Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Starve the Hollywood Fat Cats

Of all the things in our decaying culture that bother me, I think that the concept of celebrity worship sickens me the most. This is most prevalent in Hollywood and the pop music industry. In reality, these people are some of the dumbest, least educated, out of touch morons in the entire world yet because they are too immature and/or lazy to get real jobs, and have a pathetic knack for playing dress up and make believe, they are given some ridiculous elevated status and are revered in our culture as being people of great insight and wisdom. Obscene amounts of money are handed to them to read someone else’s words, take direction as to how to say those words, wear someone else’s wardrobe, look just right because of someone else’s hair and make up talent and be lit and photographed in a way that makes them look better than they really do. And they walk away with the lion’s share of the money and are referred to as the "talent" or "artist". Hardly.

Which brings us to one of the worst offenders - Barbara Streisand - a bonified "has been" both musically and cinematically. (No, a second tier part in Meet the Falkers doesn't count as a comeback). She recently posted on open letter to the American people on her web site which gave us all another glimpse into the level of disconnect these people have from the real world. This idiot considers herself as an important cultural icon to be honored and revered as having value, and therefore, also having opinions of value concerning politics and culture. Obviously, as Americans, we all have a voice and the freedom to state what we feel openly. It's just that it bothers me so much that actors and musicians - who are the dregs of society - seem to think that their insights are more relevant than us lowly simpletons in flyover country. According to Babs, we just elected George W. Bush to a second term because we were too stupid to figure out his clever fear-mongering scheme, executed to perfection to sucker us peons into voting for him. She then continued on to compare President Bush to General Goering of the Nazi SS in his brilliant manipulation techniques. Earth to Barbara and your friends in La La land. Stay at home in your beach front Malibu Barbie mansions, and have your people call for lunch in on the terrace, because you don't get it, and the more you speak, the uglier it's going to get for you. The real people out here do get it. We're on to you. And more and more of us are shutting you off because you're no longer relevant or of value. You and your Hollywood buddies have screwed things up enough, so stay at home and shut up!


Cynthia said...

This is funny. I do agree with the celebrity worship portion. Man, this has really gotten out of hand..

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