Monday, May 23, 2005

Thank You Howie!

Howard Dean
Demoncrat chairman, Howard Dean on Tim Russert’s Sunday Morning show, Meet the "DePressed", demonstrated again why Republicans will continue to dominate the political landscape for years to come. This guy actually thinks his ideology is mainstream and is what the country needs! I'm sure there are a few nuts out there that think Dean is right, but come on; do rank and file democrats really think this guy is the answer? Personally, if I were a conspiracy leaning crazy, I would say that Dean is a cleverly placed Republican plant sent to take the Democrats to a place they can never recover from. In a speech done last month at a fundraiser here in Minnesota, Dean mocked and made fun of Rush Limbaugh's addiction to pain killers. Appropriately, Dean took some heat for that. Sunday, Dean defended his "joke" by saying basically that Limbaugh had it coming and deserved to be ridiculed. Nice attitude for a doctor. Thank God he's no longer in practice. He also defended his statement that he hates Republicans! However, when pressed, he did back off a bit saying that he didn't necessarily hate them personally, just everything they stand for. Nice guy. It was also comical to hear Dean continue to claim his "deeply religious" values as being important in his life. Here's a little hint for Dr. Dean, when telling us about how important your faith is to you, you might want to keep that in mind before you preach hate and anger toward others who happen to think differently than you. The majority of us out here can see through guys like Dean, Kerry, and the Clintons in a second. Christian values are demonstrated not talked about. There is no doubt in my mind that Dean is the answer to Republican prayers. The more he talks, the more conservatives win. The country is not ready, nor will it ever be hopefully, for Dean style fascism and hate. Way to go "Deanocrats"! Good choice. America thanks you.


Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff as always. The amazing thing is that here in Vermont (a state with a Republican governor mind you), Dean was a middle of the road governor that was actually re-elected because he was able to bring people together and keep budgets balanced and taxes under control.

Just wondering, but having read your blog for a while, can I ask why you are so ticked off? This is an outsiders view, so I could be off base, but it sounds like you have: a profession that you enjoy and a successful business; a good marriage; a family of grown children; and a strong faith. To top it off you support a political party that has kicked butt consistently for years.

Quite frankly, with the exception of the NHL season being cancelled (which I admit, filled me with hate and rage) everything in your blog points to a man that should be clicking his heels with glee every night. So, honestly, what gives?

scud said...

Thank you! you're on to me. You're totally right. I pinch myself everyday and thank God for the life I've been blessed with. Honestly, I think this blogging thing is a chance for this rarely seen alter ego of mine to emerge and take flight. I am a happy person, and very laid back, so it is an interesting study on "what gives". Maybe it's just that I have seen the bad stuff and the lean years and feel like, in my own experience, I know what values and ideology has worked to improve and change those things. And when someone like Dean, Kerry, Moore, etc continue to rant that the opposite is true, I feel a bit insensed and it motivates me to go to the bat cave and emerge as a darker crusader of truth and justice! Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Well then, in that case keep on fighting the good fight! I knew that anyone with hockey season tickets and a lifetime of ZZ Top memories could not always be ticked off, it just did not compute.

I really enjoyed your post about your friend Sandy. There are a few old timers around that I get to talk to once in a while and the stories they tell are pretty amazing.

Anonymous said...

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