Friday, May 13, 2005

You've got to be kidding!

What is wrong with America? The answer is right in front of you! The demoncrats continue to prove to the clear thinking side of the country that they are a joke! They do this by parading out the old (and I mean old) standby, Robert KKK Byrd. Yep, Old Bobby continues to amaze with his irrelevant references to who knows what, and his Biblical anecdotes that, while interesting, have no bearing on whatever the topic is that is being discussed. What's even more amazing is that at about 125 years old and now worthless as a public servant, the senate minority is afraid to retire him because they know a conservative would likely win his seat. Even the bafoons at Move on want him to run again! I believe the man probably did some good in his 100 year career, but come on! Can anyone, regardless of party affiliation, not feel a sense of embarassment when he steps in front of a mic? He's a former big shot in the klan and proudly fillibustered passage of the civil rights act for gosh sakes! Somebody has to have the compassion to send this man home to fish the rest of his days on this earth, and get him off the senate floor. He probably secretly had a competition going with Strom Thurman and he's not about to loose now. At least Senator Thurman had the decency to keep relatively quiet during the last part of his service, and when he did speak, nobody laughed behind his back. The catfish are calling Bobby.

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