Sunday, January 30, 2005

Impending Doom

It’s time to prepare for the impending Apocalypse. With Hillary looking like 2008 will be her year to try to take over the Federal Government, suspend the constitution, and institute Clintonism on the U.S., an even more devastating scenario looms heavy over the entire world; Bill Clinton becomes Secretary-General of the United Nations. Exactly as prophesied in the Bible, the Anti-Christ will arise to world prominence as a humble leader of peace causing millions to follow him thinking that he will lead the world to peaceful resolution of conflict. He claims to be a man of God but ultimately leads the world into global persecution of Christians and ultimately, Armageddon, and the Apocalypse. Maybe you think I’m a bit whacked, but there has been talk of Bill taking Kofi Annan’s place as Secretary-General. Annan has been completely ineffective as Secretary-General, and has ultimately been responsible for numerous scandals such as the oil for food debacle that his son was deeply involved in. All have occurred during his tenure. His current term ends in 2006. Clinton, because he is an immoral globalist, is loved by the one worldites in the U.N. and by leaders in Europe. Also, because he is a narcissistic egomaniac with nothing else to do, he is perfect for such a purpose. Just imagine the horror of Hillary as President and Bill as Secretary-General of the U.N. No doubt that Satan will finally have fulfilled his mission on Earth signaling the time for the final battle between good and evil. Fortunately, the Bible also predicts the outcome of that battle. So ultimately, the “HillBilly” Dynasty will come to an appropriate and deserved fiery end.


Heaven7734 said...

Hi Skud,
Did you see this news release?
Can things get any better than this? (or worse, I don't think Dayton really had a chance for re-election, he is a FREAK).
Will Tim Pawlenty run?
5 EYEWITNESS NEWS has confirmed Sen. Mark Dayton won't seek re-election. This morning he announced his decision to his staff.
5 EYEWITNESS NEWS is hearing his decision may be based on concerns over a lack of funding.
In 2000, Sen. Dayton contributed nearly $12 million dollars of his own money to his campaign.
Last month, the Associated Press reporterd Dayton raised $1.35 million last year, topping his goal of $1 million. However, he finished the year with only $177,000 in the bank. 

Heaven7734 said...

Sen. Clinton: Let all ex-felons vote...

Here we go again. Hillary knows it may be close so she will hope to get additional votes from her friends. Democrates should be concerned when their party has to stoop to get votes. Where are their values?

Here is more from the bill Hillary is supporting...

In addition to creating a federal holiday for voting, the bill would:

_Require paper receipts for votes.

_Authorize $500 million to help states make the changes in voting systems and equipment.

_Allow ex-felons to vote. Currently an estimated 4.7 million Americans are barred from voting because of their criminal records.

_Require adoption of the changes in time for the 2006 election.

Boxer said the bill "is meant to ensure the election debacle of 2000, and the serious election irregularities of 2004, never ever happen again."

Both parties have called for changes to ensure a more accurate vote count. Republican efforts have centered on reducing voter fraud, while Democrats have called for making access to the ballot box easier and simpler.

Anonymous said...

You're right! The Demoncrats have become the party of hate, corruption, and supporters of evil. there is no reason to allow fellons to vote other than to try to quench thier insatiable thirst for power and they'll do anything to get it. They have no soul. And thier party leaders, like the Clintons, are the perfect representitves of the evil that embodies the demoncrats. Blog on!

jon said...

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