Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ann Coulter Gets it!

This is a great article by my blonde hero, Ann Coulter. One of the reasons I think she's great is that, other than that she's intelligent, articulate and an excellent writer, the lefties hate her. They can't stand that she has an answer - the right answer- for the plethora of lies they continue to throw out there on a daily basis. In this article she methodically takes apart News"weak", and the obvious bias they continue to display throughout their reporting practices, such as why would they sit on a confirmed and corroborated story of the former sitting President of the United States sexually using an intern, his daughters age, in the Whitehouse, but yet run with an alleged Koran flushing story, uncorroborated, with one unnamed source and that knowingly damages America in the eyes of the world and works against everything we are doing in the middle east? Duhh, could it be that they might have an agenda?, hate the current President?, despise the military?, disagree with the war? Yeah, Ann Coulter gets it, I get it, and the majority of the American people get it. That’s why we're fighting for the survival of our country against the liberal media. Thanks to talk radio and the Internet, the hate America press no longer gets a free pass.
We get it.

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