front of our outstanding military, trash the President for supposedly screwing up the war. Wow what a great guy. The dems should be proud. They really know how to pick 'em. What a fantastic commander in chief he would have been! If he was serious about trying to run again in 2008, (Oh please, please, please do), he and is skanky billionairess wife should have gone to Thailand and handed out Caviar and champagne. It would have been a better photo op. But obviously, good judgment has not been one of his strongest assets.

On another note, my wife and I had a pretty good year in business and were able to donate a lot more money to church and various charitable organizations than in past years. We will eventually be giving money for the Asian relief effort as well. But you can count on not one penny going to any agency that has anything remotely to do with the U.N. I have honestly come to the realization that this pathetic assemblage of global losers is an appendage of Satan himself and exists primarily to eliminate and at least diminish the influence of the U. S. and certainly Israel. Why we continue to fund and house this subversive organization within our shores is beyond belief. They hate us! Bye bye. I hear land is available in France! Go to Gay Pariee and build a suitable orifice for your hate America club.

Anyway, that's why I haven't been real active in the blogosphere lately. The left just keeps on getting more laughable and the world continues to get more tragic. When I see a criminal traitor like Ted "Scotch on the Rocks" Kennedy bloviating about something, I try to keep things in perspective and think about the thousands of little children wandering around some Asian beach looking for mommy and daddy or anything familiar. They won't find it. In fact many of them will die of disease or be kidnapped and sold into the child sex industry. I think about that and am overwhelmed. Compared to that, even the insane ranting of a liver damaged communist posing as a senator from Massachusetts doesn't seem all that bad.


Heaven7734 said...

"The Democrats have become a joke. We now have a one party system, which actually isn't healthy in the long run, but it's too late for the Dems. They don't get it, and they aren't showing any signs of improvement."

Hi flyoverguy,

I thought this was an interesting comment. I agree totally. However, my perspective is that leaders will emerge from any single group. After the lib dems today fade away (and they will) we will see a grouping of the centrists that will become Dem part two. It will be a cleansing of the party and look more like the Clinton dems of the 90s. Currently the wackos in charge are a result of the Clinton values, loose morals and lack of of good standards and character. The Dems will continue this cycle for who knows how long, and the Republicans may suffer the same fate if we allow ourselves to move to the middle. There is nothing passionate about the middle, and it is passion that defines a party whether it be a losing party of not.

Your thoughts?

scud said...

You're right bout the passion. The libs have lots of it, it's just incredibly misguided. And you're right about the Republican party having a tendancy to drift toward the middle. This is why we need a reasonable Dem party, to keep the Right to the right and not try to appease the socialists on the left. Blog on!