Thursday, May 26, 2005

Toughen up Wimps!

George Voinovich, Republican Senator from Ohio, yesterday, cried like a wimpy little toddler who just lost his favorite toy when encouraging other senators from his party to not vote for John Bolton for ambassador to the UN. This was pathetic! Voinovich demonstrated exactly why Bolton should be ambassador to the morally bankrupt UN. We don't need a softy like Voinovich there trying to be everyone’s friend. We need someone with moral clarity and who's not afraid to be truthful and ruffle feathers if need be. The UN is an organization whose time has run out. It is a nice idea, but when you have a political body made up of some of the most corrupt governments in the world, all getting together to gang up on the US, what do you expect? Of course it becomes anti American, anti Semitic and absurdly corrupt. The US should send the toughest SOB we can find in there to knock some heads around, and I'd start with the French, Germans and Russians.

Similarly, words cannot express my utter disappointment in the so-called "moderate" Republicans concerning the rules changing issue to end filibustering judicial nominations. I expect the "I'm better than you", and the "Who's going to feed my ego now?", attitude from John McCain and the R.I.N.O. behavior of Oympia Snow, but not Lindsey Graham. Lord McCain is converting him to the dark side. These 7 Republicrats who found it necessary to sell their party and constituents down the river for a chance to gain some love points with the Imperial Clone Army, are completely fooling themselves. The Demoncrats are going to filibuster anyone Bush nominates for dogcatcher or custodian not to mention the impending Supreme Court nomination. The "Bobby Byrd, Constitutional Option" (no it's not Nuclear) will be played out sooner than later. Republicans must know that the main reason the conservative base was so motivated in the 2004 election cycle was because of the Judges issue. Bush needs to stand firm on his judges and put forward the kind of judges we expected from him. Not some Voinavich, McCain, "We are the World" Constitution benders that the wacko left wants. So dry your eyes Senator, You'll need them to see the want ads after you've been voted out of office next time. And take your moderate friends with you. They're not needed here anymore.

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