Thursday, January 27, 2005

Time to Go, Teddy

Teddy reflects
Why is Ted Kennedy still allowed to be a Senator?, in Government at all?, a free man?, or even a member of civilized American society? Without a doubt, he is one of the most despicable humans I have ever studied from a distance, and that is as close as I ever would want to get to him. I can't believe the stuff he says! Bush is a liar, the war was an idea contrived in Texas for the benefit of big oil friends, and now he says that our troops in Iraq are the problem. He has lost his mind, whatever amount there was to start with. Why can't anyone in the media, or in his own party stand up and call this what it is, TREASON! He is a parasite and a political virus. He needs to be forcefully removed and barred from all forms of public service and stand trial for crimes against his country. This guy is a walking, textbook example of why you don't let bad kids escape the consequences of their actions. Kennedy has been a spoiled irresponsible scumbag his entire life and has always found a way to escape the responsibility for his actions. A great web site listing Teddy's infamous life is here, There you can trace the extensive life of cheating, lying, corruption and murder that he has been allowed to skate away from thanks to his criminal fathers shady connections. Please! Will someone in either party publicly call this menace on the carpet and demand his removal?! Somebody has to have the stones to do what's right. For a pig like Kennedy to stand on the Senate floor and lecture anyone on ethics, integrity and honesty is laughable. I wonder if Mary Jo Kopechne is watching and waiting for her chance to return Teddy's favor he granted her. By the looks of him, the booze will send him to meet Mary Jo soon enough. It will be a fitting end for a traitor.

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