Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Theory of Deception

Evolution is a convenient excuse to dismiss the concept of God. It is the cornerstone of atheism, and a secularism that has taken control of our culture and education system. It is the foundation of simplistic egocentrism where we worship science and use our finite minds and abilities to place complex information into humanistic little boxes which we call superior intellect and understanding. Evolution makes it possible for us to choose to believe the impossible rather than to acknowledge the unthinkable – that there is more than just us and that ultimately, we are responsible to something bigger than ourselves.
Look around you. Look at the structure of a single cell, look at the expanding universe, look at the existence of love and art; to not see God is absolute blindness and a tragedy.
More and more serious scientists around the world, in various disciplines are realizing that evolution theory is simply not plausible. Robert Jastrow, a scientist and agnostic wrote in his book, God and the Astronomers, “It is as if we have scaled the mountains of ignorance, and we are about to conquer the highest peak, and as we pull ourselves up over the final rock we are met by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries.”
Specifically, if you look into the alleged proof for evolution, you’ll find that in the fossil record, there are no transitional creatures. There are explosions of life, but no half and half creatures. If evolution happened, there should be just as many transitions as all the other creatures. There are none.
Ultimately, a person has to have a lot more faith to believe in evolution than someone who believes in a theistic view of creation. And it is faith, not knowledge of fact. Unfortunately, for evolutionists, a study of the facts disprove the theory and therefore, should shake the very foundation of a secular worldview.
I would recommend you take a look at the following books, The Case for a Creator, by Lee Strobel, This is written by a former atheist and skeptic, and an interesting read. Also, Tornado in a Junkyard, by James Perloff. This book offers scientific probabilities as to the theory of evolution such as, the mathematical probability of evolution taking place to the extent that it is claimed is like a tornado hitting a junkyard and somehow leaving in its place, a perfectly functional 747.

I guess it would be nice if we could listen to a couple lectures from former acid tripping 60’s degenerates who now call themselves enlightened professors, swallow their tripe and think it all makes sense. But the reality is that those who have fostered this theory on us as fact are no better than carnival snake oil salesmen thinking that the louder they bark, the more believable they are.


Cynthia said...

I think you really need to open your eyes and stop letting religion cloud your judgment. It's funny that all these explosions of life are closely related at the genetic level and this Intelligent Design theory is trying to say that each species is an independent explosion of life. In fact, all mammals are closely related. Humans are not unique at all. All of this is just man's arrogance and conceit. This is a nasty little by-product of religion.

scud said...

Wow! I'm still holding out hope for you, but it may be too late. Too much college level indoctrination! The funny thing is, the more I open my eyes, the more evidence of God I see. Of course living organisms have genetic similarities. that doesn't, however, mean they have common origins. A kindergartner's finger painting and a Rembrandt are made up of similar materials, but it doesn't mean that one grew out of the other.
Thanks for visiting! Blog on!

Cynthia said...


Let's suppose (and this is a big supposition) that there is a God entity. Based on all the evidence, then one can conclude that this God entity created the very first life and then allowed the right conditions for everything to evolve. So what you still end up with evolution "God allowed all things to evolved out of a single thing. This is as close to I'm going to come to creationism... You really need to come over to the left side. Come, come, come on over to the left will you and I assure you, you will see more clearly (smile)!!